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Dorsey Helps Turn Things Around in KC

NJ Chiefs will probably find and link this long article, as well, but it's a nice one about Dorsey. Cool line... In a league where Any Given Sunday is the law of the land, it's hard, damn hard, for it to be your Sunday every stinking week. "I'm not sure you necessarily (focus on Denver) as much as you want to try to accumulate as many good football players as you can at all positions. That's kind of the way you go," Reid said Monday. "Teams are so fluid; there's so much change in this league. I don't think you set yourself up necessarily that way other than trying to get what you need to compete within the National Football League. That's kind of how you roll with it. It's a little bit vague, but that's really how you do it, (rather) than just say, 'Listen, we're going to get ourselves ready for one team.'"


Field Position Wins Games

Field Position Wins Games

Sacks by Chiefs Impact Eagle QB Kolb's Image

Fan post on Bleeding Green features a pic of Williams sacking Kolb. "I had a feeling that preseason game in Kansas City would define Kevin Kolb's career."


Charles or Jones: Who's better after contact?

According to Pro Football Focus, it's not even close. An interesting name tops the league when it came to YCo [yards after contact] per attempt last season. Jamaal Charles averaged an...


Getting a Chiefs Camp Bike

During my day at camp yesterday, I was downtown River Falls and stumbled into the bike shop that rents, then sells the Chiefs' bikes at camp.  Since I read a couple comments about people wanting...


Who is Rodney Wright?

Who is Chiefs WR Rodney Wright?


How to be a good fan for a "rebuilding" team?

Note: A little upgrade edit from "bad" to "rebuilding" after the Bronco win! With little to be sunny about, I am wondering how I am going to be a good Chiefs fan.  Suggestions? 1. Problem...

Chiefs Fan Base Ranked 2nd

Kansas City may be the sixth-smallest market, but they've had the second-highest attendance average over the last decade. Also known for having the best food at a tailgate, KC will blow your doors off with its BBQ. Arrowhead is widely regarded as the loudest stadium in the league and that is directly attributed to its fans.

The good news is that AccuScore simulations have the Chiefs offense scoring 25 percent more point...

The good news is that AccuScore simulations have the Chiefs offense scoring 25 percent more points this season. The bad news is that this won’t do much, as the Chiefs finished next to last in total points scored last season. The 25 percent increase only results in a 17 point per game average, which means that the Chiefs are still being outscored by 3.9 points per game, leading to their 6-10 record in AccuScore simulations, with a slim 12 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Revising the 53 Man Roster

Revised * (edited) the main post after the Cardinals game... How does the roster break down? Who's on the bubble? Offense - 24 QB (3)  Brodie Croyle, Tyler Thigpen, Damon Huard RB (4)  Larry...

Vic Carucci's 8/12 Chiefs article

Among the youngsters are four projected starters -- first-round draft pick Glenn Dorsey at defensive tackle, first-rounder Branden Albert at offensive tackle, second-rounder Brandon Flowers at cornerback, and undrafted free agent Mike Cox at fullback.


Changing the play at the line

CROYLE: "I would say out of 16 plays we probably had seven or eight that we had the ability to change it. So that’s eight more than we had all of last season combined... It just kind of makes...


2008 NFL Rule Changes

As games get closer, here's a review of the rule changes for this year.  You know...  So you're not screaming at the referee saying, "But he was PUSHED out!"  Only to have a nearby...


Croyle on Audibles and Rollouts

Q: The new offense will allow you to make more changes at the line. How do you feel about that? Is that kind of exciting for you? CROYLE: “It is. It’s something where, if the numbers are...


Jared, Jr: Brian Johnston

Player to watch:  DE Brian Johnston, Chiefs 7th round pickCollege: Gardner-WebbHeight: 6-5   Weight: 274 Projected Round: 4 Some senior year stats: 24 stops for loss 6 sacks and 22 QB...

Chris on this week's WPI roundtable

Chris Thorman of Arrowhead Pride, a site for Chiefs news and discussion, sits in for WPI's Michael Ash this week. This week our crew discusses rookie signings, depth charts, team camaraderie and practice length.


Respect for DJ

via Derrick Johnson led the Chiefs in tackles for a loss in 2007.  But who led the league in tackles for a loss in 2007?  Derrick Johnson with 14. Additionally, DJ's...


How does Surtain fit in?

To piggyback on the question regarding Huard's 2008 role, what about Pat Surtain?

I would warn Chief fans the Glenn Dorsey contract will be entertaining. The Chiefs are tough nego...

I would warn Chief fans the Glenn Dorsey contract will be entertaining. The Chiefs are tough negotiators and have their own style of how to do contracts. The agent for Glenn Dorsey, Joel Segal is driven by one thing only—how will the deal make HIM look for next years recruiting class. Segal relies on help from the NFL players association to guide him through the negotiation and will want to have a deal that will highlight his agency---something the Chiefs don’t care much about. Under "Raiders Sign McFadden" Friday, June 6

Eerie similiarity to previous FanShot of Rivers?


Eerie similiarity to previous FanShot of Rivers?

And then we have the Terry Glenn situation, where I feel the Cowboys are being more then fair to ...

And then we have the Terry Glenn situation, where I feel the Cowboys are being more then fair to Glenn. Giving him a chance to play is critical at this point in Glenn’s career and all they are looking for is some relief from the base salary if anything happens to the "already injured" knee. If the Cowboys wanted to be assholes, they could force a "game by game" 45 man roster bonus on Glenn. Meaning taking his base salary of 1.750 and putting the base salary at a one million and then taking the remaining 750,000 and dividing that into a 44,000 bonus for each time Glenn is dresses for a game. This is something the Chiefs make most of their players do as protection for injuries. [from the More Cowboys post, June 3]

Week One OTA Nuggets

The news I've read out of OTAs this week has been encouraging.  Here are a few nuggets regarding the 89 guys at OTAs this week, with links and credits to the sources.  Bob Gretz confirmed...


DaJuanna Play WR?

From the FanPosts. -Chris Imagine for a moment that Page and Pollard lock down the safety spots during the year.  i.e. become more consistent tacklers.  And that DeMorrio Williams, Brandon...


Early Power Rankings

From the diaries. -ChrisChiefs spread from 11th to 32nd in these 8 power rankings collected September 8.  Poll.MSNBC  11 based mostly on last year Powerrater on aol 16 Fox (Schrager) 18 ...

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