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Odds on Denver's next Head Coach...


This is my twitter page - what do you guys think about the odds? Am I close or do you think I'm WAY off? I'm not asking who you think the next coah'll be, I'm asking if some guy from Vegas was going to bet on it, do the odds sound about right?

Gregg Williams withdraws his name from Broncos coaching search


Gregg Williams' defense gave-up 41 to the Seahawks the other day, and he's the one withdrawing?


5 New Broncos in the 2011 Draft - Super7's Mock.1

  Thought I'd get in on all this mock-fun.   Much of this is dependent upon some big decisions and outcomes that are impossible to predict: 1 - Does Denver stick with the 3-4? 2 - Does...


10 Things We Should Be Talking About

  1 - I really like Mike Lombardi.  But I think he's a better reporter than GM.  Otherwise he'd be in a front office somewhere.  Let's not take what he says as gold.  We tend to like writers that...

The Denver Broncos Podcast: Tebow Time Edition


It'll be on itunes by tomorrow - but you can listen by copying & pasting the link below in the meantime (low tech for you Zappa)...


Tebow Gets His First Start - And You Can Get Excited

Amid reports that the Denver Broncos will give Tim Tebow his very first NFL start at QB on Sunday in Oakland, the Denver Broncos are, for at least 1 day, relevant on the landscape of NFL news...


From The FanPosts: Dear Mr. B -- Just a reminder of sorts....

An Open Letter From A Broncos Fan To Pat Bowlen

3 Amigos Tribute Video


Holy crap - so funny - brings me back

I love Elway (the song & video from the mid 1980's)


Wow. Just incredible. Dick Lamm (fmr Gov) Federico Pena (fmr everything), Janet Elway, and more. The lead in the video, of course, is none other than the Barrel Man (Tim McKernan). This is basically how I remember everything surrounding the Denver Broncos during childhood...


From Fundamentally Flawed to 2012 Powerhouse

Well, eight games into the 2010 season and I finally feel like I can articulate what my take on the 2010 Broncos is. Unfortunately, my conculsion is that the team'son field strategy is...

Broncos Stock Watch (sort of)


The brilliant folks at EA have updated the Madden ratings for the 11th time this season. They spend plenty of time watching the games and although I have no idea if the people in charge of ratings are fans or ex players or scouts for Madden, it's interesting nonetheless. I want that job. Ryan McBean DL DEN Decrease, from 73 to 70OVR Mario Haggan LB DEN Decrease, from 74 to 72OVR Zane Beadles OL DEN Increase, from 71 to 73OVR Zane Beadles OL DEN Moved to RT #1 on depth chart D’Anthony Batiste OL DEN Released Kyle McCarthy S DEN Added Denver Broncos TEAM DEN Decrease, from 76 to 75OVR Eddie Royal WR DEN Decrease, from 80 to 79OVR Brandon Lloyd WR DEN Increase, from 83 to 85OVR Up: Beadles (2pts) & Lloyd (2pts) Down: Royal (1pt), Haggan (2pts), McBean (3pts), and the Denver Team Defense (1 pt) Just a note - did anyone else notice that Ben Halmiton is on IR again becaus eof those concussion issues? I wish him the best, but I'm happy Denver cut him loose when they did. Robert Gallery's a FA after this season - any interest in him at LG Broncos fans? If you could buy stock - whose would you buy... I don't think these are 100% updated, but it's all I could find...


If it looks like a duck...

So there's the Denver Broncos, playing for thier playoff lives.  Fighting hard.  Playing with evrything they have.And then they begin to lose their grasp. It's the 4th quarter.  The fans start to...


Recreating the Wheel

Wade Phillips. He got me thinking about the early to mid 1990's. I started thinking about the ebbs and flows of franchises. What causes some teams to reach unprecedented levels and what...


Business Plan: Denver Broncos 2011

Remember, it's just a game.  So lets have some fun today considering none of us had ANY fun yesterday. Yesterday afternoon reminded me of the Cutler trade weekend.  Lots of fans at each others'...

New Broncos Podcast on iTunes


I did another podcast for this week. This one is funny because I skipped last week as I wanted to try out podcasting immediately after the game. Needless to say it was awful and quite strong in temperment and language! I did use some out-takes from my failed postgame experiment in this week's podcast though, so it won't all go for naught. Enjoy. GO BRONCOS!

Passing Play for Tebow - by NFP's Matt Bowen


Good look/diagram on a suggested base play that many teams use - but adjusted for the "Tebow Package".


What I Hated about the Broncos today (and what I loved too)

Uuuuuuuggghhhh.  That was heartbreaking.  Reminded me a little of that OT Packers game in '08.  I was excited, then suddely, sick to my stomach.Everything felt right for a minute there.  Then that...


'So You're Sayin' There's a Chance'

via "So...You're sayin' there's a chance?.....YEAHHH!!" Any given Sunday...Right?  Well - everyone except for the Madden Sim on ESPN says Denver should just...


Is Denver's O-Line Historically Bad?

via Been spending a good deal of time looking at the offensive line this and last week.  If I go back to the preseason, it's amazing to think that O-Line was a perceived...

Denver Broncos Podcast WEEK 4 PREVIEW


Lots of ranting in this episode. Looking forward to the Titans matchup! It's on itunes at ,or click the direct link below to hear it now!!!

Broncos Podcast - Week 3 Preview is READY!!


Here's the direct link: It'll be on itunes in the next few hourse - sorry for the late notice - been a craZY WEEK!!

Broncos Podcast (Week 2 preview and Week 1 review)


Just wanted to put a direct link on here - you can also find it at iTunes.


Introducing the Denver Broncos Podcast: Week 2 Preview and Week 1 Review

Hey all - I'm looking forward to the home opener and tailgating for sure.  Because my wife is pregnant and I have an abundance of time on my hands (and no shame, apparently), I decided I'd give...


Improved, Not Improved, or What?

Not sure what a week 1 loss on the road means in the grand scheme of things. I didn't love what I saw Sunday morning.  Frankly, we look like a team that lacks a difference maker on offense and a...

Cutler expounds on Denver Divorce (Chicago Sun Times)


Nothing really new here. But if I read this right, the straw that broke the camel's back was that Josh McDaniels said that any player could be traded at any time, and for any reason. It seems to me that Cutler believes that they would have gotten past the 'trust issues', but the idea that no one player is a 'franchise' guy and can't be traded was the breaking point. Could just be me, but that's what I read. In the end, personally, I'm very happy Denver made this deal. I'm not 100% thrilled with everything Denver's done, but I think we're moving in the right direction but have a ways to go.

Chat with John Elway 12:30 MST (


Online chat with number 7. Be there.

No fracture for Demaryius Thomas, but status for week 1 in doubt


All is well for DT. Sounds like he (and his left foot) just needs some r&r. Hopefully we'll see him in limited action in week 1 or at the home opener in week 2.


Quick Post Game Thoughts

Just some quick stuff I saw & didn't see before I forget about it...

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