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Show Us Your Favorite Memorabilia!

Blazer's Edge user superfly05 reminisces about his favorite Blazer memorabilia. Show us your favorite, too!


Laker cosmic karma

One can only wonder how the Lakers' season would be going right now with a healthy Steve Nash. Considering our sortid history with the Lakers, I find it highly amusing that Nash broke his leg on...

The Darkhorses: Why The Blazers & Grizzlies Will Be Legitimate Contenders


I was waiting for this article to be written. I wouldn't sleep on them.

LaRue Maritn speaks


It's pretty short, but there might be more on the real show.

Poor Travis


I kind of feel sorry for the guy. On one hand, he managed to secure a contract he didn't really deserve, but how can you fault him for getting as much money as possible? On the other hand, it puts a lot of pressure on him to be a go-to guy, every night, all game long. I think in a certain way, it's also one more indication of how good of a coach Nate is. Nearly every player we've traded since Nate has been coaching performed their best as a Blazer. He managed to extract Travis' strengths while hiding his weaknesses.



I hope I don't have to turn in my Blazer fan card for finding this to be a very interesting interview, even though it is the hated Woj interviewing the even more hated Kobe, but if you're a true fan of the game, you'll appreciate it.

Bayno: "He's working hard; I'm really excited. Last summer, I spent the majority of the time with...


Bayno: "He's working hard; I'm really excited. Last summer, I spent the majority of the time with Greg, and LA called me a couple of weeks ago and said, 'Hey, what are you doing? Can you come to Dallas?' And immediately I got on a plane … he's been working. I can't say enough good things about the effort that he's putting in. The majority of work we're doing is adding to his game, working on his drive game. Teams crowd him so much; I think teams are going to crowd him and push him less (this year), and just really working on creating contact, using his body. I call it inside shoulder-outside hand, where every time he's looking to make a move to the basket he should be looking to hit the defense first with his inside shoulder, get to the rim and finish with his outside hand. He's working. He's wearing me out to be quite honest with you. He hired a personal trainer, a guy that works with a couple of the (Dallas) Cowboys. He's really gotten stronger; and he's done that on his own. I think he's probably up to 260, 262 (pounds). Considerably stronger and bigger, but hasn't lost any quickness. One of the things we've been working on is improving his first step. I can't say enough good things about him. He's taking it; I'm literally beating him up. He's probably doing 100 possessions a day once we get through, where I'm just forcing him baseline, forcing him middle, forcing him to his left hand, and just really cracking him with the pads and working on getting and-ones, and just continuing to be good at creating that contact and finishing with contact.

Conspiracy Theory

Obviously the big NBA story of the summer was the forming of "The Superfriends" in Miami. There was much drama leading up to the opening of the free agency period, where there were several teams...


I'm sick of this free agency before it's even started

Of course even non-basketball fans are aware of the impending free agency, with all the big names shuffling and reshaping the NBA. While it is historic in the number of top-quality FAs available in...


Blake Griffin a Bust!

After injuring his kneecap in the preseason, he is now having season-ending surgery after a long rehab and seemingly imminent return. He will miss his entire rookie season without ever playing in a...


Hire Charles Oakley!

  "I'm going to send a package to all the different teams around the league and try to set up two or three big man camps over the summer. I'd like to help today's fours and fives understand the...

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