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Live up near Dayton.
Awesome wife, fantastic 5 year old boy (2005) and cutie 3 year old daughter (2007).
Got me some cancer action goin' on.

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The "supergrover : you ain't getting rid of me that easy post

Anybody been following them Reds?pretty cool, eh?

Walk-up Music


A wee article on the walk up songs now so common across the bigs.


Cancer surgery sucks, but I get opening week baseball

Attention Whore time: Going in for some cancer debulk surgery on Tuesday. Got mega work load to complete and time with kids in between then and now. Kids are down, so throwing a pity party for...

Peyton Hillis to return to Cleveland


... as a Kansas City Chief. Haven't read what the fan opinion is, but they weren't a good match publicly or otherwise.


Expo and Met great Gary Carter dies at 57

Tom Brokaw errantly reports that he died in a wolf attack, but he actually died of brain cancer. Adios, Kid

Bill James discusses Dwight Evans HoF-ability, gives me a sad


I liked Dwight Evans. I think it's okay to include him in the discussion for HoF. That said, thisThat is a terribly developed and terribly written article. Some nits: If a premise of your argument is "Cesar Cedeno is included in the discussion for Hall of Fame candidacy", then you are set on establishing quite a low bar to begin with. Worse, if you need to fricking include Al Cowens as a standard for comparison because he had one nice year where four people thought he was worthy of MVP… Discussing "fine" players (Burroughs, Cedeno, [I don’t think Cowens, in the argument for HoF, qualifies as even a "fine" player]) as benchmarks for "better than them, so maybe hall of fame good" (Dwight Evans) is a fallacy. I don’t have the list handy, but I’d tell you which. It’s not a valid argument to say "he is better than this good guy, ergo hall of fame!" Why only seem to find the players born in 1951 as a seemingly important metric? Odd. Here’s the pissy part: Spend half the article talking about how good walks and OBP are (which I do agree), but only occasionally giving the stat out. Why not include those numbers in your frequent stat-graphs? Dwight Evans was a very good baseball player. But being very good isn’t good enough. Were he on Kansas City, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Also, if Winfield had been kept out of the Hall of Fame, I wouldn’t find it an injustice. Good player. I’d take him, but his numbers don’t scream HoF. Too many .260 type seasons, in my view, to make him a lock. He is in, and that's cool. I kinda think Parker feels more "HoF"-y, but he has the cocaine history. Even then, were he in, I'd say cool. But he's not, and I also say cool. I don't think it's an injustice. I think Dwight Evans being in wouldn't feel right. I do get why it's discussed. Anyway... thoughts?

Power Rankings, nearly as ubiquitous as Cincy Jungle Mock Drafts!


Unlike Peter King, this guy seems to actually look at the stuff before he types it. Lists Bengals as #10. Three AFC North in top 10. II don't know that I think the Giants should be #1, but I guess there is a bonus for actually being the champion of the prior season. (my argument being that the #1 should be the best team, which doesn't necessarily mean the champion)

A look back at what may be the most infamous bad snap in NFL history, and at long-snapper Trey Junkin's life since


To blame a collapse on one person... At least _HE_ acknowledges his part in his teams failure... (I'm looking at you, Kirkendaaaaaaaaaahhhhnnnnn!!!) ;)


CJ Survey of sorts: Favorite "never a bengal" football player

Listening to a podcast and the announcers are talking about Major Harris and Randall Cunningham. One of the announcers stated that Cunningham was his favorite NFL player who was never a Bengal. ...

Simpson flip-score, better than before


It's 100 times sweeter in super slo mo!

The fan who was body slammed by Harrison has been revisited


And it's tragic. He is sober and living in Cleveland. Terrible, terrible ending.

Report: Polamalu will play despite more "concussion-like" symptoms


I haven't yet seen the play, forgot to watch for video and can't see video at work, but I'm led to understand he "clearly" was knocked out for a moment on the field. This is a bad situation Pittsburgh has been doing. Mocking Roethlisberger for his concussion and pretending that Ward, (some DB last year), Polamalu (twice) don't have concussed symptoms and putting them right back out genuinely concerns me. It seems to be an organizational issue, given the repeated instances of pooh poohing the severity of it. I hope it doesn't bite the players in the backside and lead to permanent and long term damage. TroyP is one of my favorite players in the NFL, even though he bugs the shit out of me because he's so effing good. I can't express enough how tragic it would be if he ended up debilitated because of pressure to play. This would be his fourth, or fifth, concussion if all were reported honestly. Even if the Steelers weren't our opponent this week, I would still say this.

Change from Week 1 to this week : Two 13 point drops: Eagles, Cardinals One 21 point jump:...


Change from Week 1 to this week : Two 13 point drops: Eagles, Cardinals One 21 point jump: Bengals Two teams are right back where they started: Packers (never moved), Vikings Change from last week to this week: Two 7 point drops: Patriots, Bills One 6 point jump: Cowboys Number of times rankings have changed: 8 teams have changed every week 1 team has not changed at all: Packers Difference between high rank & low rank: Lowest fluctuation: Packers with 0 Highest fluctuation: Bills, Bengals, & 49ers with 21 Teams hitting their highest rank this week: Broncos, Giants, Bengals Teams hitting their lowest rank this week: Patriots, Chargers, Raiders Seven teams did not change rank: Packers, Dolphins, Colts, Redskins, Titans, Eagles, 49ers


Diva vs team mates

Listening to the podcast of Lapham and McAlister from BengalsLine on Monday.   Hour 3, talking about Cochart and his TD and how excited he was after the game. Donald Lee, Lap says, was just as...


Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus on Bengal players

I'm listening to Bengals Gameplan podcast w/Lapham and some other cat. They are interviewing Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus...


2010 L-W-W-L-L-L-Bye-L...

2011 W-L-L-W-W-W-Bye-W...Mirror image of this year.  I'll take a 10 game win streak, if that's what we must have, dammit!

Mo Egger mentions "A lot of people doing some really good stuff on...


Mo Egger mentions "A lot of people doing some really good stuff on there" (Also, he mentioned BeerRun by name)

Available on the podcasts pages, "Bengals not in charge of schedule"

Di Atribe's weekly power rankings progression chart. See them Bengals rising. Orange and...


Di Atribe's weekly power rankings progression chart. See them Bengals rising. Orange and dashedly Surging up the rankings unabashedly Moving like trucks poster rex ryan sucks See them Bengals roaaaar anyway. Found this elsewhere. thought I'd share.


A tale of two owners: Beating the heat

Hot as hell at the ball park today. It seems the Reds were doing it all right...  misting stations extra medical staff giving out sun lotion other ameneties movies

Dear Hal: Ludwick for Heisey


SD looking to move Ludwick for Heisey or prospects... uh... gomes and prospect?

Baseball version of "The Conqueror"


The Conqueror was a kitschy John Wayne movie shot, apparently, too near a nuclear testing site. 90+ of the 220 people involved with the shooting died of cancer. The 1980 World Series between the KC Royals and the Phillies appears to have a similar weirdness: 5 of the players involved died not just "of cancer", but of brain cancers: Tug McGraw, Ken Brett, Dan Quisenberry, Johnny Oates, and John Vukovich. twilight zone

SweetSpot: Five trades that need to be made


SweetSpot blog over at ESPN says to trade Ryan Hanigan to the Rays for Kelly Shoppach and Alex Cobb. What say you?

Harmon Killebrew calling it quits


In a sad turn, Harmon Killebrew is conceding his fight with esophogeal cancer and moving into hospice. I wish him peace as he lives out the last of his days. 74 isn't a bad age to reach.

Nothing wrong with Five. Can I /ravenriley'd my own submission?


which, in itself, is it's own ravenriley'd... anyway, all of the AL games from sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! included one team scoreing five runs. Four shalt thou not count. Nor thy six. Seven is right out. There we are. nothing else to add. probably not that interesting. maybe I should remove this... [debbiedowner.jpg][emobatista.jpg]


A measure of a difference

Was discussing the Reds as a whole with my brother, pondering the position groupings (ie "all shortstops for the team") and wondering which group would be accepted by most (more than 16) major...

Carson Palmer to Mike Brown: We audi. MB to CP9: "Pssh. Right" CP9 to MB: "Aw, hell naw"


Palmer: Shiiiiit, maaaaan. That honky muf' be messin' mah old lady... got to be runnin' cold upside down his head, you know? Brown: Hey home', I can dig it. Know ain't gonna lay no mo' big rap up on you, man! Palmer: I say hey, sky... subba say I wan' see... be gon' go up audi, yo. Brown: Uh-huh. CP9: ...pray to J I did the same ol' same ol'! Shi' ain' shi' since shi was shi. Brown: Hey... knock a self a pro, Slick! That gray matter backlot perform us DOWN, I take TCB-in', man! CP9: Hey, you know what they say: see a dolla gotsta holla Brown, CP9: ...leg 'er down a smack 'em yak 'em! CP9: COL' got to be! Y'know? Shiiiiit. My crib is up, yo. Me out. You out. Fall out, biatch.

What's Eating Andrew Luck?


What's Eating Andrew Luck?

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