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Jersey Dilemma

I've always been a huge fan of the jerseys and the Jersey T-shirts, however there appears to be a problem: nearly every time I get one something seems to happen to the player. I will give you a...


A's, Warriors, Raiders: Returning to the glory days

  Let's face it, it hasn't been since the 2007 NBA playoffs that Oakland sports gave us something to really get excited about. That is all about to change. I believe that combining the 3 franchises...


The Elephant in the Room

No, not another Joe Blanton thread, rather, one dedicated to our good friend Stomper. Our old friend has been with the organization since 1997, more after the Jump.


The Current State of AN

I have recently noticed a trend of hostility occurring throughout the blog, and it truly saddens me. I am not a common poster, however I read through every comment of every thread, and thus I have...



An offseason that began with so much optimism is starting to look a little bleak.  Berkman is off the table. Don Nomura doesnt know how to translate Yen to Dollars Beltre wants nothing to do with...


Trade Suggestion with Pacers

So we just drafted Epke Udoh, who brings to the table many of the same things that Anthony Randolph and Brandon Wright bring. This means that one of the three could easily be expendable. Another...


A trade idea for some power in the lineup

We've known it all along, but this team more than anything needs a legitimate power threat in the lineup. Carter and Taylor have been anything but stellar in the minors, so if we really feel like...


New Fan here

Hello all, I've lived in the bay area all my life and while I've always rooted for the warriors I wouldn't consider myself a real diehard fan. I have however, always been an A's fan and would...


Braden v. A-Rod

We all have heard the story about Braden and A-Rod and all that has happened since the initial incident. Since then, A-Rod has criticized Braden's lack of experience, but Braden responded with a...


Scutaro Signs with the Red Sox

My worst nightmare has become a reality. This sucks. This makes me sad. This is horrible. I would rather watch every raider game on repeat for a week staight than have this happen. Of all the teams...


Chavez Mentoring Wallace?

After reading Belz's interview with BB, it is pretty clear that the organization is looking at keeping Brett Wallace over at 3B. If this is the case, the 3B for the start of the season should be up...


The Marketing State of the A's (EDIT)

As a marketing major and a current worker in both my school's media relations and athletic marketing department, I can honestly say that I feel that while the A's aren't in the best situation...


Ryan Sweeney GGer?

Just spent a few minutes looking through Sweeney's highlights and man..   He has a lot of high quality highlights, but also has only 1 error and 3 Assists already.   compared to Sizemore, a...


Fan Wishlist

OK, I have mentioned this a few times but I have comprised an idea that I believe is fanpost worthy. If the A's Brass really do read this website, I think it couldn't hurt to comprise a little...


I Think that 'That' Time has come...

Everybody knows that there were 3 options when the A's traded for Matt Holiday 1. Trade him right when we got him and try and get more than we gave up 2. Trade him before the July 31 deadline if...


The Next Big Dominican Prospect?

As we all know, the A's are willing to pay the big bucks to young, Latin prospects (See Michael Ynoa). According to ESPN, there is interest from all 30 MLB teams about 16 year-old Dominican short...


Marco Scutaro/Bobby Crosby

At the time of teh Scutaro trade, thinking now in hindsight, would it have made more sense to trade away crozby, and have kept scutaro? I mean, Scutaro has the talent to be a MLB starter, as he has...


Bypass blackouts

Ok heres my story, im sure some of you have heard it already but ill rehash anyways.   im an a's fan im in college my college is in the bay area i go to as many games as possible we dont get...


Watching the A's on TV

Hey everyone,   Im currently a student at a Bay Area university that does not carry CSNCA, so I cannot watch the A's on TV :(. Since my school is local, I am als oblacked out (as far as i know)...


Wolff Wants Out of Oakland

Link   Wolff made it official that he wants out of Oakland, citing low attendance and season ticket holder numbers as his reasoning. He wants to keep the team in NorCal, but 100% out of Oakland. ...


Joey Devine Closer Songs (UPDATED)

Ok so i know hes not "Officially" "THE" closer, but I think he'll end up with the gig cuz zeiglers more of a 7-8 guy in my opinion but we can all debate that later. My question is a little more...


Fantasy Baseball

I'm looking to start a fantasy baseball league on ESPN with some people who are competitive and will actually follow their teams. Every year I have leagues with at least 3 MIA teams that you want...


Jays want Cust?

Story   According to this, the Jays are interested in Jack Cust, because they have already mentioned that they will not be adding any free agrents, and they feel that Cust will be a good fit for...

Some reflections on Ricky's career, Ricky stories, and a pretty good impersonation by Jimmy...


Some reflections on Ricky's career, Ricky stories, and a pretty good impersonation by Jimmy Rollins. I got some good laughs from it.


The next move

Ok, so I'm going to assume that the Giambi Rumors are all true and his signing with the A's is imminent. This makes the lineup look like this: Sweeney CF Suzuki C Cust DH Holiday LF Giambi 1B ...


What I would do if I were GM for a day (EDITED)

Ok, so basically I'm just going to give a few ideas that I've been having on things we can do to improve the team and the reasons for them. TRADE FOR JJ HARDY AND PRINCE FIELDER Ok, the reason...


AL Top 10 Prospects according to BA

Anderson and Cahil both appear in the top 4 for the A's, behind David Price (P, Rays) and Matt Weiters (C, Orioles). I think this is great and shows that people are realizing that the A's have...


A's/Angels Rivalry

Hey guys,   I made a shirt earleir this year for the A's and Giants rivalry and people seemed to like it and it got a lot of hits so I decided to make an A's/Angels rivalry shirt since the angels...


Crosby to the Orioles?

Here is an article from saying that baltimore has expressed interest in Bobby Crosby. What are your guys' thoughts? What kind of package do you think we can expect? Crosby has...


A's/Giants Rivalry

I made a shirt with the top 10 reasons its better to be an A's fan than a Giants fan and every time i wear it to a game its a big hit so I thought id share the design with everyone here. It took...

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