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Blue Jays trade Vernon Wells to Angels for Mike Napoli


I'm sure there's money involved, but we may have someone to take Omar's spot in the Contest.

Mets to overslot!


"Ricciardi told us that the Mets will become major players Internationally and will also be able to over-pay slot for talent in later rounds" -Jim Bowden via Twitter

Mets have seven days to re-sign Takahashi


For one, I can't believe that this clause would be in his contract. I get that he should be a FA (as are most Japanese players after their first MLB contract), but to only give us until 10/31 doesn't make sense. But I still have a question. The article infers that the Mets have 7 days based on the theory that the Mets must release Taka on 10/31 and this obscure rule. However, there are no quotes or evidence from anyone with the team to support this theory. It is still certainly possible that Taka's contract doesn't use the word "release," and instead says that the Mets just must allow him to be a FA, in which case they could sign him after 10/31.

Woah! Mets sign 10th rounder Akeel Morris


Mets signed a high schooler? No way!


Realistic (but good enough?) Offseason

C: Molina+Blanco: 2.5 WAR, $7.5M 1B: Delgado: 2.3 WAR, $5M 2B: Hudson: 2.4 WAR, $6M ($9M including 1/2 of Castillo) SS: Reyes: 5.0 WAR, $9.5M 3B: Wright: 5.5 WAR, $10M LF: Bay: 3.4 WAR, $16M CF:...


AAOP: The Supermets Offseason Plan

Cot's Baseball Contracts puts the Mets payroll at about $93M for 8 players. That leaves $58M to spend on trades, free agents, arbitration, and the $400k for all non-arbitration players.   Catcher: T...

No more OF for Murphy


Manuel suggested placing Murphy in left field might have been a mistake and said his days in the outfield are over for now. He suggested Murphy was relieved by the news. "His reaction, it surprised me," Manuel said. "He just lit up, had a big smile. I spoke with (outfield coach) Razor (Shines) about it and he said, ‘Oh yeah, he’s like a kid with a new toy.’ Whereas I’m like, ‘I’m scared to death. If he can’t catch it out there, how’s he going to catch it in here?’" -Rubin

Mets Make Offer To Oliver Perez


"During tonight’s Hot Stove show on the MLB Network,’s Jon Heyman said the Mets offered free-agent LHP Oliver Perez a three-year deal, ‘worth close to $30 million.’" Eric's take: Interesting. I had read last week that Minaya favored Perez even though almost everyone else fancied Derek Lowe, but I didn't realize he liked him so much that he'd throw an offer out there. I think Perez will be about as quick to accept this deal as Lowe was to accept the 3/$36 million deal the Mets offered him (which was rebuffed and whose very existence has been denied by Scott Boras). Clearly, Minaya is not content to lose both Lowe and Perez, so he now (reportedly) has offers on the table for each. Who knows where Boras will take this.


Sickels' Top 100 Prospect List?

NY Baseball Digest  has an article about Sickels' Top 100 list, which I didn't know he even made. (Doesn't he usually make a 50/50 list?) I assume this is in his prospect book (which I didn't buy)...


Mets Shadow Draft

I decided to start a mets shadow draft this year. Here's what I have so far: 18: Ike Davis (best bat left on the board, I really like him) 22: Christian Freidrich (a steal with pick #22, should...


Mike Carp and Nick Evans

Both play for the Binghamton Mets and are first baseman. They've both been hitting outstandingly so far(One plays DH, other at first everyday). Both players were drafted out of high school in...

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