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So, The Warriors have a bench now..

After all the squabbling about TOs (still a problem,) Coach, backup pg's (and more!)...it appears (knock on wood) the addition of an actual bench will quiet all that some, at least some, at most...


They're trying to butter you up, Warriors!

Don't even trip!! Why can't Tim Duncan ever send some stupid tweets right before a big playoff series, or Manu Ginobili say some ignorant bulletin board material, or Tony Parker get jealous of...


Mark tonight vs 76ers...Panic, no. Reality, yes.

1. Mark Jackson just went down some in my book. Why? After a miss, down by 5, with 30 and counting fewer and fewer seconds to go vs Philly tonight, down to under 20 i think it was....think about...


What seems to others to be the problem?

I'll admit, i'm getting really close to admitting i was terribly, terribly wrong about one Andrew Bogut and how much he would help this team. Whether it be he just has lost it and/or just doesn't...

Mark Jackson: "Reggie Miller as good as any 2 guard not named MJ or Kobe"


Then there's this: "Mark Jackson: I will personally lift up every prayer request sent 2 me in the next 60 minutes!!!!" from twitter I could get more of these kinds of quotes. I know this topic has been thrown around before, but it's getting more and more clear there is a danger of what i'm getting at not translating well for the team in the long run. Is Mark Jackson a lot of hot air? He can lead. He talks a great game. I respect that he "kept the team" through last year's injuries and trades. I very much so, do. I had nothing against his hire, like Mark. But as i hear his almost out of body way he talks, in short choppy cliche/overarching grandiose ways....i mean, if he has the right moves with this team i won't care a lick about any of these things that seem to me to perhaps be signs we should be concerned about. I'll say it. My concern is that the combo of his deep professed faith (ala Singletary) and simplistic way of talking about things all lead to someone who isn't grounded in reality in the ways he views, therefore coaches. And i really could care less how he wins. He can become great at X and Os or just be a leader and delegate to his assistants (if so he needs a trusty assistant over the years.) But as with Singletary, i fear all of how he seems now will later seem like signs to us, that we could or should have seen. Whether or not i feel he should keep his religious based quotes/tweets in this case (especially so soon after his hypocritical outing) to himself is aside the point (i do.) What i'm getting at is: is that kind of thinking, that faith based, not objective way of seeing the world conducive to being a good coach? I wonder if he'll have a wall as a coach since he most likely doesn't look at/respect deep stats, at the very least to complement his eye/gut/feel for things? I wonder if he'll have a wall as a coach since he seems to lack an X and Os knowledge of what to do when, leaves that to assistants. (Again, if he has a steady right hand man that will stay, fine, he can lead the emotional side of things if it works.) I'm just expressing concern. Based off the way he speaks (and you know what i'm talking about, choppy monotone cliche answers and comments he gives)...along with how he clearly thinks prayer and god will give him (and not the other coaches, players, teams) the results he wants. And how he seems a bit biased without knowing or being honest about it, delusional. I know Reggie is his boy, played with him, got to say something like that. But Mark is always like that, and seems to really buy/believe things like this (not saying if you asked him he'd really believe that about Reggie, but there's a trend that way.) All of it seems to me, not just these two quotes obviously, but the whole package somehow rubs me wrong, reminds me of Singletary, and well, i hope i'm wrong, i really do. I hope these concerns are proven to be making something out of nothing by myself. I wonder if anyone else wants to gut this topic out?


A request for Andrew Bogut, please

Much has been said of GS's possible new cornerstone, most revolving around injury. What i want to know is: Can Andrew do anything to minimize the risk of further injury....on the court?


Lack of "feel" on Billy's part here?

I'm not a Beane hater by any means, no. But is this Crisp/Cespedes/CF situation an example of sometimes Beane not bending a bit to the fact players have certain mindsets that play into the...


Monta: I was wrong, you are the man

I may regret this as every time I say something like this Monta comes back and plays one of his lower efficiency games.  But, after watching Lee and Curry play somewhat low hoops IQ games vs Utah,...


When the W's have to play AND think...

Bad things tend to happen (or good things don't happen.)


Small sample sizes, Nelson and Smart

And why they need to be understood.


Clearance, Clarence

Of Buck, Koooooz & Utility Grit


Oakland too liberal for Pro Athletes?

Hey AN!  Longtime lurker, just now joining.   Could it be the politics of the region and general perception of Beane and Moneyball hurts the A's?

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