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The Pastoral Joy of Preseason

Hello all! I had the privilege of being one of just 25 people in attendance at the Knicks-Wizards game last night, and hoo boy do I love preseason - the loose play, guys just out there having fun,...

Reggie Miller - not a TOTAL d-bag?


Hi all - in case you didn't watch Reggie Miller's acceptance speech (and after Jordan's speech, why would you?), here he is admitting that he shoved and held Greg Anthony in his famous 8 points in 8 seconds run: "In 1995, as you saw on the video, yeah, I pushed," Miller said Friday during his Hall of Fame induction speech. "I'm sorry. The ref didn't call it, I went with it.


Why the Knicks should run the Triangle Offense

I know D'Antoni has his Seven Seconds or Less offense, but with the additions of Carmelo Anthony and Tyson Chandler, and the subtraction of Steve Nash, I really see the Knicks as perfect candidates...


The Traditional Booing of the Draft Pick

Hello all! Tradition mandates that we boo every Knick draft pick. So let's keep it topical here - I don't want to debate whether Shumpert is any good or not, or whether the Knicks should have...


We're Playin' Armchair GM - Pre-draft game

Donnie Walsh, is that you? Get out of here and get back to work, the draft is tomorrow!   For everyone else, this is for us amateurs who will swear (every day, and loudly!) that we would have...

Jim Dolan's farewell shot to Checketts


This is something that popped up in Google recently. I'd seen this, but had tucked the information away back in the recesses of my mind. This was a parody of Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run that Jim Dolan's band sang to Dave Checketts as he was contemplating leaving the crazy-ass owner to go to Utah. Dave, this company rips the bones from your back: It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap. You should have got out while you were young... Because I have something to tell you: I'm Chuck Do-lan's son! And then... Someday, Davey, I don't know when, We're going to get to that place where we really want to go, And we'll have some fun. As long as you remember: I'm Chuck Do-lan's son! This is Guitar Jimmy's version of wooing an employee with a long history of unprecendented success at the Garden. Wow.

Knicks Top 10 Plays of the Regular Season 2011


This little win2k virus has been going around. Obviously this was made before Sunday, otherwise that STAT 360 would be there. Of note: #3, Look at Felton's handle there!

Knicks City Dancers - who cares?


What's going on with the Knicks? If you go to their website, after clicking through an annoying splash page, then look at the huge banner, or the revolving news stories below, you'd think they were a dance team. Compare that to the Sixers, who have a huge "PLAYOFFS" banner on their homepage. Just one more example of the Dolans just not getting it.


For 6th seed, game against Nets is a Two-fer

Missing the game, which I have tickets to... boo on work.  I know the 6th seed could be a gotcha seed, since the Heat and Celtics are dead even for 2nd and 3rd, but for me it's about pride and...


Playoff Magic Numbers, as of Thurs Mar 24

Hello all, just a brief update for where the Knicks stand right now as they backslide into the playoffs. If there's interest I'll keep this updated, and as teams become out of reach, I'll remove...

Take out your frustration Burps.


Take out your frustration Burps.


Not true, Ray-Ray

Anyone else see this NYT article? This is from the Nuggets' tell-all press conference where they gloated about how they were ready to take very little back, and how the Knicks really were bidding...


Poll: Where do we draw the line?

OK Knick fans, so the team made a coupla offers to those pesky Nuggets for the services of Carmelo Anthony, but they keep asking for more. So I just wanted to gauge how we were feeling about this,...


Who's the least reliable source for Knicks information?

Just wondering what you all think, especially since the trade deadline is right around the corner, so this is always a frustrating time of year when guys are paid to write even more about things...

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