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Age - 24
From - Connecticut
Favorite NFL players - Brandon Lloyd and Frank Gore

I dislike Alex Smith with a Passion

A Fan Of...

  • MLB San Francisco Giants
  • NBA Atlanta Hawks
  • NFL San Francisco 49ers
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The Inevitable Emergence of Jenkins (A yahoo contributor's story)


49er fans also thought Navorro Bowman and Anthony Davis were bust too, don't buy into their negativity. A reason to put hoards of hope in A.J.

Sleeper RBs for 2013


Opinions? Anyone missing?

The Inevitable Emergence of Jenkins


Because a lot of fans have lost hope in A.J.


The Small Forward Void

Potential Amnesties: Josh Childress is likely to be amnestied by the Suns. He's getting over 20 million in the next three years. This is the guy who use to be an Atlanta fan favorite, turned...


Alvin's Hot Juicebox

"[Hawk fans] are just [a few] of the countless number of people who harbor dreams of greatness because they are frustrated by reality" - (G.I.T.S)


What ASG Ought to do (Or Obligatory Offseason Rosterbatory part II)

Here's our situation (credit goes to HoopsHype for the layout) Player 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14 2014/15 2015/16 Joe Johnson $18,038,573 $19,752,645 $21,466,718 $23,180,790 $24,894,863 Josh...

From @Dloballout_88 miami...whoes next..#keep grindin RT@supraman1z PrivateWorkout...


From @Dloballout_88 miami...whoes next..#keep grindin RT@supraman1z PrivateWorkout withMiami?@DLoBallout_88 They love bigten players wouldnt be surprised if they drafted you»lol yea wouldnt mind 1:14 AM - 24 Mar 12 via


Preseason Predictions: Arkie49er & Supraman

For Alex Smith Arkie49ers's 4,000 / 25+ TDs Supraman 3,1000 / 20 TDs / 16 INTs


Breaking News...

Aldon Smith is now the rookie sack leader in his LIMITED role.

Fanduels Part II


LEGAL online betting site for fantasy football. It's a one week salary cap formatted league. There are eight openings, the cost to join is 10 dollars, the point system is pretty standard (PPR). The top three of the nine get prizes (1st - 40$, 2nd - 25$, 3rd 16$ *). Get your entries in before 10am PST tomorrow * - only if we get the league filled Paypal compatible

Trent on Trent


Trent Dilfer discussing 49er's GM Trent Baalke. (Skip to 11:10).



Bet on fantasy football for free! It's done in a salary cap format, which means based on the 'fake-money' you're given, you buy players to fill up a roster. Never used this site until now, but footballoutsiders twitter account recommended it. Though your 1st entry is free of charge, you need to put money down if you're going to join other leagues. I put down 5$ via paypal, I'll update this next week if anyone's interested.

Joe Staley points out the obvious


Staley - a guy that has been to all the practices, that's in the locker room, who perhaps even skims the playbook during the game with the coaching staff also concerned about the OLine. But I'm sure there are those out there that will say, he's overreacting.

Damarlo Belcher College Career Highlight Reel


Damarlo Belcher College Career Highlight Reel

49ers vs Saints - The millionth opinion on the game


Yahoo takes forever to publish articles, hence the reason this one took so long for me to put up. WARNING: Some of the article is outdated.

Joe Johnson's new ride. Good to see where the investment in him is going.


Joe Johnson's new ride. Good to see where the investment in him is going.

Senora Alice Smith


I don't know, haven't read the article yet, but it's by Football Outsiders, so it has to be somewhat interesting


49ers Definitely have Upside

49er's drafting philosophy: It wouldn't surprise me if Trent Baalke's favorite offseason hobby is Russian sled bungee jumping. When you combine this year's draft and last year's draft you'll find...


Gosselin and Mayock

Just a quick look at Mike Mayock's and Rick Gosselin's mock drafts. They are the two most accurate at what they do. The reason for their success is having better inside information than everyone...


Pyschological Affects of the Trade

Rick Sund trades away Mike Bibby, Jordan Crawford, Mo Evans, and a 1st round pick for Kirk Hinrich and Hilton Armstrong. People who think we have given up too much--lets reflect on the TRUE value...

Ryan Mallett highlight vid


Ryan Mallett highlight vid

Trace the Anti-Mallett Hype


I usually wouldn't make a FanShot of some random blogger, but this article was re-tweeted by Ryan Mallett's (maybe real, maybe not) twitter account

Ryan Mallett Wins All-Star Accuracy Contest


Doesn't mean much since his competition was Jake Locker and Andy Dalton, but he won by 80 points. He also was very consistent throughout. Might have even been snubbed on some of his throws that looked to have hit the target. Now, he isn't the ideal fit for the WCO, because his release quickness is very average, but he is accurate enough to play in the West Coast, and he opens up the entire playbook since he can make any throw imaginable.

Brandon Lloyd 2010


Brandon Lloyd 2010


How long until Earl Thomas is playing CB?

Now, I'm not bringing this up because he had a couple of mistakes last week, but I'm one who believed Earl Thomas would be a cornerback in the NFL. Trufant on the other hand looked horrendous last...


Eating Crow: Nate Clements

The guy played well above my expectations for him. And I really like what Manusky's done by demoting him to nickel corner in passing situations. I thought he had lost some tackling ability last...


Negative Nancy

Just my thoughts, compiled into a minddump, on your screen

couple of spelling errors.. but yet another unorginal orginal downfall spoof. #fixed


couple of spelling errors.. but yet another unorginal orginal downfall spoof.  #fixed

Michael Silver part ii


"...I learned that Ireland asked Bryant if his mother was a prostitute. I called the Dolphins and gave Ireland an opportunity to share his version of the conversation with me well before I filed my column, and (as noted above) he declined to comment. Shortly after my column was posted, he called Bryant to apologize, and he issued a public statement indicating that he was sorry. Three days later, SI’s Jim Trotter (who is a friend of mine, despite our disagreements on this particular issue) posted this Ireland friendly version of the conversation’s context according to "two sources familiar with the conversation" and, as he later described them, "two members of the Dolphins organization." Not too long afterward, Bryant texted me to refute the version offered by Ireland’s defenders, writing, "I did not say that … this guy is lying." Subsequently, Bryant also expressed this to me over the phone. So, to sum it up: Bryant, one of the two people in the room during the interview with Ireland, stands behind the story that I presented to you last Tuesday (and, before that, in a column that ran http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news?slug=ms-bryant042210">during the draft’s first day. Ireland’s sole public statement has been an apology for having asked the question. And yet you’re convinced that the unnamed sources who spoke to Trotter (and, apparently, some ESPN analysts as well) are the unassailable broadcasters of truth?

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