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The Curious Case of Julio Teheran


JD Sussman of Rotographs presents some interesting observations of Teheran in the starts of his that Sussman was able to watch this year. Most interesting is the Ublado Jiminez style arm thrust Teheran apparently adopted at the end of his windup and the slider that he added to his arsenal near the season's end in favor of his curveball. It was mentioned on this site a few weeks ago that a roving pitching guru was assigned to Teheran in August to "fix" his delivery, which corresponds to the author's observation that the arm-thrust seemed to have been eliminated in his last few starts. I can't recall with great detail how his mechanics looked in the spot-start he made against Toronto in June, but it would be interesting if anyone who has video can confirm or deny the presence of arm-thrust.

Braves have $4 million to spend on first ten picks in 2012 draft


Jim Callis of Baseball America has released the draft pool allotments in the first 10 rounds for every team under the new CBA, and the Braves happen to rank near the very bottom at $4,030,800. Could this be a potential handcuff? Only $3,735,700 was spent in last year's draft, but the Braves may have had a different plan for this year, and this limitation could interfere with some drafting flexibility.

Braves to face Gio Gonzalez until the end of time


A 5-year extension for Gonzalez, taking him through 2016, plus club options for 2017 and 2018. What this means is that he'll be a thorn in the Braves' sides for as long as 7 years, a thought that makes me shudder.

FanGraphs Scouts Pastornicky


This is probably the most in-depth analysis of his skillset that I've seen and gave a good general idea of what to expect from TP in 2012. Basically: he has good contact skills and can drive the ball when he gets a mistake-pitch, but he's vulnerable to changes in velocity and is susceptible to general major-league pitching trickery. Based on the info .270/.320/.350 sounds like a good midline projection--with the possibility for some over/under. What would you guys predict (because projections are fun)?

Pirates Listening on McCutchen


Come on Frankie, go for it--if not for me, then for the children. Please. EDIT: Our hopes dashed......McCutchen is apparently no dice.

Fonder Times with Frenchy


I was recently perusing John Sickels' fabulous Minor League Ball blog and came across his crystal ball from 2005 for our favorite Jeff. You guys remember this, when all of us and our neighbors thought Frenchy was going to be the next great? My how things change....

2011 ZiPS Projections - Atlanta Braves


BBTF's 2011 ZiPS projections for the Atlanta Braves were released today. These obviously shouldn't be taken too seriously, seeing as how they're only projections...but hey--we all love projections.

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