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Forrest Sweasy (Tom)

I am most contented when I'm standing on the first tee with three good friends and am about to totally ruin my day by striking a little white ball around a well manicured turf farm. When I'm not swinging golf clubs, I enjoy a cold adult beverage and lying about my prowess at striking little white balls with expensive sticks on manicured turf farms.

I currently live in southern Maryland, in the U.S.

I spent my formative years in central Kentucky. I still consider there to be "home", although I'm quite content at 'home' here in Maryland. Perhaps, someday, I'll end up back there where the population is a bit thinner and the grass a little blue-er. In between those, I've spent time in a lot of places; several years in Jacksonville, Florida and almost 7 years in Yokosuka, Japan where I met the love of my life and the most beautiful lady on the face of the planet. Somewhere along the way, we acquired two girls who have laid claim to being the most beautiful gals on the face of the planet. Also somewhere along the way, my pants shrunk, my hair color has become a bit gray, and I still haven't figured out how to strike little white balls with expensive sticks...

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • NCAAB Kentucky Wildcats
User Blog

How bad do you hate Tennessee? Funny stuff.


How bad do you hate Tennessee? Funny stuff.

Battle on Broadway


Forgive me if this was posted earlier, but I just ran across it tonight. A good example of how big everyone else's game vs UK is, even if they are just down the street. This is a really well done video.

Even the man upstairs is a Wildcats fan.


Even the man upstairs is a Wildcats fan.

Statsheet for Kentucky making a W


Look at the scoring margin chart on Statsheet for Kentucky. If we can beat Radford by 50 in our next game, we will have one perfect W on that chart.


Could we have seven please?

We already have seven titles and are looking for number eight. There are some who think we could have six 1st round draft picks this year, I won't go there. I do think we could get 5 again, but I...

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