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User Blog

Bart Scott is slow. How slow is he?

Bart Scott is so slow three toed sloths don't notice him as they speed past. Bart Scott is so slow he qualifies for the 100 meter limp. Bart Scott is so slow he considers molasses to be...


draft observations

After all the years of asking, BB finally did what we wanted. He gave us pass rushers. I don't know how anyone could argue with Jones and Hightower. Bequette looks like another fine addition. ...


Mock Yeah, Ing Yeah...

Having to wait 2 months for the draft is a cruel fate and should be considered a crime against humanity. I toss my chapeau into the mock draft ring. For whatever reason Philadelphia doesn't take a...



Forgive me if someone else has written about the draft research from the book Scorecasting by Moskowitz/Wertheim. I thought it fascinating and paraphrase some of it. The draft value chart which...


Hoodie's Draft Philosophy

I enjoy reading the in depth knowledge of the Pulpiteers concerning draft prospects. If the sports media knew half as much as some of our contributors maybe they wouldn't be so incredibly lame. ...


The Front Rank

The mild winter seems so cold today I shiver in disbelief The sun cannot melt my frozen heart Warmth is no relief We give our souls to warriors We relish in the fight When they play like...


Don't you get me wrong. Only want to know.

My apologies to Carl Anderson and Tim Rice. It's the playoffs. Get in the spirit. Sing and dance along. Every time I look at you I don't...


C'mon QB of the Pews

Tebow, I am overjoyed To meet you face to face You've been getting quite a name All around the place Running off tackle Raising Broncos from the dead Now I understand you're good At least that's...


The Ballad of Hoodie and Albert

  Standing on the field at the Razor, Trying to beat the Giants perchance. The man wearing 10 said, "We've got a tight end". You know they didn't even give us a chance.   Christ you know it ain't...


A Song for Steelers Week

Apologies to the Bellamy Brothers.   Let Your Hate Flow   There's a reason, for the cloudy skies There's a reason, why the Steelers should fry Must be the season, when that hate light shines all...


Oil Paintings and Visions from the Sweat Lodge

The bye week is a good time to step back and look at the Patriots big picture. In BB: A Football Life, at the end of 2009 Hoodie remarked to TFB that he couldn't get that team to play the way he...


This week on Fishing with Sports Legends: Rex Ryan

This week we join Jets coach Rex Ryan on his boat "Fathom 6 Feet" for some fishing on Long Island Sound. It is a green 82' Hatteras sport fisher with a 747 painted on the side.   SJIHTJ:  Coach...


This week on Fishing with Sports Legends: Bill Belichick

  This summer Sweetjesusihatethejets had the rare opportunity to go fishing with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The following are highlights of our conversation out on Nantucket...


Pats preseason TV coverage...

Shots of people playing with their cell phones in the crowd? Zolak on camera reading tweets off his cell phone, switch to a giants player running alone down the field? Wait a couple minutes and...


Pass Rusha

Brothers: Have we not seen the pass rushing epiphany? Did I not see with my own two eyes quarterbacks running for their lives on every play? Was I imagining running backs with nowhere to go? Can I...

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