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Retired Cat. 3 Roadie/weekend fixie rider. Husband, Dad, Submariner.
Hampton, VA

But above all, my brothers, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or by any other oath, but let your "yes" be yes and your "no" be no, so that you may not fall under condemnation. - James 5:12

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  • MLB Washington Nationals
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  • NHL Washington Capitals
  • Cycling Jurgen VDB, Nairo Quintana, Vincenzo Nibali, Jurgen Roelandts
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"Pfft, so what." You say? "Who cares? What's the big deal?" You say? Just when youI think, your my memories can't be changed anymore, this shows up. You see, the '93 USPro Champs in Philly (then referred to as Corestates, by me anyway), was the very first pro bike race I ever saw. After a perfectly awful 1992 for me personally, I was flying high back in '93. Got advanced at work. Had a steady girlfriend (who lived in Philly). Had a rock-solid friendship with some buddies. Things were going good. Went to Philly to catch the race and MAN! What a show! The crowds. The teams. The course. The Motorcycle cop escort in perfect formation. The stage was set perfectly for this cocky new pro, "the next Greg Lemond" to be the first to win the Million Dollar Triple Crown. My girlfriend's BFF’s, who 1) lived on Pechin St (top of the Manayunk Wall) and 2) was dating (and eventually married) my best friend, parents threw a big 2 kegger party, we spent most of the day hanging out around Manayunk (Roxborough section of Philly). I was standing right there on that last trip up the Wall when Armstrong attacked! It was furious! There was no way anyone could follow that wheel! Roy Knickman of the Coors Light team in an interview later, said when Armstrong attacked, he saw the future of cycling...and he wasn't a part of it. AND NOW, you're telling me that's not how I saw it? My memory is supposed to change? After that breakaway we high-tailed it down to the S/F line (my girlfriend lived a few blocks away) and the crowd was insane. I was on the curb and people were stacked up at least 3-4 deep behind me. Lance came flying solo down for the Ben Franklin Pkwy loops and he was playing the crowd, buddy, lemme tell ya! And now? Now I guess I gotta rearrange my internal hard-drive. Oh well, there were the 2 kegs up in Manayunk. I know this sounds personal, but MAN! Just when you think we've exhausted this LA thing, we find more stories below the barrel bottom.


Richmond - 2015 Volunteer Form

Howdy y'all. I was (not) working at work today and I visited the Richmond 2015 website which, despite seeing several fb updates recently, I had not been to in quite a while. I saw they had a "Get...


Sooooo, now what?

Maybe I'm like most of y'all where in my social & work circles, I'm the only guy who's "into biking". Up until now, about once or twice a month I would field a "what do you think of this Lance...


Need NFL Jersey Help

Hey everyone - I know it's been discussed in the threads/archives somewhere, but with my 20th century work computer, there's no way I can effective "drill-down" and find anything related to what...

Garmin-Sharp-Barracuda New Kit


Good. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just add the new name & roll.

Moser races in NYC


Yet one more reason Italian men are cooler than me.

Project 1T4i land new sponsorship


Yay! You know what this kit!


FSA DS - Television from MY youth

With a humble H/T to andrewp and his post earlier this week, I was inspired to come up with a FSA DS team using similar tactics based on TV from my youth. There are 2 main rules that I stuck to....

OUTSIDE's Top 10 Biking Blogs


With the exception of #1, I pretty much have a problem with this entire list. Thoughts?


Techs/Mechs: Show us your bike!

OK, first of all, the title is nowhere near as cool as in 2009 when perezbike posted My Bike Doesn't Take a Picture of Me, but, meh, it'll work. Around the time Ted King broke his collarbone in...


My Weekend In Pittsburgh

OK, now that I've had a couple days to digest, here are some thoughts I'd like to share re: my Sat/Sun in Pittsburgh.  I'll preface my rant by stating my soon-to-be 13 yo son is a big Steelers fan...


RICHMOND, VA TO HOST 2015 Worlds! (now, with more officialness)

  via Okay, so I wanted to get a FanPost generated in case this thing goes, cuz I'm literally so excited, I can't sit still.  I'll then change the "?" to a "!" According...

Rock Racing: Here to stay...again.


Not sure what to think about this. I still ain't shelling out $200+ on a pair of jeans.

(Photo: from VeloNews) Does anybody else think this photo is funny? (Or just my...


(Photo: from VeloNews) Does anybody else think this photo is funny? (Or just my sophmoric mind) [Edit} - Oooh, let's do a "Create a Caption" Contest! WInner gets...well, nothing really, just our adulation.


Flashback Friday: Michele Bartoli

In La Fleche Live Thread, Chris asked when is the last time someone got a big lead that early and made it stick all the way in?  I threw out Michele Bartoli’s name as a possibility, without...

Nutella heir dies while riding bike


Man! 2 worlds collide - I thought it interesting given how much we talk about Nutella around here that Mr. Ferrero died on his bike.

Bah! Carbon.


Yesss! Titanium makes a comeback...or...carbon gets kicked in the junk. I'm digging the Di2 integration, the stark grey colors offset by the awesome orangey-red bar tape.

Garvelo Camp: Fischer gets the cool jersey.


It would appear that Brazilian RR Champ is sporting that cool jersey we were discussing a couple weeks ago.

2011 Team NetApp Kit


Simple logo placement. Subtle swoopiness to the vertical stripe. Bold colors that aren't an eyesore. Alrighty then. I'll go ahead and give it an Approval Rating of 23.7 on an arbitrary Kit Rating System that I just made up.

*Lotto Kit - from Pez's Velo Pics


*Lotto Kit - from Pez's Velo Pics

Looks kinda like a fully kitted masters racer (NTTAWWT).


Looks kinda like a fully kitted masters racer (NTTAWWT).



Did we talk about this already? Kinda sucks for the current Champs = wearing the jersey for just 6 month...unless they win again.

Ali Starnes: To PB&Co for 2011


Yea! She's, like, my fav pro (in the women's peloton). She rides her guts out and has an "all-or-nothing", sufferfest style of racing that I like to think I would have, you know, if I had any talent or ambition.

Pegasus Team Bikes?


Oooh look, "spy" photos of potential Pegasus Team Scotts. Bah! Carbon.


O/T: NFL Smack Talk

So, here we are halfway through the NFL season and I wonder how your team is doing...if you have one.  In the last version of "Introduce Yourself" or "Who Are You" or whatever it was called (which...

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