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Mock Draft Thread...

Ok, enter your final mock draft predictions here. Instead of a hundred different posts, maybe you can just use this one. Please keep comments to a minimum and focus on your mocks. Please specify...


Offseason Plan #3, An Unexpected Surprise

I can honestly say I have less of clue who we might pick in this draft than any in the last three years. There are some hints I think we have that might indicate where we won't pick. Here are a...


Offseason Plan #2, The Rebuild Is Over

The biggest question I face as I wonder about the direction for the Broncos in the upcoming draft is whether or not we add a few more weapons for Peyton Manning early in the draft, or do we...

Awesome article about Luke Kuechly


This guy is the safest pick since Maurkice Pouncey. Hopefully we are considering trading up. Hard to pass on a guy who most pundits predict will immediately start and play for ten plus years.


Offseason notes

Jeremy LIn vs. Tim Tebow - One of the most annoying mantras during the Tim Tebow phenomenon was listening to people say "I doubt Tim Tebow would be as popular if he were a Muslim." Similarly,...


Calling out IAOFM

Any faithful MHR reader also knows about it's red-headed stepchild, I was banned from the site recently, and still don't have any idea as to why. Perhaps one of them might...


Rebuild, Year 2 of 3, Version 1.

The older I get and the more drafts I observe, the more I see the futility in a mock done in January / February. However, I can't resist the temptation! Instead of one per week, I might tone it...


Random Bronco Thoughts...

CORNERBACK PLAY - I am surprised that Chris Harris hasn't gotten more ink. The guy, from day one, has played like a first or second round draft pick. I won't beat the dead horse about him being...

An amazing post about the draft and value of first round picks


This post shows the list of Pro Bowl players and their draft position. Not too surprisingly, it shows that early round picks dominate in Pro Bowl appearances. I have always maintained that if I were a GM, I would trade our 5th, 6th, and 7th round picks and move up to get another 3rd or 4th rounder.


Offseason Priority #1: A Defensive Field General

The Problem: The popular narrative on MHR is that we must draft a CB at all costs, most likely in the first round. While I agree that CB might be a big defensive need in the near future, there is...


Random Observations...

Patting myself on the back: Are you people ready to admit defeat yet? No, I'm not talking about Tim Tebow. I'm talking about Robert Ayers. Some of the most vitriolic debates on MHR, (other than...


The silence is deafening, and other observations....

1. My favorite part of Bronco wins these days is the collective silence that comes after conventional wisdom is turned on it's head (again and again). This silence usually lasts from the end of...


Random Observations....

1. I never thought I would say this but it is now debatable over who is the better game manager, Tebow or Orton.  I have always thought of Kyle Orton as nothing more than a game manager but this...


Random Thoughts....

1. What will happen to the collective media narrative if Tim Tebow actually has a good game against the Raiders and we get a win?  My favorite pastime is watching collective wisdom being turned on...


I loathe fans, I really do, and this probably includes you.

There are few groups of people more fickle than sports fans.  One prominent member of MHR has a signature that reads something like: In today's generation, instant gratification is not fast enough....

McGahee has a broken hand


In my opinion, our MVP of the season so far. Cross my fingers he won't be out long.


The most important question for a Bronco fan

Ok Bronco fans, I don't know about you guys but I am sick of all the talk, I want to play some ball.  What I'm going to ask is really the most important question asked in the last two seasons...

2012 Mock Draft #1

1. Miami - Andrew Luck QB 2. Indianapolis - Matt Kalil OT 3. Jacksonville - Justin Blackmon WR 4. Kansas City - Matt Barkley QB 5. St. Louis - Alshon Jeffery WR 6. Arizona - Jonathan Martin OT 7....


Smoking crack and other observations.....

1. Are you people who criticized Tebow's performance yesterday smoking crack?  Anyone who is going to criticize his overall game, including his accuracy, are from a different planet than I am.  Do...


Ten pressing questions for Bronco fans

1. Do you, as a fan, have a right to demand that Tim Tebow plays?   2. After how many losses, if at all, would you want a fire sale to take place for players like Champ or D.J.? 3. Who is more...

Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck?


If Peyton Manning misses the season, the Colts would likely be the worst team in the league and win the Luck sweepstakes. My assumption is that they would retain Manning and trade away the #1 pick. I am a gigantic Tebow fan but for speculation sake, what would you trade to the Colts for Luck? Didn't we land a decent QB from the Colts once? Would you mortgage one draft? More? Less? Not interested?


Latest list of pet peeves

1. This is several weeks old but I can't stand how I read that some fans were no longer going to watch football because they were so disappointed in the lockout.  I read, on many occasions, that...

Stupid article from Bill Williamson about Tebow


His premise (is Denver losing faith in Tim Tebow) is stupid. Kyle Orton has been taking first team reps since snap #1 of the preseason. How could we be "losing faith" if Orton was the named starter all along? Now, if Tebow was named the third string QB, that would be a different story. The bottom line is this: Denver had enough faith in Tim Tebow to try to trade Kyle Orton. Nuff said.

Janoris Jenkins Supplemental Draft?


Janoris Jenkins is a first round talent at cornerback who was recently dismissed for a 2nd marijuana issue. First, would you want to pursue him in the supplemental draft? Second, what would you bid to get him? Second rounder? The link is a scouting report of him.


Random Thoughts...

1. Does anyone else hate "Bleacher Report?"  I can't stand Googling something and having to wade through 75% of the Bleacher Report replies that are mostly done by kids living in their Mom's...


Now What?

1.  EFX let the board decide the player and not the player decide the board.  They should be commended for their discipline.  They obviously employed BPA, but we magically ended up drafting for...

ESPN Rumor: Orton for Haynesworth?


Bill Williamson says that he is hearing a proposed trade of Kyle Orton for Albert Haynesworth, straight up. I would do it. You?

Bowers: bone on bone?


A very plausible explanation for why Bowers may be falling. You wouldn't have found a bigger supporter for Bowers before his Pro day. Now, if this is true, I wouldn't take him until the 6th or 7th.

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