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Diaw and the Bachelorette


Boris joins a Bachelorette party to give the lucky bride to by a (chaste) kiss.

Chip Engelland: The Shot Doctor


Worthwhile read on a critical piece of the Spur's success.


Typhoon Haiyan hits Philippines: how are our Pinoy/Pinay friends?

Hi all, this post is obviously non basketball related. This Typhoon looks pretty bad so wanted to check in on our members in the Philippines. Hopefully everyone is far away from the problem areas,...


9738, 7272, 2015, 1536

Here are some numbers for you: 9738: Number of minutes played by the Heat's big three this season 7272: Number of minutes played by the Spur's big three this season 2015: Number of minutes...


The Spurs need Manu, period

There has been a lot of talk about reducing his minutes, or even benching him because of the funk Manu Ginobili has been in. The truth is, the Spurs either win with Manu, or they don't win at all.

Great article on Pop vs sideline reporters


Love this article. Stuff like this makes me both glad and sad that the Spurs don't get consistent national exposure all the time. But more glad than sad, because in the real world there are a lot of haters that would get my blood boiling.


Enjoy the Game

I first started watching basketball in college. Sure, I did not understand all the rules, or even some of the rules, but watching these tall lean muscular warriors make magic on the hardwood was...

The George Hill - Kawhi Leonard trade


Zach Lowe writes about the win win trade: how it went down and the results for both teams.

Timmy possibly getting divorced?


This is where being a small media team helps. If this was anyone on the Lakers it would be splashed over front pages everywhere and would become a HUGE distraction. TMZ, E!, OMG would be all over interviewing anyone connected with the team.


Needed: Focus and intensity

At this point of the season, and the series against Golden State, it's not the Spurs' vaunted experience that's going to save them, it's their effort.


The dark side of finesse

This year's Spurs aren't like those of old, they're older, wiser and more in control. That makes them easy to respect, but also (sometimes) easier to defeat.


The Spurs: Chemistry, Continuity and Discipline

What's made the Spurs' run over the past 20 years so incredible can be found in these three words.

Clippers trying to trade for Garnett


Not sure this is a wise move for them, they would be better off building around their young talent. Don't know how salary cap issues will work out over the next few years either. However, this may make them stronger in the short run. If this goes through, of course.

Varejao out of rest of season with blood clot in his lung


Ugh, that does not sound good for him. Posting here as he was on the wish list for several Pounders.

BDL: Tim Duncan's new team friendly contract


There has been some discussion about his contract already, here are numbers etc...

Arnovitz: The Spurs' good looks


Yet more love from ESPN. I am like a kid in a candy store with all these articles to read (as opposed to the reading I am supposed to be doing)

mission20 posted this in quickcap thread, too good to not share a bit more.


mission20 posted this in quickcap thread, too good to not share a bit more.

The book on Grinch Popovich


ESPN profile of Popovich. Normal profile, not yet another Spurs bandwagon article.

Adande: Dealing with the Spurs


So many glowing articles about the Spurs these days, even from ESPN, that it hardly seems worth creating a fanshot for all of them. Is this what it feels like to be a Knicks or Lakers fan? Except that we get mostly positive press, of course.

Kevin Durant is tired of hearing about the Spurs


I think the media is twisting KD's words to say something other than what he meant, otherwise it would be ironic for him to get mad at Spurs getting all the press after all the press the Thunder have gotten the last few years.

Wojnarowski extolls the virtues of old school Duncan


I know Wojnarowski is not super popular around here, but this is a mostly positive article for a change. Very nice.

Spurs outlast the Nets and improve to 48-10

Spurs outlast Nets to improve to 48-10

Spurs step it up in fourth quarter to beat the Raptors

Recap: San Antonio Spurs over Toronto Raptors 111-100

NBA Playbook: How McDyess got open for the tip-in


Laker's decide to handle screens a certain way and McDyess is smart enough to take advantage of an opening. Love NBA Playbook

More love from yahoo


Spurs are getting a lot of good press these days, and good stuff, not the over the top stupidity usually given to top teams. Some nice quotes in here from Pop, McDyess and RJ.

Spurs kick off second half of season with a win over the Raptors

Stop me if you have heard this story before. The San Antonio Spurs, the team with the best record in the league, plays a team with a sorry record that is missing one or more of its starters....

Le Coq Flamboyant Disclaimer: Hipuks created this, I am just bringing it to your attention. I...

Le Coq Flamboyant Disclaimer: Hipuks created this, I am just bringing it to your attention. I missed this gem (until now) hidden inside Caps burning chicken contest. Too good to stay hidden. original post: I know the contest was for a Spurs related chicken image, but I think DRIVE FOR FIVE ( All caps nickname, nice) logic has convinced us all that Pounding the Rock is a lame name. I have decided to not only come up with a new logo for this blog but also a new name which was in very large part inspired by DRIVE FOR FIVE’s discussions. Larger version here. I did a lot of soul searching. I didn't find anything. by Hipuks on Jan 12, 2011 6:21 AM PST
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