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Spurs vs Warriors for $25 (away game)


Upper level seats, so not sure how much you can see, but for those living in the Bay Area here is a chance to see our team cheapish.

Spurs get their first losing streak of the season

Spurs lose to Celtics and have first losing streak of season. swgeek break this loss down to it's molecular level. A great read!

Bleacher Report: How I became a fan


Nice read. I too became a fan because of DR (and Timmy).

Nowitzki leaves game with sore knee


Does not sound too serious, but people forget that he is getting up in age too and is playing an awful lot of minutes, I think 35+ per game. If the Mavs don't watch out this could be a problem down the stretch.

A'm'a'r'e!!! produces awesome stats


Pow! It is really great how well D'Antoni emphasizes and teaches defense.


Spurs get a well deserved, and maybe needed, loss.

    Ugh, that was an ugly game. I was not on the game threads during the game, and purposefully stayed away from PtR before writing this so that my opinions are not colored by other comments. So...

Charles Oakley calls out Charles Barkley


Yes, this is mean to pick on a guy in his dotage, but Chuck does call out other players quite often. Plus I met Barkley many years ago and he was a total dickwad. Not that I am bitter. Much.

Being RonRon


Yes, I know he is not a Spurs player, but I found this article fascinating. It did feel at times that RonRon was "playing" the interviewer a little by laying it on a little thick, but still a fun read. I find Artest pretty interesting. He is in some ways a modern day Rodman, not as outlandish but certainly more honestly disturbed. We also often forget how talented he is, and what could have been if he had a slightly different personality.

Manu single handedly takes down alien ship to save mankind


Don't believe the official version. The Men in Black (and Silver) are there for us again.

Thumbs up for Duncan-Popovich combo


Ho Hum, yet another article singing the praises of the Big Fundamental. Nothing new, but still never gets old :-)


Yet More LeBron thoughts

Most of you are probably sick and tired of LeBron talk by now, but I cannot help it. It is like an accident on the freeway - frustrates me to no end that people rubberneck and slow down traffic,...

Le Bron James: "We’re not having fun right now,"


I know it is too easy to pick on LeBron right now, and admittedly this quote may be taken out of context, but seriously. Why are you even talking about fun? Listen to Manu, Tim, Tony. They talk about pace, defensive intensity, what is going well and what needs to improve. And your comment is about the lack of fun? Dammit, focus on what the team needs to improve and worry about fun in the offseason. Fix basketball issues and the fun will follow. Or just focus on fun and bring joy to haters across the USA and beyond.

Jerry Sloan will miss the game Friday


Should still be a tough game as their coaching staff has been pretty stable, but Sloan is one of the best coaches around so hopefully that gives us an edge.


Is this still Timmy’s team?

Is this still Timmy’s team? First, here is a one line summary of my answer: Yes it is still Timmy's team, but it is complicated.  If you are in a hurry, you got your answer, so can now leave and...

Elgin Baylor accuses Clipper owner of a 'plantation mentality'


Much as I despise Sterling, I am not really supporting Baylor here either. He happily drew a paycheck working for Sterling for a long time, even through incidents where any self-respecting man would have quit. Now that he is finally fired all those racist statements are starting to bother him. Funny how that works.

Manning and connection with a Rookie


Hi all, First some full disclosure. I am not a Vikings fan, and definitely not a Favre fan. However, I love AP and Harvin, but then who doesn't :-). I wanted to post this link a while back, but it was always after a loss and did not want this taken the wrong way. This seems like a better time. Most the the article is not relevant, but this is the part that interested me: After the game, Manning made a point of stressing that his familiarity with White was a product of countless repetitions during offseason workouts, a reality of modern football he hopes won’t be curtailed in the next collective bargaining agreement between owners and players. Whereas a vast majority of his peers would undoubtedly relish some additional downtime in March, April, May and June, Manning is staunchly opposed to the NFL Players Association’s push to place stricter limits on OTAs. This is what the Vikings miss with Favre. Yes, he is a veteran and does not need camp, but he forgets that camp is not for him. It is for the rest of the team to get reps with him. Missing camp makes it especially difficult for the "non-stars" and the younger players to connect. However, all is not lost. Look at this team: Favre, Moss, AP, Harvin, and that is just on O. Any two of those players makes any offense in the league a contender. All four makes MN the football version of the Miami heat, or at least the Celtics from their championship year. Favre missing camp + early injuries delayed connections a bit, but with more time together the team should gel. If they can get the chemistry just right this team can beat anyone.

Surprise! Carmelo Anthony wants out now.


The article slams CAA (LeBron's agency) pretty hard. So far I am not impressed by CAA and their tactics, partly as I suspect they stirred the pot with CP3 as well. On the other hand LeBron's move to Miami was handled with such subtlety and grace that there may be hope for them after all.

Tim Duncan swims with a whale


Don't worry, that is not a euphemism.

Isiah back with the Knicks as a consultant.


Haaaaa haa ha. Bwaaahhaaaa haaaa. Isiah *has* to possess blackmail photos of the owner. No other explanation.

Celtics sign Shaq to hang out and have fun


By now you all know Shaq is talking his standup act to the Celtics, should make for a great pre-game and maybe halftime show. This article obviously written before the Celtics news, but still accurate.

Suns, Hornets trying to hire Spurs executive Dell Demps


Looks like we are the premier executive school in the NBA. Get your PhD in Basketball operations here folks.

Woj writes about LeBron again


Wow, Woj just does not pull punches with LeBron. I am guessing he is not getting any special interviews with King James anytime soon. "From Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski to managing director Jerry Colangelo to NBA elders, the issue of James’ immaturity and downright disrespectfulness had become a consuming topic on the march to the Olympics." Most of the article is not James bashing, just a few sentences, but still...

A cautionary tale: Chris Washburn


A somewhat more sobering and cautionary link this time. I am old enough to remember when he played in College - amazing talent. For all the grief we give players like LeBron they have managed to stay fairly focused and clean. LeBron still has the same girlfriend and still hangs out with his mother, not something we can take for granted for an athlete who has been enabled his entire life.

Timberwolves finally get a point guard


Yay! Minnesota finally gets a point guard. Timberwolves fans can rest easy now that their biggest need is met. Next up: a young small forward.

Big Z will join the Miami Heat.


This fills one of their needs. If they get a decent point guard their starting five are set. No ESPN special for Ilgauskas, no word yet if there will be another goodbye love note from Gilbert.

(not quite) SuperTeam2 in New York?


Now Chris Paul is hinting at a superteam in New York: Paul, Carmelo and Amare. Not quite the impact of LeBron, Wade and Bosh, even if it really happens, but is this the start of a trend? Imagine if CP3 and Anthony tease NY for two years then sign elsewhere - that would be rich!

Apostrophe recruiting Tony Parker and Carmelo Anthony to NY


Someone already noted this in one of the threads but cannot remember who, you can claim credit in the comments :-). Biggest question: Isn't this considered tampering? Both TP and CA are under contract this year. Also, anybody else find it funny that Amare is talking to NY after publicly dissing D'Antoni last season? The quote was: "... but I just was never taught defensive strategy so it really was kind of unfair to put the blame on me" PG is a critical anchor for a team (along with a solid big man), so would hate to lose TP, so hope nothing comes of this. But just wait, the opposite viewpoint will be commenting any time now.


Can we sign Grant Hill next year?

I think Hill has a player option with the Suns for next season. I would love to see him opt out and join the Spurs providing a much needed quality SF backup. Wishful thinking, and extremely...

Net's need GM as well


Most of the article is LeBron nonsense that can be skipped. Here is the fun part:" Nets ownership will try to move quickly on a replacement, and sources say potential targets will include Oklahoma City GM Sam Presti, New Orleans GM Jeff Bower and San Antonio Spurs GM R.C. Buford." I am not worried about this one at all, if RC is not going to Portland he is not going anywhere. Can you imagine him kow-towing to the likes of LeBron?

Celtics shopping their pick


Is it just me or are there a lot of teams dumping their pick this year? Looks like everyone is starting to value veterans over potential, except of course for certain PtR regulars.

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