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Game 6: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I decided to put together another "good and bad things". This process is less passionate but more enjoyable after a win than a loss as I can write with a calming glass of wine instead of trying to...

Yet another Parker article

"I learned watching Manu," he said. "Manu did it for so many years, so I’m just trying to get into that mentality. Try to bring a boost and try to bring some energy to the team."

MavsMoneyball take on game 3: "Ragdolls & Ginosebleed."

I wandered over to Moneyball to see what the competitor's site is like and was pleasantly surprised by this article, especially after all the moneyball comments here. Well written, very balanced article with lots of cool photos and quotes.

"If [Duncan is] out there on one leg in a wheelchair, we’re going to get him the ball."

I love that quote by Jefferson. Also love Haywood calling him "the best power forward to ever play this game". Umm, Haywood, you are obviously right and all that, but shouldn't you have your own PF's back?


RJ, The Return of the Hill and other rays of light

Yay! We are alive and kicking. And by kicking I mean kicking some serious Ash. I put up a fanpost after the last "game" so wanted to put up another one after the win - don't want you to only...


Angry rant along with solid rays of sunshiney hope

I wrote one comment on the quick cap, then started writing another that just got longer and longer so decided to just make a post listing the bad things and the good things about the game and team....


Kevin Garnett to retire from basketball

Kevin Garnett, center for the Boston Celtics basketball team, announced today that he is going to retire from basketball and become a monk. He says he made his decision during Sunday's game against...

What if Duncan had entered the draft one year earlier?

Franchise centers are simple to get if the FO could just be bothered to look for them, so maybe not such a big deal.

48MoH has post titled: "Matt Bonner unaware of his own awesomeness"

That sound you just heard was Fred's head exploding. I don't even want to think what GT/Ballhog think of it.


Small ball again! Why Pop Why?

Let me state a disclaimer before beginning: I am not a basketball guru by any stretch of the imagination - never played on a team, never coached a team. I can't break down player efficiency and...

Iverson leaving Sixers

Allen Iverson is leaving the Philadephia Sixers again. He was immedilately offered a starting position on the San Antonio Spurs as his team first attitude is a perfect fit for the Spurs organization. However, Iverson's agent - G. StTown - turned down the offer, saying "No true superstar wants to play for coach Popovich, as Popovich is old and senile and will be fired any day now by both himself and R.C.Buford.


Pop, team personality, and why are we here?

I, like most of you, love watching Spurs basketball. I also love reading PTR, sometimes even more than watching the games. PTR gives me context and gives each player a depth that I appreciate more...


George Karl taking leave from nuggets to get cancer treatment

George Karl is having problems with throat cancer again and is stepping down for now. h...

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