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11/28 OT: Very deep thoughts about Thanksgiving

I have a lot of things I could say about Thanksgiving, but I'm too busy cooking, eating and drinking, so they'll have to wait. I love to cook holiday meals, I just find good recipes and follow the...


OT - A Memory of Light Spoiler Thread

There do be Spoilers Below, by my aged grandmother If we had to wait this long, at least the read was as good as Two Rivers Tabac. Bravo, Mr. Sanderson, Team Jordan. The ending is not as it...

BTB takes a close, PITCHf/x look at the Darvish "shuuto" pitch


As a follow up to Jason Parks' BP article asking if Darvish was throwing a Shuuto, Beyond the Boxscore takes a look. Very cool charts and details about just how much the pitch moved, good read.

The Rangers and Jays are the clear top 2 for me. They both possess cornerstone players and...

The Rangers and Jays are the clear top 2 for me. They both possess cornerstone players and incredible depth. Bullpen Banter, a quality site with intelligent writing about prospects and all areas of baseball, ranks the minor league systems. The Rangers come out on top with Darvish included.

Darvish contract info posted

Jeff Wilson has the Darvish contract year by year over at the Startlegram blog: 2012: $5.5 million 2013: $9.5 million 2014: $10 million 2015: $10 million 2016: $10 million 2017: $11 million $56M...

Two good articles over at BBTiA


Joey looks at Ogando facing teams the 2nd and 3rd time around. And Pras has an excellent comparison of the TX, NY, and BOS offenses.


7/10 Minors - Futures Game Thread

July 10 in what is increasingly looking like the top minor league system in baseball: SPO-8:30 - Alvarez HIC-4:00 - Jackson? MYR-12:30 - Loux FRS-6:00 - Erlin? RRE-7:00 - Feldman AZL-PM - Parra? F...


OT: Best food in WNY

Hi all, Western New York expat here looking for some food recommends.  We're heading back to WNY for a family visit in a couple of weeks and I'd like to take my wife out for some of the best WNY...


Some Minor League Reference Data

Yesterday there was an interesting subthread on the drop in offense the last couple of years in the major leagues.  To avoid a really long, irrelevant series of posts in between that discussion,...

Royals blogger takes a HBP after suggesting Betemit should have


This is pretty funny. Royals blogger Lee Judge decides that he can't say Betemit should have gotten hit without being willing to do so he does it. Hat tip to Craig Calcaterra.


Must read article on catcher framing and strike zone variance

From BP, but not behind the paywall, a great article on some tendencies in strike zone variations and the value of catcher framing.  It seems that umpires vary the strike zone a bit depending on...

OT: Citizen Kubrick


I thought the film buffs here might like this read. A reporter gets to spend some time going through Kubrick's extensive -- and I do mean extensive -- collection of books, letters, and movie-related research.

Toronto Trades for a draft pick


Smart move by Toronto's new GM. He trades cash for Olivo from Colorado, who was about to decline his option. Colorado saves some cash, as they are now not responsible for his buyout ($500K). Toronto then declines the option, picking up a type B compensation pick for their trouble in a strong draft class. They might have as many as 8 picks in the top 50 or so selections. Amazing. I am picking Toronto as a wild card dark horse in 2016.

Fangraphs - What will the Yankees do if they don't sign Lee?


Quote: For the Yankees, this winter is basically Cliff Lee or bust. Expect to see an offer that reflects that mentality. I agree and think that people are fooling themselves when they say the Yankees can't bid too high for Lee because of Jeter and Rivera. The Yankees feel they MUST have Lee.


Predict Cliff Lee's Contract

It's time to predict what it will take to sign Lee.  Here's what I think it will take: 5 years, $125M, vesting option for 6th year at same, team option for 7th year, $10M buyout No trade clause...

Fangraphs: There Are No Words to Describe Lee


0.38 BB/9, 12.75 K/9, and 0.38 HR/9 through three starts, good for a 0.91 FIP. It’s not like he’s getting all that lucky on home runs either – his xFIP is 1.34. This is Pedro-in-his-prime stuff, but he’s doing it against the best teams in the best league in games that are basically do-or-die. If there have been better performances in playoff history, they aren’t that much better, and they probably didn’t come back to back to back. This is a legend in the making.

Royals top prospect list


The Royals probably have the top system in baseball right now, here's a pretty good summary of the top guys.


Newberg Night Q & A recap

I was surprised no one had put up a recap yet, so I'm going to attempt to remember a few things.  I'm hoping those of you who were also there also will chime in with more details. Both Q & A's went...


Newberg Night lunch meetup

Newberg Night this Sunday - who is going?  Hopefully the Rangers will be going for the sweep over the LAAngels. Brian Thomas, BZA and I are planning to meet for lunch somewhere close to the park at...


Other bidders invited to Rangers sale Mediation table

Daniel Kaplan is tweeting that the failed bidders have been invited to sit at the table with the Rangers and the federal mediator:   Breaking News: Spurned Texas Rangers bidders invited to...


How to rate strength of starters faced?

Does anyone know a good way to look up and measure the strength of the starting pitching a team has faced?  I see lots of articles in the MSM about strength of the overall teams faced, but I would...

Greatest photoshop and gif thread of all time


Go to Lookout Landing and check out the Starting a Meme fanpost. You'll be glad you did.

Fangraphs: Rangers making adjustments on the fly


Brief synopsis of the Rangers' roster moves this season.


5/13 Minors Thread - The ascension of William Matt Thompson

The wonderful reference maintained by his eminence, The Mushroomed One. In Hickory, the hotter-than-anyone-not-named-Holland Matt Thompson pitches today at 6:00. Bakersfield features Michael Main...

BBTiA's Highest Ceilings series, Michael Main


Jason Parks says Main is a solid #3 starter or front line setup man


Another in my occasional rants about HGH not helping you play baseball

Researchers are reporting the first scientific evidence that a hormone banned in sports can boost athletic performance. Aha, you see, t ball?  We told you! The improvement from human growth...

KC moving Gordon to LF/1B


What the hell is going on in KC? Someone needs to trade for Gordon pronto so his talent isn't just completely flushed down the drain. That entire front office needs to be fired.

Dodgers going cheap; Rangers tightly constricted

Poor Logan White.  Bill Shaikin presents an article detailing just how cheap the Dodgers have been with their draft and international signing budgets in recent years.  White tries to put a good...

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