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139 year old baseball card, starting bid $10

This news is about a day old, but it's funny. A woman found a baseball card of the "Red Stocking B.B. Club of Cincinatti". She had no idea how valuable it was so she put it on ebay with a starting bid of $10.

Benny Hill. Every once in a while I get nostalgic for my younger days when the best in late night...

Benny Hill. Every once in a while I get nostalgic for my younger days when the best in late night tv was Benny Hill on channel 13. After my dad went to work on the night shift I'd get out of bed and turn the tv on and laugh. Every generation says this, but life was indeed much simpler then, at least in terms of titillation.


Sabathia contract/Catchall Winter Meetings Post

Here's a place to dump all winter meetings rumors/signings so we don't end up with multiple diaries about the same signing like yesterday...


OT: Virtual Happy Hour

Pitcher who threw ball at fan indicted

This is the guy who threw at a fan during a minor league ball this past summer. He faces up to 16 years in prison if convicted. Stupid bastard.


Frustrated Ryan Challenges Pitchers

Today's DMN features a somewhat reassuring article on the specifics of the Rangers' plan, largely developed by Ryan it seems, at improving the stamina and testicular fortitude of the system's...


More stuff about park factors

I am again seeking input and addtional info on park factors.  I have found some interesting things, but I'm hoping that some of you know of additional sites gathering park factor info.  B...

Pinto article featuring Teagarden and Sandoval

A brief look at two young catchers breaking in, mostly from a fantasy standpoint. A nice quick chart of offensive contributions by position is included. It averages the batting numbers from 2000-2008 at each position. Catcher is lowest (except pitchers, of course) at .722 OPS.

Helium Watch: Neil Ramirez

Here's a nice, brief look at Ramirez from Baseball Intellect's Alex Eisenberg.


OT: McCain-Palin


Ryan to be more involved with pitching, says Hicks

According to both the DMN Blog and the Rangers website, Ryan will be more involved in directing the development of pitchers in the system beginning this offseason.  Interesting quotes:  


How much will it take?

To sign CC Sabathia?

Alex Rodriguez signs with Talent Agency

I'm thinking a long career of underacted villians, a la James Mason.


LSB Community Prospect Project: Mid-Season #11

Once again, with the blessing of thedirkatron, who is out of pocket until tomorrow, I'm posting the next round.  Garnering the most votes by a significant margin, Kasey Kiker has won the right to...


LSB Community Prospect Project: Mid-Season #10

On behalf of thedirkatron, who was called out of town unexpectedly and asked for someone to move on, I'm posting the next round.  After another squeaker Taylor Teagarden has won the right to be...


How awesome is Kinsler? Let's count the ways.

I'm sure some of you have heard of Ian Kinsler, who seems to be having a career year.  I just think it's fun once in a while to gush about a player who is doing so damn well in a Ranger uniform. ...


Feliz to Frisco?


Minors 6/27


Why you should root for the A's

I know we all hate our division rivals, but I think we should all be rooting softly for the A's (and to a lesser degree, the Angels) on any night they're not playing the Rangers. 


May in OKC

I still miss Benny Hill sometimes.

I still miss Benny Hill sometimes.


May in Bakersfield


May in Clinton

As I said last month, these posts are not going to provide any revelations or much new information.  They're just a way to step back and look at the month gone by.  Bakersfield, Frisco, and OKC...

That's Hedley

RIP, Mr. Korman.


Who are the keepers?

I'd like to know who you all think are the players the Rangers should not trade at each level.  In other words, to use a standard that zywica often holds up, who are the players that you would...


April in OKC

April in the land of 4A players, retreads, org. soldiers and a few prospects.

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