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The unappreciated Carlos Santana

Appreciating the unappreciated Carlos Santana.

Indians' Bob Dibiasio talks to Let's Go Tribe

DiBiasio touched on how different it feels when September baseball is nervous baseball, and fans are shouting to one another on the street, and the ticket office is buzzing throughout the crisp...

Ballgame: Tom Hamilton talks to Let's Go Tribe

Let's Go Tribe's Evan Dawson talks to Cleveland Indians broadcaster Tom Hamilton about his approach, his honesty, and why the 2013 team just seems different.

Game 131: Athletics 12, Indians 7

The Indians were swept by Oakland, losing 12-7. A recap of the game.


Video: My brief chat with C.C. about how badly he wanted to stay in Cleveland, like, really

He would have stayed! Forever! If only Cleveland wanted him to! You can watch the video right here.


My interview with C.C. Sabathia

Don't get too excited. Often as part of my day job, we're offered the chance to interview celebrities via satellite. Typically they're pimping some product that they're paid to promote. We turn...


Meanwhile, inside Antonetti's office...

Scene: Chris Antonetti's office next to the boiler room in the bowels of Progressive Field. Sunday has just given way to Monday. The trade deadline approaches, and Antonetti has several computer...

The Breakdown: June 8-July 8


Recapping the Indians run from June 8 to July 8.

Carlos Santana: How the Dream Sagged, and Why it Might Be Revived


This past April, it never really seemed that Carlos Santana had caught fire at the plate. And yet his month-long OPS of 863, had he sustained it, would place him 35th in all of big-league baseball...

Game 74: Yankees 5, Indians 4


For 17 innings of this miserable three-game sweep, the Indians appeared to be a fringe major league team that didn't belong on the same field as those vaunted Yankees. Then a switch flipped, and...

Wise obviously didn't catch this ball.


I had the strange opportunity to listen to both Sterling/Waldman and Tom Hamilton call this play, as I was driving home and can get WTAM at night. Then I see Deadspin's bizarre description. First, you had Sterling/Waldman saying that all you can see is the ball hit Wise's glove, then it all disappears. Waldman said we'll never know what happened to the ball after it went out of sight, and anyway, she says Wise came out of the stands with it. Hamilton pointed out that the YES Network was already pointing out that Wise didn't catch it, and didn't really come close to catching it. Then Hamilton went on a classic bender in which he essentially called for DiMuro's house to burn. And deservedly so. Hamilton credited Wise for specially NOT faking like he had made the catch. So why is Deadspin claiming that Wise DID fake like he had made the catch? And even more strangely, why is Deadspin saying that Wise came out with a ball, and so someone must have planted a second ball? I don't see a second ball in this video, or anywhere. Am I nuts?

Game 62: Reds 12, Indians 5


Some days it is easy to love the Little Cowboy. Josh Tomlin goes up against the Miguel Cabreras and Joey Vottos of the world with marginal stuff and cast-iron courage. He throws strikes, because...

Game 56: Tigers 7, Indians 5


It has now been two full weeks since a Cleveland Indians starting pitcher went at least seven innings. With Derek Lowe's outing this afternoon, Tribe starters are now 14-for-56 on the season in...

We Are All Michael Brantley


Who is Michael Brantley, really? Our analysis shows that he might be whatever we're projecting onto him. And that's not necessarily a good thing.

Game 49: Royals 8, Indians 2


For the first time this season, Justin Masterson did not walk a batter. Thus ends the good news. Masterson was hammered by one of the worst offenses in the league. In 11 starts this season,...

Game 44: Indians 2, Tigers 1


Concede nothing. That was the message delivered emphatically by Shin Soo Choo on the third pitch of Justin Verlander's afternoon. On what might have been the worst pitch ever thrown by a reigning...

Hafner Down; Thome Next?


Hafner to the DL. I suppose this clears the way for the old warrior to ride home and lead us to glory. We can joke about that, but I'll have to hear compelling reasons not to pursue it now.

Donuts, weighted bats hurt bat speed. But hitters don't care


I always wonder why professional athletes make poor analysts in general. This article reminds me that they'd rather stick to superstition than adapt using new information.

In the old days, when players policed the game and umpires issued far fewer warnings for brushback...


In the old days, when players policed the game and umpires issued far fewer warnings for brushback pitches, the bunt could be a macho play. A well-executed drag bunt down the first-base line might allow a vengeful batter to trample the offending pitcher as he bent to field the ball. My take: Absent a single documented incident, I think Livingston just made this up. And the piece is already bad enough.

My interview with Curtis Granderson


Sorry for the generic link. It' the second interview down the page. That Sterling call is revolting. But Granderson is one heck of a likeable guy, even if his answer on baseball economics / competitiveness is predictable.

Calling Hey Jaysie


Hey, Hoynsie: I only know two things in this world ... I am sick of the Tribe crying "mid-market" and that the money is in TV. Can't the Dolans leverage their family's cable experience to turn STO into their primary revenue stream/profit center? When is the Cavs' FSN contract up? Why don't they telecast/simulcast high-rated sports talk radio shows? Telecast poker tournaments held at Gilbert's casino? There are about 15,000 Law & Order reruns out there to buy at a reasonable price. Build a cable network and dedicate the profits on being 15th in payroll each and every year already. What excuses do you suspect the Dolans would volley back to me if posed with these questions? -- Patrick Yarnevic, Lakewood Hey, Patrick: First, I think Larry Dolan would say that he has no connection to his brother, Charles, and his Cablevision and professional sports empire. Second, Paul Dolan would tell you that STO and the Indians are separate companies connected by the rights deal to air Tribe programming. Third, I think they'd both tell you to cut back on the coffee.

Yanks to everyone else: Stop whining and spend more money


You can't make this stuff up. I guess cousin Jay is going to bar Randy from the next family pot luck. Seriously, though, isn't this exactly why the misunderstandings about baseball economics live on? I'm speaking more about the spineless "reporter" who could barely lift a finger to insert any relevant facts here.

Worst Sports Column Ever Written


I mean by a mile. Imagine every bad column by Sheldon or Livingston or whomever. Those become Pulitzer-worthy compared to this.

Rondon Walks a Pair, Pulled After 6 In AAA Debut


Wait, is that what they call "burying the lead?"


Is Our Fans Learning?

I can't take credit for the concept of this post; it comes from the mind of one of the site's leaders, who thought it might be humorous / cathartic / massochistic / instructive. So here's what I've...


Reviewing TNT's Review, and Other Assorted Musings

In order to get ready for game six, it's instructive to look at game five. If you want to blast the Cavs for giving up big leads, they deserve equal credit for building big leads. No Cavs fan...


Facts Vs. Reality

Let's get real about some things. Moreover, let's talk about actual facts, instead of inventing them. Facts do not oppose reality if we're thinking clearly. First, there are some awesome Magic...

Trade Cliff Lee?


We sometimes over-state the impact bad sportswriting has on fans. But this is a perfect example of a piece that can only make people dumber. There are so many things wrong with it, starting with the asinine headline. I'm serious: I don't think anyone at the PD sports department gives a damn about content, quality, or accuracy. It's about driving traffic. Jesus. Edited: The full piece is now linked, but the PD Tribe section has a condensed version with the headline, Will the Cleveland Indians "pull a CC" and trade Cliff Lee at midseason?

The spectators in many of the priciest seats disappeared, too. Some of the tickets were unsold, and...


The spectators in many of the priciest seats disappeared, too. Some of the tickets were unsold, and other spectators with tickets closest to the infield spent time inside the three areas serving them free food, leaving empty blue seats. "We saw that. I don't think I've ever seen that at Yankee Stadium," said Jensen Lewis.

Mystique = empty seats and sterile atmosphere.
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