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LetsGoTribe contributing author; news anchor; political reporter; freelance writer on sports, food, and wine; published author of Summer in a Glass

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Media Review: Game Four

I scan the media so you don't have to!I'll start with my favorite developing storyline, which I'll title, "Let's Get Results-Oriented, Baby!"Can you name who said the following:"I can't believe...


Game Three -- Media Review

Okay, due to several requests, I'm posting my media review following Game Three.  If these are tired, I'll stop.What's Boston Saying?According to Dan Shaughnessy, it's near panic, and they'll...


Tribe Tickets -- I Need a Gameplan.

Help me out!  I have tickets to game five -- they're standing room only tickets, and I've never had that kind of ticket.I'll be on the home run porch, but some questions: How badly does your view...


Gameday Media Review -- Ugh

I was seriously embarrassed -- as in, clean-off-the-monitor, you've-got-to-be-kidding embarrassed -- when I checked out the PD's Tribe site this morning.Let's start the review there.They're leading...


Media Review

A review of broadcast and print from game two.Overall, I'm disappointed that our local newspaper is so negative and generally inept in its coverage of a gigantically gigantic win.First, a word on...


LCS Attendance: Home Crowd, and WTF Arizona?

ESPN radio is reporting this morning that game one tonight of the NLCS in Phoenix will not sell out.  Wow.Can you even imagine this being the case for an AL team?  That series should be disbanded.T...


Debunking Pettitte's Mystique

We're hearing it everywhere we turn: Pettitte is a big-game pitcher.  Pettitte is experienced.  Pettitte has proven he can get it done.In just one new example, msnbc's Mike Celizic writes that Joe...


Vegas Picks the Yankees; Are You Betting?

On the drive into work at 3:30 this morning, Fox Sports' Ben Maller said that Vegas odds favored the home team in three out of four first-round series.  The Tribe, of course, is the exception.The...


Braylon Edwards Vs. LeBron James

Deal with THIS, LeBron:(via AP)Braylon Edwards couldn't contain his excitement. This was a Sunday to let loose.As energized Browns fans broke into Ohio State's signature "O-H-I-O" sing-a-long,...


Announcers and Accountability

In passing I heard the Mets' team talking about Matt Belisle's no-hitter through six innings.  Then I heard the following comment from their play-by-play guy:"Baseball has had a lot of no-hitters...


BABIP, Borowski, and The Playoffs

Lots of discussion in game threads about BABIP and Borowski of late, and I thought it deserved its own thread.I'll volunteer that I don't have the math background that many of you guys do.  I think...


Worst Announcers -- Sans Underwood Edition

I'm relatively new to LGT, so I apologize if this has been done.I get the game package so I've seen most of the AL announcers.  I'm curious if there's a consensus for who is the best and worst --...


Finding Classic Video

I am dying to find video of the Tribe's 1997 playoff run.  Start to finish, it was the best run of Cleveland postseason sports I've seen.First of all, does anyone know of any website or online...


Are we ready, as fans, to finally win?

Is it more about the journey or the destination?I wouldn't know.  As a 28-year old Cleveland fan, I was baptized by The Drive, The Fumble, and The Shot.  Joe Table further cemented my understanding...

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