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2014 DBB Tourney Pick 'Em

Join DBB's annual Yahoo! March Madness pick 'em.

Box Score Geeks says 46 Wins is Realistic


The analytic guys over at Box Score Geeks (Formerly TheNBAGeek) picked the Pistons to finish 4th in the East, 10th in the NBA, and have 46 wins as a "realistic" option, with an optimistic 53.8! It's worth the read, especially if you want some crazy next level statistics like decimal positions (i.e. Rodney Stuckey's position is '1.6')


How A Pistons Fan Can Hate A Piston

I've been a Piston fan all my life, and most of it I've hated at least one Piston. From the first memories I have of hating Terry mills some where in the early task era to hating his taller,...

A primer on free agency

DBB reader tads explains the Pistons current salary commitments and how much they have to spend on free agents.


Could Chris Paul come to Detroit?

It's not as far-fetched as it sounds, argues DBB reader tads.

FASCINATING. Listen to Kahn describe his tenure in Minnesota in this 5 part interview


I'm only part way through it, but listening to him talk about the draft picks, and the way scouting is done is just mind boggling. With all these stats, it seems like the eyeball test is what people put behind these million dollar decisions.


MLive: Detroit Pistons' Rodney Stuckey should start, Will Bynum says, and Lawrence Frank doesn't 'dispute it'

Will Bynum had two good games and decides to just run off at the mouth. How about you solve the fiscal cliff Will? Why don't you opine about that! I don't know why I am upset, he is mostly...


...and then the veterans take shots at the coaching

We've seen this before: But Tayshaun Prince openly wondered afterward why Frank didn’t respond quicker with substitutions when it was obvious Prince and the rest of the starting five didn’t...

Stuckey Working on His Mental Game


Part of that is maturity, maybe some is attributable to some sessions with a psychologist last year, and Stuckey himself said some of it comes from reading "The Energy Bus," a best-seller on positive thinking which Frank gave to several players this summer.

Kim English really has his head on straight


Kim English really has his head on straight


Open Practice Koolaidgasm

Everything you need to know about the Pistons open practice


The Truth About Terrence Williams

Didn't it seem weird that we went through 4 draft picks without one combo guard? Doesn't it seem weird that (if only for a moment) our guard line up actually make sense? Have you noticed a lack...

Greg Monroe Hitting Jumpshots


His form is good, he doesn't miss one.... If you're desperate for basketball like me, you'll watch 3 times and then hang your head in shame.

Boston Globe says Ben Wallace wants to play, but thinks return to Pistons is not "likely". H/T Piston Powered


The article is about Grant Hill, but at the bottom it says the following: Veteran center Ben Wallace has indicated that he would like to return to the NBA but it likely won’t be with the Pistons, who have begun a youth movement and plan to go with AndreDrummond, Austin Daye, and Jonas Jerebko as their primary big men. Wallace said he was retiring after last season but changed his mind in July and is looking for a deal . . . I wonder why the source here is a Boston Newspaper, makes me wonder if Ben is shopping there, if this is subterfuge from Joe Dumars, or subterfuge from Ainge and Co.


Panda Tournament 2: Final Four

Thanks to everybody for participating in the prelimnary round of the P.A.N.D.A. Tournament, now we take the ones that people selected and


P.A.N.D.A Tournament 2 - Back To School Edition [closed]

You may have remembered a Pistons Annual New Development & Aquistions from years past. Well It's back! But instead of doing it during March Madness, when there is a whole bunch going on, we are...

List three things you hate about Charlie V...


This article may make you feel about at least one of them. The article is a Langlois piece about Villanueva's boxing regimen. CV says how it's forcing him to improve his footwork, hand speed and conditioning. It's also safe to assume that it should improve his physicality and aggressiveness. It will probably not help his shooting percentage, or erase those horrible memories, but it's something, right?

Orlando wakes up from Dwightmare...Somewhere, Scott Perry's palm meets his face


This is the stupidest trade for everyone not named Orlando though, but at least it's over. But what happens next: Does Dwight resign with the Lakers??? (Probably) Does Pennsylvania native Andrew Bynum resign with the 76ers? Does Orlando keep dealing to get rid of Turkoglu and/or Harrington? Does Denver have to be included in Western Conference contender conversation? Do the Lakers complete a three team deal that gets them Tayshaun Prince and Will Bynum with the Pistons receiving Steve Blake, Draft Picks, Cash, and another point guard? Who Knows?


The Story Has Already Been Written

The cover design has been proofed, the pages typeset, the advance copies printed and shipped. The story has already been written. The next decade of professional basketball is pre-packaged...

Pistons Decline Qualitying Offer to Vernon Macklin


He will still play on the summer league, looks like he has to earn his spot. It'd be funny if he out works Drummond.

Glutton for punishment? Dumars year-end press conference


Here is Dumars and L. Frank doing the season ending press conference. You already know the softball questions they'll be asked, you already know the koolaid answers that they will respond with,... but if you want to watch it, here it is. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 I honestly think they seem more committed to adding some new players, but I honestly thought that last year.


We Already Are The Next Indiana Pacers, As Long As We Don't Screw It Up

The Indiana Pacers are the best story in the playoffs. Yeah, we all love seeing Timmy dominate the Clippers, but who didn't see that coming. Same for Kobe and the Lakers melting down and the C...

"Andre The Unready" declares for the draft


I really hope this guys draft stock sinks, or someone else gambles on him earlier, but I can't shake the fear that we wind up with him. He's from UConn, he's probably a "character" guy, joe will think he's getting a steal and the kool-aid will run syrup-thick about his athleticism and room for growth. Unlike Donuts whose stock fell really low, or Boo-doh who was taken just ahead of us, he seems just right to fall to wherever we're picking. From now until draft day, this is what your nightmares will look like, but hopefully not anytime after that.

CONTROVERSY: Cousins wants to fight Blake Griffin NOW WITH VIDEO


Cousins went on the record before the game saying that the league "babies" Griffin. After the game he went on to pull what I'll call a 'Charlie' Moments after Griffin's late scoring surge helped the Clippers hold on for their seventh win in eight games, Cousins -- who played just 18 minutes because of foul trouble and had to sit down for good with six seconds left -- made it clear he wanted more. He could be seen jawing with Griffin from the team's bench before heading toward the locker room, then pointing toward the tunnel as if to invite him to the worst kind of postgame party. Bravo, Demarcus. Bravo. Edit: Sorry, this is only the video of Cousins fouling out, which Cousins earned a nice fine from the NBA for complaining about. If I get footage of the two fighting I'll try and post it, I know my money is on Boogie because of the crazy factor.


Thoughts about the first One-And-Done National Championship

Now that Kentucky has won a national championship under Calipari, there is going to be craploads of people talking about "What this means for college basketball." Some will argue that Calipari had...


5-Game Win Streaks? BRING THEM TO ME

It is rare when a team has to have the existential discussion tanking discussion before the All-Star break. This years pistons are lucky(?) enough to have a real chance at a top 3 pick, or were...

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