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Joe Lacob's Email to the SF Chronicle

"One final point. There has been a lot of talk in the media regarding intentional losing in order to advantage future draft positioning. That will NEVER happen. Never. We are working very hard every day to change the culture of this organization. This Warriors team works very hard and we are proud of their efforts. We will continue to try to win not only every game, but every single quarter and every single possession. Teaching a team to lose is just NOT an option." And incase you're curious- Here's Steinmetz criticizing Lacob's unwillingness to move one of the core 3 to take a 'temporary' step back - The more I hear from Lacob, the less faith I have he has any clue what he's doing. This is not a junior high team. Talent matters, no level of psychological training is going to turn any of our players in superstar

"My crossover is.... solid" -Obama

"My crossover is.... solid" -Obama

"According to multiple league sources, the two teams had a loose outline of a proposal–neither team...

"According to multiple league sources, the two teams had a loose outline of a proposal–neither team had agreed to anything, but this was the basic heart of the talks: * Minnesota was willing to talk about a package involving F Michael Beasley and C Nikola Pekovic in return for Ellis. The sources say the Warriors didn’t flat out say no to Minnesota, but wanted more. * The GSWs apparently asked to expand the deal to include the Timberwolves’ No. 1 pick in last year’s draft, which was 2nd overall and turned out to be Derrick Williams."

Kawakami article- 2/21 Unsure how this was missed.

Quincy Miller Draft Report

6ft9 SF with a 7ft4 wingspan. He's rising and will be available probably in the 7 range if we hold our pick. Watched some Baylor games, he impresses me more than Perry Jones, and I'm certain Barnes or Kidd-Gilchrist are better. Also, somewhat under radar because of his ACL surgery in december 2010. Seems to be getting better every game, more explosive every game. Could be a huge sleeper because of it, and the long recovery time the knee takes to gain full explosion.

Gary St. Jean on the Drive (95.7)

Calls Lacob a 'student of the game' sigh..

Washington Wizards Should Trade JaVale McGee Washington Wizards Should Trade JaVale McGee

I do think there's a lot of truth in the Wizard's situation being poisonous and a player like McGee doing better with a change and better coaching staff/situation

LeBron James Takes Heat From Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony After Passing Up All-Star Game's Final Shot

Because, I can tell I will love the troll thread which will follow this article :)

Stephen Curry's 'efficient play' highly inflated? Since coming back from injury in his last 13,...

Stephen Curry's 'efficient play' highly inflated? Since coming back from injury in his last 13, he’s had 4 efficient scoring games.- 4 good games- 42-59 shooting, 20 fts, 113 points. 36 assists, 8 turnovers, 28.3 ppg, TS%- .833, 9 apg, 2 TOpg Dubs record- 3-1 Other 9 games- 39- 117 shooting, 8 fts 101 points, 53 assists, 31 turnovers, 11.2 ppg,TS%- .419, 5.9 apg, 3.4 TOpg Dubs record- 3-6 However overall of his 13 games back appears ok- 16.5 ppg, TS%- .568, 6.8 apg, 3 TOpg I'm not sure what it says.... other than despite having 'consistent looking numbers' his play as been anything but consistent --- My opinion is, in too many of those poor games, he checks out or becomes passive. A bad quarter or two effects him too much. As opposed to the top PG's who can have a poor quarter or half, and continue playing aggressive. Eitherway, it's frustrating and somewhat concerning.

Trading Monta for Cap Flexibility?

As far as financial flexibility is concerned, what the deal would do is change the Warriors from a team with about $47 million in commitments to nine players for 2012-13 to one with approximately $36M committed to eight players. With the cap rumored to be in the $61-62 million range for next season, moving Ellis would give the team some meaningful coin to throw around. The problem here is that the team would have a series of holes on their roster and as was the case this summer, there are limited returns if the top-level players end up going elsewhere. -- Did not realize cap would be so high If only we saved that amnesty for Andris...

Pau Gasol: Trade rumors 'out of my hands'

As for the Minnesota deal Gasol referenced, Fox Sports reported Wednesday that the Timberwolves are dangling rookie forward Derrick Williams in an attempt to acquire Gasol. - Can we put an appropriate package to acquire him?

David Lee has not scored a point in the last 2 minutes of a Warriors close game all season.

David Lee has not scored a point in the last 2 minutes of a Warriors close game all season.

Steinmetz on TheGame 95.7 Also goes into Curry not being involved in closing of games either.

Here's my theory..... Andris Biedrins, grew up in Latvia, and you project to be a basketball...

Here's my theory..... Andris Biedrins, grew up in Latvia, and you project to be a basketball player, they put you in basketball academies from 10/11 years old and you get put into that basketball machine, which is a lifestyle, 10-12 hours a day, and then you play professionally at 15 or 16 years old. And then, my point is, he's 25/26 years old and he's burnt out. I think hes disillusioned. He's basically like a woman's tennis player who starts playing when they're 12 years old. I think he's 25 and he might as well be 32 or 33.

Matt Steinmetz on 95.7 The Game Interesting theory. I kind of buy it. He looks so uninterested/unhappy. He looks like someone who is in his 15th year as a pro and doesn't want to play. Later on, discusses front offices legitimate fear, they don't think they can sign Free Agents. Basically what JRidah talks about...

Steinmetz on the Rise guys (95.7 The Game)

Interesting take on Jeremy Lin and the Warriors, the end of OKC game, and Jackson

'The Logo' opens up about Warriors, Super Teams, more

"Listen, this is a huge market. I think it's the culture of a franchise, and ownership up there is going to do what it takes. It's not going to be about the money. It's going to be about spending money wisely and acquiring players. Players will want to play [in Golden State] -- trust me, they will want to play there. "If I were a player, I would love to play there, not only for new ownership but more importantly for the fans. My gosh, what a refreshing place to play. ... You can imagine it if you had one of those real marquee players -- and we've got some good players -- how that player would be held in the highest esteem." Read more:

Why Steph Curry is the Warriors most important player, and why they should heavily consider trading him

Over the years, the constant debate over Steph v. Monta, has been a mainstay of GSoM. Here's my attempt as a fresh perspective on it- We've seen many versions of Monta. The popular 07-08...

Kentucky Freshman Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Excelling in All Areas for Wildcats

Excellent article on why, I'm beginning to believe Kidd-Glilchrist is the #2 prospect in the draft. Add the fact he's really young, and considered most coachable player, a gym rat, and a leader. I really think his true upside is closer to a SF version of Wade or Westbrook than Wallace/Marion. His off ball play goes without saying, his defense goes without saying (holding opponents to 2-18 shooting inside the 3 point line?!). The iso-situational scoring numbers really surprised me. 1.33 points per possession!? He's getting to line nearly 6 times per 36 (excellent for an 18 year old). Not a bad passer. With so many raw tools, already productive play as a young freshman, and all the intangibles scouts and coaches croon over, I think he's a great prospect. and added- Could Michael Kidd Gilchrist Be the Next Derrick Rose? Givony Podcast says Kidd-Gilchrist is second best prospect

Should the Warriors be looking to get into the middle of the first round to draft this guy? He...

Should the Warriors be looking to get into the middle of the first round to draft this guy? He is the best passer I've seen in college in a long, long time. Could have an immediate effect like Rubio is having. A pure PG is rare, and would get Monta/Lee and others so many easy looks. I've been noticing, when Steph takes care of the ball, and effectively moves it, Monta and Lee's effectiveness jump thru the roof. Both have shown to be very efficient scorers when set up (high assist% scoring, synergy spot ups). And both have shown they are not very effective in iso situations. Perhaps the move isn't to dump them, but move Steph for a quality player (position regardless) and find a pure PG, who wil maxmiize them. Especially when you consider the small trade value Monta and Lee have, and considering the value Steph shown on the trade market (CP3) Regardless of position, I'm confident this guy will be one of the most impact-ful players in the draft, and we'll kick ourselves over if we miss on. sidenote- we need a fanshot, not related to Jeremy Lin, so here it is.

Jerry West: Teams shouldn't give in

"I honestly think I'd call their bluff," West said in an interview on 710 ESPN's Mason and Ireland show Thursday, not mentioning Howard specifically. "I really would, because I don't think any agent or player is going to leave $30 million on the table. "If I were an executive on a team where a player says he's going to leave, let him leave," . "It would be better than saddling yourself with a bunch of players that are not going to fit in to what you're trying to do -- high-salaried players, in many cases overpaid players by today's standards, that would burden you going forward."I'd almost rather start over again myself. You're not going to replace that player, but there's an enormous penalty there and it looks like to me like the inmates are running the asylum if you let that happen." ---- Give the logo MORE Power. I am 100% on board.

"Who runs the best practices?"- Henry Abbott "DOn Nelson!"- Al Harrington "Why's that?"-...

"Who runs the best practices?"- Henry Abbott "DOn Nelson!"- Al Harrington "Why's that?"- Abbott "Just cause, it was always scrimmages, throw the ball, and run up and down"- TNMT "Would he yell?"- Abbott "Yeah sometimes. Depends how he was feeling that day. If he had his favorite dog in the world, Lucky with him etc"- TMNT

Got to love Nellie! Al Harrington on NBA Today Also, Darryl Morey on the podcast.

David Thorpe on NBA Today Podcast, Discussing the "royal Jelly" and player development

Henry Abbott speaks with David Thorpe about the "Royal Jelly" theory and how to improve a player on the NBA level. Interesting podcast. Sidenote: Reggie Williams worked with Thorpe before he came to Warriors "Sam Presti asked who are top 3 likely busts in 2008 draft. I said, 1. Anthony Randolph, 2. Maurice Speights ...."

OT, but it needs to be posted.... Ric Bucher actually defending his top 7 NBA player list where he claims Russell Westbrook is top 7, Kevin Durant is not.

His logic: Westbrook does more, Durant just scores. Meanwhile, Kobe is #1 and he refers to Lebron as a very good 'glue guy' I think he's literally insane. Here's his original top 7- This really just baffles me.

Why Gerald Wallace won't sign an extension with Portland

Now, he'll be the target of several suitors, at which point his price may be driven up by a random team (potentially the Warriors, who want to establish a hard-nosed brand) which puts Wallace out of Portland's price range.

Stienmetz (and Kawakami) on TheGame95.7

As usual, critical of Dubs management. And as usual he is right.

Trading for Nicholas Batum? Batum's agent is meeting with the Blazers about an extension- Nicolas...

Trading for Nicholas Batum? Batum's agent is meeting with the Blazers about an extension- Nicolas Batum said that playing time would be the main factor in signing an extension with the Blazers. Batum is averaging 22.9 minutes per game in a reserve role behind Gerald Wallace. The Blazers have until Jan. 25 to sign Batum to an extension. Kevin Pelton recently wrote about the issue of finding more playing time for Batum- If he doesn't sign an extension, Batum will be a restricted free agent. With all the contracts the Blazers have + resigning Wallace and Felton they might not be able to match his contract without going into luxury tax for a back up. Perhaps offering Udoh or Klay (or both) could pry him away. Or perhaps Biedrins (with the uncertainty of Oden and Camby being 38, while eating a few contracts. Batum a proven quality 2way NBA wing, who is only 23. He has versatility to play the 2 thru the 4 depending on match up, and is a player, I think is dying for a bigger role. We have less contraints. Food for thought

Two tickets to Warriors v. Miami Heat.

Two tickets to Warriors v. Miami Heat. Section 105, Row 23, Seats 1 and 2 Face Value- $150 Hi all. I have a work engagement tuesday night and because of it, I wouldn't be able to leave SF till 7:30, meaning I'd likely miss first half of the game I'm willing to give anyone on GSoM these tickets for face value. Not interested in making money, just want a true fan to enjoy the game. Seat 1 and 2 are closest to half court in section 105, and aisle seats (which is nice for a quick trip at time out). Here's a pic from the seats!
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