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Lost in all the talk of Goalies?

For all the talk of how to improve the Smith / Ellis situation and now how to deal with three goalies on the roster, part of me wonders if something more important is being overlooked.Over the past...

Rick Tocchet interviewed on Leafs Lunch


Given there's two sides to every story, Tocchet played his half of "he said, she said" with Darren Dreger on 640 Toronto yesterday. Outcome not terribly surprising, but fair play to Tocchet, he acted as professionally as he could have, given the situation. Downloadable version here.


Taiter's End of Season Awards

Another season is in the books, and the 17th season in Lightning history ended in a disappointing 25th place finish – which is at the very least is sign of continuing "improvement" on the previous...

No longer "Fall for Hall Brawl"?


I'm sure somebody clever than I can up with a suitably clever rhyme for "Seguin" :¬)


Happy Birthday Killer!

Here's to hoping it can be capped off with a strong performance against Kamloops in the WHL Playoffs tonight!  Big talent who impressed at the start of this season, so hoping we see more of him in...


Tweaking the Draft

I was thinking after last nights game how it's a good thing we're losing because it's obvious we're not worthy of making the playoffs, so we might as well "Fall for Hall Brawl" (as John's been...

Given Tocchet's complete inability to coach a hockey team, yet hasn't been sacked, what incriminating photos do you think he has over Brian Lawton?

  1. Cleaning in stockings, a la Freddie Mercury
  2. Cooking in the nude, save for an apron
  3. End result of a bad night of Strip Poker
  4. Drunk and topless in the back of a limo with groupies
  5. Scouting Report detailing the suitability of Tocchet as a Head Coach

Has Tocchet actually done something right this season!?


Raises a good point in the main "article" - Downie's certainly improved since coming over from Philly, and whilst he does appear to have been regressing a bit recently, he's definitely been the kind of player you'd rather have playing FOR you than against. How much is him growing up and how much is down to the coaches is obviously up for debate, but I can believe Tocchet actually helping Downs out


Off-Topic / NHL Rule Question

(Firstly, sorry if posting in the wrong place....) Just quickly after clarification on a rule that's been bugging me for ages (and something I don't see often enough to remember, and so clarify) -...


Special Teams and Face-Offs

Whilst watching the game last night, I was getting increasingly fed-up at our recent complete inability to win the first face-off in either a Power Play, or more importantly a Penalty Kill. Turns...

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