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The Cubs Are Shopping

"The Cubs are letting teams know that nearly everyone but starter Jeff Samardzija is available." anyone interested in Bryan LaHair?

Draft Pick Currency

The Boras contribution: throw out the first-round picks to get more valuable player. The Bucs got Craig Hansen (2005) Bryan Morris (2006) and Tim Alderson (2007) in the past trades. It looks to me like, it is much riskier to get them than other prospects in a trade, cuz the former first rounds have additional "draft pick currency." Any thoughts?

Where D.Lee Lands? Uganda?

(I think this is the most pirates-related title, unless NH would broaden his singing map to central Africa.) Lee with his brother and J-Roll are in Uganda for Right to Play program ( Ugandan team had a chance to play in little league word series for the first African team last summer, but didn't pass the u.s. visa since they don't have birth certifications or something. So , two days ago, the Canadian team headed to their field to play this game, and that's why the major league players are there. I think this is a good story for the baseball nation.

Next step for Pirates is losing with style @ Yahoo Edtorial

Hashtags: #freeagentoverpays, #nutrisystempedro, #sloppy, #cutchagonistes, #atleastourballparkisbeautiful, #happy20th, #hope, #2014getherenow why #toocheap is left?

CAUTION: No SS Prospect in the Bucs System!

I don't know the credit about deepleagues ranking, but by searching through the all minor leagues to find out TOP 50 SS PROSPECTS, could any pirates player make the list?

Robbie Grossman Lead the Whole World in Taking BBs

Grossman walked 3 times yesterday, to get 84 BBs and to surpass the Padre's prospect, Jaff Decker's 83 BBs. And now there is no any other guy on earth this year takes more BBs than him!!!

Taiwan Pitcher Prospect Wei-Chung Wang Not Pass The Physical Examination

The resource comes from Taiwan: The Pirates signed Wang in the early June for a signing bouns about $300K. However, they found he had torn hamstring, and will need Tommy John surgery, so they withdrew the deal. For me, a Taiwanese Bucs fans, this is a sad news. Wang has a better potential than the former 3 players that the Bucs have dropped. Chin-De Chang now is the only one Taiwanese player in the system.

What is this? The ump was too tired and wanna have a all-star vacation asap?


What is this? The ump was too tired and wanna have a all-star vacation asap?

Pirates Sign Two Players From Taiwan

The Pirates have signed catcher Chin-De Chang, described in the linked article as a "slugger," and lefty pitcher Wei-Chung Wang. Let's hope they turn out better than the previous three players the Pirates have signed out of Taiwan, none of whom have done much in rookie ball.

Brandon Phillips' Twitter Story

SALE TEH TWITTER!! Update by Charlie: Joking aside, Brandon Phillips scores major points with me for this.

The education of Pedro Alvarez

A sum-up of el toro performance and THT projection for this year: PA H HR RBI K BB AVG OBP SLG 623 141 29 93 171 60 .254 .326 .474

Is this our Heredia?

Taller than his teammates, velo touches 93mph, but the most impressive thing for me is his first pitch. don't know was it a fastball or breaking ball, but it had so good movement!

Diamond Futures Prospects Ranking

Just another prospect ranking.....and an intriguing one. From #1 to #13: Tallion, Sanchez, Allie, Heredia, Owens, Latimore, Cain, Marte, d'Anaurd, Harrison, Morris, ZVR, and Locke.

Extremely Early CAIRO 2011 MLB Projected Standings

How many wins do you think that NH can keep his job?

Sean Burnett Gets Two-Year Extension

before Hanrahan and Morgan, and Milledge has not found his job. I LOL'd.

Brewers land Z.Greinke

Brewers sent Alcides Escobar, Lorenzo Cain, Jeremy Jeffress, Jake Odorizzi for Greinke, Royals also get rid of Betancourt. This is a huge move. Brewers become a strong contender while Royals' farm gets much deeper. I know it is not the time for Pirates to do this but even without Grenkie and Marcum Pirates still can't beat the Brewers. So I hate this and what FO did this offseason.

Dayton Moore Worst Transactions

from royal reviews I think it is time for the battle of NH's.


Zone Rating 2010

Found this at a redsox forum discussing Crawford's glove, and I arrange the Pirates players' numbers here. I think zone rating is only referred to ranges, while arms are not included, but I am not...

Cubs Shopping Gorzy

Bring him back AGGRESSIVELY!!

Free Agent Arbitration Offers Track

Rockies to offer JDLR arbitration. I am surprised rox offer Dotel too.

Beyond the Box Score Catcher Defense Rankings

Doumit is nothing but awful, but how you guys look Chris Snyder' numbers? Rank 10th in Dback but 115th in PIT. Sample sizes? Or since the passed balls & wild pitches number declines the most, maybe just is not so familiar with new pitchers? any signs?

Japan shortstop is willing to head to MLB

News last month but haven't posted here. It is said that the Chiba Lotte Marines shortstop Tsuyoshi Nishioka is willing to head to MLB and Giants are interested in. The 26-year-old shortstop who had 206 hits this year and won the batting title (stats from Wiki) which looks decent to me. Maybe a good bet like Iwamura for Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2007?


Blue Jay approach to rebuilding

I knew Blue Jays got many prospects from trading Roy Halladay and that is a common way to rebuild team. News is they acquired Miguel Olivo for PTBNL or money and declined his option soon after...

THT'S Top 100 Prospect

15、Pedro Alvarez,3B/1B,MLB(PIT) 18、Jameson Taillon,SP,N/A(PIT) 82、Tony Sanchez,C,Advanced-A(PIT) just missed: Stetson Allie - SP (PIT), Andrew Lambo - OF (PIT), Jose Tabata - OF (PIT)

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