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Just another crazy steeler fan. Never mind me. :) l'm a software engineer in NC so most of the time I just hear panthers stuff. Who btw suck. Been a steelers fan since I was a kid, it has been passed down from my father who was a fan and has been a fan since the 70s. I'm 25, black guy, full of life. Wanna know more just ask! Here we go Steelers Here we go!

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  • NBA Los Angeles Lakers
  • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers
  • NCAAF N.C. State Wolfpack
  • NCAAB N.C. State Wolfpack
  • NHL Carolina Hurricanes
  • MLB Atlanta Braves
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  • Tennis Serena and Venus Williams
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Ziggy Hood Fined

$7,500 for hands to the face. I think this fines are starting to get out of hand. There are flags for a reason. These type of things should not be fined.


Purvis Picks Pack

Today was a huge day for NC State basketball. Rodney Purvis who is a 5 star guard and a consensus top 20 player in the 2012 basketball class committed to NC State today.     This commit does...


Minor changes that are worth considering

Murphy's Law was in full affect yesterday.  There's not much you can take from a game like that.  You just accept it and move on.  I think we as Steelers fans are really spoiled.  In times like...


Ask a Steelers Fan

Its the last game of the preseason! I am thoroughly excited that the preseason is almost over and we can get to some real football.  I know this game is pretty useless for us and most of our...

"The Raiders have selected Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft." Too...

"The Raiders have selected Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft." Too predictable


New Edition to Steeler Nation

No, I'm not talking about the Bengals fan that sold his fanhood to the Steelers but who could blame him?


The NFL Top 100, seriously?

Let me start with a disclaimer. List are not at all important.  The only thing that is important is winning the super bowl.  These are just my observations about the list.  

Owners being Owners

This is why I believe that the owners have the upper hand in lockout negotiations. Its because they can do stuff like this and receive no national backlash for it, but if a player tweets he is relaxing, people pick up their pitchforks.

Osama is dead!

I know this isn't anything Steelers but I feel that this is important enough to post. I know his death won't undo the absolute madness and devastation of 9/11 but it feels good that some justice has been serve to this man. No matter what side of the aisle you stand behind, I think we can all agree; this was something that had to be done and is well past due.


A Free Agency like we've never seen

This year will yield a very new experience for the NFL.  Since 1993 and the inception of "Free Agency"; as us football fans currently experience, teams have been able quench specific positional...


Like we need another mock draft

I love the draft, all the suspense, all the possibilities.  Plus its something to get my mind off of what happened earlier in February.  I love this team, this franchise, and everything it...


Rapid Reports : Super Edition

Cherish this moment my friends.  Cherish it.  That is one thing I have learned from our last Super Bowl appearances.  These moments just don't happen every year, and if you lived long enough,...

Pouncey reveals that he is a Wolverine clone

75% chance he'll play? That number is likely go to up by saturday barring any set backs.


Couldn't have went to a better person. Troy is an all time great.


Keys to the Ravens Game

Looking at the upcoming game against the Ravens, I think we'll see a very different attack from the Ravens.  I haven't written anything in a while due to work but I thought a post on things to...


Rapid Reports Clinching the Playoffs

I never thought a win could scare people as much as I've seen this last win for the Steelers scare a lot of their fans.  There are huge concerns about the offense.  These concerns are...


Rapid Reports, The division is ours for the taking Edition

Nothing makes me happier than beating Baltimore.  Let me restate that, nothing sports related and outside of the winning the Super Bowl, makes me happier than beating Baltimore.  Last week the S...


Rapid Reports Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am very thankful for 7-3  and Jason Campbell who could tell you what Hines field taste like, what kind of fertilizer they use, and when the last time it rained.  I hope...


Rapid Reports A Season on the Brink Edition

Let's not panic, lets not fret.  There are 7 games left in the season.  The steelers were undressed last sunday; blame it on injuries; blame it on fatigue; blame it on coaching.  Either way it...


Rapid Reports: Halfway Full Edition

We're halfway through the season and there are a couple of things that I have noticed.  Tomlin intends to allow Jeff Reed to dictate his value.  All this off-season we heard Reed and his agent...

Troy P. Interview

This is why Troy is my favorite player. Warning he does talk about religion at lot and you may not agree with he says, I do, but I thought I share this with everyone.

Harrison fined $20K for hit on Brees

This is getting kinda out of hand isn't it?


Rapid Reports: Bengal Week! *Updated*

Ask and you shall receive.  You wanted more of these so I will deliver.  After Sunday night's disappointing loss some of us were looking at our terrible towels with despair.  But as with all...


What does the Clemson loss mean?

Hello guys, I know I don't post here often.  But I wanted to get some of your opinions.  Today Clemson lost to Boston College, which is a terrible loss for their program and puts Clemson behind...


Rapid Reports - Shaping the Season Edition

So there are actually some useful rapid reports, right when we are at the pivotal part of the 2010 season.  These next 3 games will determine what kind of team we have.  Its the toughest stretch...


Ziggy Hood Pep talk

Look Mr. Hood.  You are now in a unique position.  A position that is only granted to the few and only taken advantage of by those who can handle it.  Destiny has laid down for you, stretched...


Nothing like a new contract to put you on your A game

I wanted to get away from the James Harrison talks.  It's depressing enough around here for being 4-1 and looking like we could be in for another Super Bowl year.  I would like to talk about...


Rapid Reports: Rise from the Dead Edition

Its been a while.  But Rapid reports are back from the dead.  Much like our beloved steelers.  It seems like so many guys were hitting the dirt that we might need to call up half the practice...


Ask a Steelers Fan

Sunday is 6 days away.  It just feels good to have football back, its like getting a second chance at life.  Well maybe that is a little hyperbole but you get the idea.  Dave Choate already...

Ben met with the Commissioner this morning. As I reported, that meeting is over. 4 game suspension.

Ben met with the Commissioner this morning. As I reported, that meeting is over. 4 game suspension.
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