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I'm Tara and I'm one of the biggest Twins and Wild fans you'll ever meet.

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Bouchard suspended for two games


Russo confirms that Butch will be suspended for two games. Honestly, I don't see how they got to this ruling. I know they had other angles of the video, but it still baffles me. He'll be back in time to play the Oilers on the 13th.

Video of PMB's "high stick" to Calvert


Around the 1:30-1:35 mark of the video, you can see Calvert clearly lift PMB's stick into his own face. Absolutely no reason for Bouchard to get suspended when Calvert self-inflicted his own injury. Hoping the league gets it right.

Justin Morneau to have two surgeries tomorrow.


One surgery is on his right foot that is a "clean up" surgery. The other surgery is on his left knee to get rid of a cyst. This is the first I've heard of either injury. It's too bad, since he can't catch a break injury-wise. Other link:!/RhettBollinger/status/115550078739025920

Trading Liriano is not just crazy talk


Joe C reports that trading Liriano could be a possibility. "One thing is clear: The Twins don't plan to sign him long term."

Gardy and Nishioka before the introductory press conference


in the "sluggies" Justin Morneau gave out for Christmas. Click the yfrog link to see the picture. Pretty funny.

Morneau taking BP


Justin Morneau is taking early BP with the team at Target Field right now. Good news for Morneau and the Twins.

John Madden talks Hawaii, Wild, and Blackhawks


Kevin Falness catches up with John Madden to talk about joining the Minnesota Wild.

Wild sign John Madden


With this signing, what are the probable line combos? Madden would be either the 3rd or 4th line center, correct?

Ramos straight up for Capps?


In my opinion, the Twins overpaid.

Duensing to start Friday night


Blackburn is moving to the bullpen for the mean time.

It's Slama time!


Anthony Slama's contract has been purchased by the Twins. Alex Burnett was optioned to Rochester.

Morneau to DL/Manship recalled.


Morneau goes on the DL with Jeff Manship being called up to take his roster spot.

Twins offering Ramos & Slowey for Cliff Lee?


ESPN's Buster Olney was on Baseball Tonight and said the Twins have an offer of Ramos & Slowey on the table for Cliff Lee.

Yahoo Sports' review of Target Field


David Brown of the MLB blog Big League Stew featured on Yahoo Sports, was at Target Field this past weekend and wrote a review based on his experience. I think it's a pretty fair review of TF except for the dislikes, which were pretty weak in my opinion. Do you agree?


Favorite piece of hockey memorabilia

Today I was cleaning my room and closet and found some of my Wild memorabilia that I hadn't seen in a while. It got me thinking about what my favorite piece of hockey memorabilia is. I never played...

Thrashers prospect Patrice Cormier charged with assault


Thrashers prospect Patrice Cormier is charged with assault because of his nasty hit back in January. I am glad he is getting punished for his actions... that hit was totally unnecessary.

Stephane Veilleux's injury causes NHLPA to file a grievance against the Tampa Bay Lightning


NHLPA is going to file a grievance against the Lightning because of an injury to former Wild player Stephane Veilleux. It's truly an unfortunate situation for Veilleux. He's a good guy.


Josh Harding's future

While browsing through articles on the Bleacher Report, I came across this article about the Wild (the second half of the article is about the Timberwolves). Wild GM Chuck Fletcher has already...


Hamhuis could go to Wild?

  This is my first fanpost/fanshot on HW so take it easy on me ;) According to ESPN insider rumor central (I don't have the subscription so I can't read the whole article), the Wild may sign Dan...

Wilson Ramos on his way to Cleveland


Mauer has a bruised left heel and will not play tonight in Cleveland. I don't know about you but I am pretty excited to see Wilson Ramos. I hope he gets to play.

Yahoo! Sports' answer man interview with Joe Mauer


Joe talks about music, the 1987 Twins, and more.

Unwarranted Interstate 35 Trade Speculation


Interesting trade scenario between the Twins and Royals. What do you think?


Twins April Fools Joke

  Ah April Fools Day. A day full of good natured jokes and pranks. I was not only pranked today, but it was a Minnesota Twins joke. Here's a little backround information you need to know about me...


Twins have the best lineup in baseball according to Buster Olney.

FYI: This is my first FanPost/Fanshot on Twinkie Town so bare with me. With Opening Day less than one week away, Twins fans are feeling the excitement surrounding this ball club. With that in mind,...

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