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WR Class Puzzling but Filled with Potential

I have spent my morning going over film for this WR class and there is a lot to like. I've read reports from analysts stating that there will be a run of WRs drafted starting in the early 2nd...


Pregame Speech for 12s

There was a lot of uncertainty heading into the offseason. We had some key free agents in Lynch, Bryant and Hawthorne. We still had Jackson as our QB. We re-signed Lynch and Bryant on March 5th and...


Potential Trade Partners in 1st round

Well draft day is tomorrow. Who will be the next Seahawk is still up in the air. Will it be Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram, Stephon Gilmore, or someone completely out of left field? Time will...


DE a Lock With Pick 12? Not Necessarily

With free agency in full swing and with Jason Jones and Matt Flynn signed, I wanted to take another look at the draft and possible alternate strategies we may want to consider. I have been...


NFL Combine - Seahawk Style

I watched the NFL combine very closely for two of Seattle's biggest needs, linebacker and defensive line. I don't want to break that down further to OLB and DE, because there are options that I...

Mock Draft #2 w/trades 4 rounds

Ok fans, I'm running through a 4 round mock for the first time. There will be moves and trades I'm sure some won't like, but I'll give reasons for those trades. I'll give some reasoning for 1st...

2012 Mock Draft w/Trades

I'll give some reasoning for the picks I make, trading is always part of drafts every year and will list below the round on what the trade was. Here we go. 1. Colts - Andrew Luck - QB - Stanford -...


Free Agents vs. NFL Draft - Wide Receivers

In the first article of this series I looked at free agents and draft hopefulls at defensive end. This time I'm going to take a closer look into wide receivers. It can be argued that we don't...


Free Agents vs. NFL Draft - Defensive End

I've seen a lot of posts suggesting that doing mock drafts and discussing what position of need should be 'targets' is ridiculous because free agency is before the draft and who knows what signings...


College Players to Watch - Seahawk Perspective Vol 2

DK Edit: Another great FanPost from TarryHawk. Have a look... Ok readers, you asked for it and here you are. I'm going to look at a few names to watch for while you are drinking beer and eating...


College Players to Watch - Seahawk Perspective Vol 1

DK Edit: Great fanpost here profiling some college cornerbacks to keep an eye on. Give it a read... Ok readers, I'm going to try something new. I'm going to write on some college players based on...


Supplimental Draft Is it worth it? How it works.

  I'm sure we've all seen and likely kept up to date on whether or not Pryor would be allowed to partake in the supplimental draft.  Well that ruling is done but until today I really had no idea...


Did the teams in the NFC west get better or worse?

I wanted to take a closer look at the worst division in the NFL from last year and see if the teams improved enough to matter in the NFC.  I'm going to start from the bottom and head up. Arizona...


Raptors Best Option? Trade Down.

So what is the Raptors greatest need?  An arguement can be made for PG, C and SF.  There are many interesting names that will be there at 5 and if the Raptors think PG is their biggest need and...

Seattle's Best Option for 1st Round Pick? None?

Pete Carroll after last year's draft said that he had outlined his draft as such so that if the player he was targeting (Earl Thomas) was not available with the 2nd 1st round pick, he would have...

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