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I'm learning to like fuglsang more and more


He is candid and honest and the fact he fell out with bruyneel so spectacularly makes him more likeable! He is not someone i have really followed, until now...

Ashendon comprehensively takes Liggets interview on SA radio apart.


A very good read and in case you hadn't seen the video the latest inrng blog covers it nicely: Has Ligget finally lost it or his getting kickbacks?

So Andy's doing the vuelta then


I can't help but think that this is a blessing in disguise. He is more suited to it and a Contador vs Schleck showdown should be good to watch. Maybe he'll do a Wiggins!

Another winner with a tragic backstory


As with Iljo Keisse at the Tour of Turkey todays Giro win was another story of comeback from the abyss. Puts the emotions you can see in his face as he crosses the line into perspective. Inrng posted the other day about how many winners appear relieved as they cross the line and there is a mixture of relief, joy and disbelief on Amador's face as he crosses the line.

Hmmm, Brad the doper? I'm not so sure...


Anyone else find this guy a little odious? He seems to be connecting dots that don't exist. So his theory is that Brad is doping this year because he is training in Tenerife and you only go to Tenerife for the doping. Not for the warm weather and great climbing. Perhaps he has not considered that brad raced a heavy schedule before his 4th place finish in 2009 and did not do the camps he is doing this year, and that he has always been vocally anti-doping and raced on reputably clean teams for the past 3 years.

A must read article on Iljo Keisse


A well written and touching background story about why his victory at the Tour of Turkey means so much.

I feel bad that this elicited an excited 'ooooohhhhhhh'!


There was a sharp intake of breath too. Is it bad that i am excited about the prospect of a wet Paris-Roubaix? I have been a proper fan for a few years now but never watched a wet P-R live.

Super Mario doing what he does best.


Giving lots of advice to the womens MCippollini team. The whole gallery is full of great photos of him advising the team.

You've all already read it but lets get some comments here...


Bit of a turnaround for my second favourite cycling blog. Last year it was a resounding no from INRNG but Wiggins has been performing solidly with a clear head, strong legs and a supportive team so what the hell. I reckon he can win the tour and for the good of my homeland, and VDS team, i hope he does. Lets speculate!

Greipel wins in Oman, can he win MSR?


As we all know MSR is a big aim for Cav this year, and Greipel seems to have settled in very well to the Lotto set-up and is winning all over that place atm. Following his win today where liquigas pushed it on the uphill to remove the pure sprinters only to have Greipel win the stage is he to be considered for MSR? It is the 'sprinters classic' after all and it seems he has shown that he can climb as well as sprint formidably. Or does Cav's early season form and strong support give him enough advantage to win again? Gotta love speculation!

A frozen 'cross ride from this last weekend. As you may be aware we have had siberian conditions...


A frozen 'cross ride from this last weekend. As you may be aware we have had siberian conditions here in the UK with a low of -14 degrees centigrade here on saturday morning. It was a beautiful sunny morning so i layered up and set off for a snowy 'cross ride along a roman road. I checked the thermometer when i got back to find it had been -10 throughout the ride! I had a lot of fun though and the views were spectacular.

De Vlaeminck burns Albert


Anyone else think that De Vlaeminck sounds like a bit of a grumpy old man? It all sounds a bit rude to me.


Vaughters predicting Van Summeren's Paris-Roubaix win

Just came across his little gem in an interview with JV from late in 2009, i'm sure many of you have read it but i managed to miss it."JV: Right. So we hired...

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