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tcyoung Wrote Something About Overbay/Francisco/1st Base


Apologies for the lack of customization/use of MLBlogs, but my other site is down, and I created this site today. Although, it would be kind of fun to upstage Brewer Nation on the Brewers mlblogs hits board.

RRR Named to All-Star Coaching Staff by TLR


Well, isn't that nice?

Gomey's going on the DL


He'll be 15 day-ing it with a hamstring strain.

Josh Hamilton Relapses


I'm not saying that Narron is out of Hamilton's life yet, but he was recently signed on to be the Brewers hitting coach, and Hamilton has reportedly been seen drinking in a bar. It's been well documented that Hamilton is battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol. It's an addiction where the alcohol leads to drugs, and it's not his first relapse. Best of luck to Josh as he continues working to get better. And from a purely baseball side of things, it could be interesting to see if this affects his contract extension negotiations with Texas

Mat Gamel Gets Goaded Into Saying He's In the Best Shape Of His Life


BSOHL!!!!!!! But is he really in the BSOHL? Judge for yourself... by his voice.


What Happened to Nyjer Morgan: Revisited

  When the Milwaukee Brewers acquired Nyjer Morgan from the Washington Nationals for single-A outfielder, Cutter Dykstra, Morgan was coming off of a down year in which he was branded as a...

Nyjer's correspondent piece for Jim Rome Is Burning


It's worth watching, just to listen to Braddock talk in an Arnold voice.

Rosiak talks to KRod


Finally some quotes from the man himself. Here is one good quote : "That's something very interesting," he said of his possible role with the Brewers. "I've been a closer my whole career. My mind's built as a closer. But we've got a good closer here, too. How it's going to play out, that's up to the manager. I have to be ready when the phone rings in the pen, and they call my name. That's it." Here's one bleh quote: Rodriguez was then asked if not having a defined role as the closer was made any easier by the fact he's joining a team in the hunt for a playoff spot. "I don't know what to tell you," he said. "Like I said, I've always been a closer. But as long as I come in and can help this ballclub win, that's the bottom line. I just want to win. I just want to compete day in, day out, every night, and that's it. That's pretty much what I want to do." Rodriguez also said he harbors no ill will toward the Mets for trading him.

Yuni B is a Type B player at this point.


Does Yuniesky actually hold some value in a package for a shortstop? Discuss.


Starting A Meme, the McCutchen Edition

  OK, so this has been done before, specifically over at Lookout Landing with a current Milwaukee Brewer.  But, let's try it for ourselves with Pirates' center fielder, Andrew McCutchen...

While we're posting Nyjer interviews


This is from the other night. Yes, his laugh is incredible... so the fact that his voice almost sounds Canadian..

Almonte and Reed make Opening Day Roster


Erick Almonte and Jeremy Reed have made the Opening Day roster. Cruz cleared waivers and will start the season in Nashville.


What Happened to Nyjer Morgan?

From 2007-2009, Nyjer Morgan was a pretty valuable player.  OK, he wasn’t valuable in the Ryan Braun or Zack Greinke sense of the word, but he got the job done.  He played good defense, he hit...

Gallardo Robbed at Gunpoint


It happened at Jalisco's. Gallardo was with a brewers employee, who was pistol whipped. The robber got away with money and jewelry.

New Corey Hart Rumor - Braves


Peter Gammons heard the latest Hart-to-Braves rumor. Mike Minor, come on down. I'd be very happy with this return.



Heether was apparently claimed by the A's.

McGehee Moves To 5th In Lineup, Ahead Of Edmonds


Rickie Weeks 2B Carlos Gomez CF Ryan Braun LF Prince Fielder 1B Casey McGehee 3B Jim Edmonds RF Gregg Zaun C Alcides Escobar SS Dave Bush RHP


A Look Ahead: 2011 Roster Construction

  Now that the 2010 beginning-of-season-payroll is essentially set at $85 million, I asked myself a question. Is it too early to start looking at the 2011 roster? I mean, the 2010 roster...

Brewers Already Hit 1 Million Ticket Mark.


The Brewers reached the mark at the second earliest date ever. Second to last year. I wasn't expecting this, as I figured last year's early milestone was simply a product of the playoffs, and it wouldn't be repeated.

Brewers Demand Fee for Bar Shuttles


"Brewers' spokesman Tyler Barnes said the $300 fee was imposed because of safety concerns related to the intersection of W. Blue Mound Road and N. Story Parkway and the drop-off point near the home plate area. Those concerns include pedestrian traffic and shuttle activity." This reasoning doesn't add up to me. How is a Bus going through this intersection any more dangerous than a car? If the problem is pedestrians, then extra police staffing at the intersections would be needed regardless of how many buses are using it. This looks like a way to make money off of the people who aren't paying for parking.

More Brewers Interviews (Braun, Hart, Randolph)


I haven't listened to them yet, but I bet the Randolph one is the most interesting.

Cardinals, Cubs, Dodgers also monitoring Mulder


Looks like Mulder signing with the Brewers keeps becoming less of a sure thing every day. I still think we get him because of Peterson, but I bet the price is going up.

Brewers discussed Corey Hart for Derek Lowe


"The Braves' most extensive discussions concerning Lowe have been with the Brewers about a trade for outfielder Corey Hart, according to one source. But the Brewers are not sure they would want Lowe even if the Braves included significant money in the deal, another source says."

Got this in the mail today from my Season Ticket Account Exec. "Tim - I wanted to thank you for...


Got this in the mail today from my Season Ticket Account Exec. "Tim - I wanted to thank you for renewing again this year. Your continued support is very important & much appreciated. Keep in touch and let me know if you need anything else. Go Brewers! Chris P.S. If you know anybody else interested in a ticket plan, please let me know."

Melvin: "We are going to consider [Lucroy] as a candidate


In this interview, I really got the feeling that Lucroy and Rivera will be the catchers next season. That would leave all of the money to be spent on Counsell, 1 bench spot, and Free Agent Starting Pitchers. He also notes that Gomez has a plus arm, rated a 60 on the 20-80 scale.

Brewers Hire Rick Peterson to Be New Pitching Coach


2 year deal, as per Adam McCalvy

2010 Ticket Prices Released


Most sections went up by a $1 or $2. Club, Bleacher, and Bernie's Terrace prices remained the same. Based on last year's timelin, 9-Pack info should be released in the next week or two. If you wish to renew your season tickets, you must do so by November 20.

Lopez Sneaks His Way Into Type A Free Agent Territory


This may be old news, but I hadn't seen it posted anywhere else.

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