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Woulda Coulda Shoulda


Yes, the Rays once chose Elliot Johnson for the 40 man roster over Josh Hamilton.

Expect The Unexpected


What can Rays fans expect in May without Evan Longoria?

The Importance of Winning the Division


Toby David talks about the importance of high expectations.

David Price Of The Baltimore Orioles?


Hindsight is said to be 20/20. But even with the benefit of hindsight, some decisions still aren't crystal clear. Lets get this straight ahead of time. David Price has been a huge part of the Rays...

Catching Grief


The Rays backup catching situation is extremely thin on experience. Toby David takes a look at a potential trade target.


Have a question for Andrew Friedman?

We're going to have Andrew Friedman on our radio show (The King David Show) tomorrow at 2:15pm.  If you have any questions you'd like to have answered, feel free to leave them here, and I'll try to...


Napoli being targeted by the Rays?

Looks like AF is a busy man...   While the Rays are rumored to be talking with Johnny Damon and Vladimir Guerrero to fill their void at designated hitter, they also are targeting the Angels' Mike...


Manny heading to the Angels?

I hope this isnt true, as Manny would be a nice fit for the Rays...   But...


Sickels Top 20 Rays Prospects...

Nice to see Hellickson rated the top RHP prospect in the minors and Moore the top LHP not named Aroldis. A lot of high grades thrown out there.  This system is still top of the line, and with all...


Velocity for Benoit....

I've seen many people asking, and I know I've been wondering..."Who cares about ST results, how's Benoit's velocity?"  Finally we have some semblance of an answer per Jayson Stark: h...


Draysbay on

  Here's the link, although it is Insider:   In 2008, Garza had a group of starts that would have been labeled “tremendously tremendous.” He...


Carlos Delgado an option?

Was wondering what everyone's thoughts were on trying to sign Carlos Delgado to a low cost contract to be the team's platoon DH.  Over the past 3 season's his slash line is 266/363/507 against...


What would you give up for Adrian Gonzalez?

Based on these quotes it appears he will be traded at some point this season: Padres CEO Jeff Moorad stated the obvious yesterday regarding first baseman Adrian Gonzalez.  Tim Sullivan of the San...


Cameron to play CF, Ellsbury to LF.... Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona informed Jacoby Ellsbury recently that he will be playing left field, with newcomer Mike Cameron in...


John Manuel: Jennings more consistent then BJ Upton...

In ranking Desmond the #4 prospect overall: "Why he’s here: Once he stayed healthy for a full season, Jennings showed true five-tool talent. He has size, speed, strength, explosiveness and skills. ...


Sean Rodriguez's past 608 AB's

I found this over at Halo's Heaven, and it got me pretty excited.  I understand he played in an offensive league/ballpark, but these numbers are sick, especially for a super utility guy. I...


More proof Steve Phillips sucks...

I was perousing and stumbled across an article by Steve Phillips discussing the trade deadline, and what teams wer still in the AL hunt.  Well, unfortunatelty, I have some bad news for...


CC trade rumors...

  I have no idea how reputable this person is, or his blog..... But he is speculating that Andrew Friedman and Brian Sabean have been involved in some serious trade talks involving Carlos Pena...


Kazmir sharp in AAA start....

  Per the SpTimes: Scott Kazmir pitched an efficient six innings for Triple-A Durham in his second rehab start, allowing one run on five hits, striking out five and walking none. Kazmir, on the...


MLB screws Rays in Bay trade?

Per Peter Gammons- I understand what Scott Boras says about Pedro Alvarez not signing an "illegal" contract, but if he takes the $6 million and MLB goes forward and enforces deadlines in the...


RaysIndex bad mouthing DRaysBay...

Scroll down to Devil Rays Webtopia(not sure why th Devil is there), and they decided to make fun of the posters here for timing runners to first base Saturday night.  Personally, I dont have a...


Great insight on Price's AAA start...

Follow the link below to get a detailed description of Price's first AAA outing.  SOunds btter then his line indicated in my opinion.  Sounds like a lot of balls found the holes, and he wasnt...


Crucial weekend series....

The Rays have 4 games this weekend against the worst team in baseball.  It is never easy to travel all the way across the country.  If this team can win 3 of 4, we may be able to put some more room...


Unbelievable brawl...

In the minor league's between Peoria and Dayton.  Follow the link and watch the video.  Check out the idiot the chcuks a ball at the opposing team from close range.  Apparently it ricochet'ed into...


Rays must add a bat...

This isn't a reactionary post based on the past few games.  The Rays are average to slightly above average when it comes to scoring runs.  The only reason for the team's success this season has...


Red Sox considering Bonds....

Last not during ESPN's telecast of the Sox/Yanks game, Peter Gammons mentioned that the Sox had internal discussions about the possibility of signing Bonds.  He said he didnt know how likely it...


Red Sux fans are insane.....

I went to the game last night, and I gotta say it was unbelievable.  Probably a 70/30 split for Rays fans.  Everyone knows that there are bad fans for every team, but Red Sox fans absolutely...


If Percy goes on the DL....

Percy has to go on the DL now.  I used to pitch, and could see he has been favoring his hamstring on his follow through.  These could lead to a ton of problems if he continues to pitch...namely,...

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