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The 2011 Recruiting Class: Where Are They Now?

Louisville basketball fans had a lot to be excited about in the summer of 2011, looking forward to a preseason top 10 team featuring a premier incoming recruiting class as indicated by ...

Rise And Repeat

Just six months ago, the Louisville fanbase lost its collective mind as the nets came down in Atlanta following their Cardinals' first basketball title since 1986. Not quite immediately, but...

A Slightly Less Knee-jerk Reaction To Individual Performances After Second Red/White Game

I was very quick to issue an opinionated summary of the first Red/White "don't call it a's a game" scrimmage. After this past Sunday's event, I took a couple of extra days to let it...

A Completely Knee-jerk Reaction To Individual Performances In First Red/White Game

With one day of practice behind the 2012-2013 Cardinal basketball team, I didn't expect a thing of beauty in tonight's Red/White "it's not a scrimmage, it's a game" scrimmage. I'm glad I set low...


Rozier wins MVP, Chicken wins hearts at Derby Festival Classic

A crowd announced at over 6,700 fans at Freedom Hall got an indepth look at incoming Louisville commit Terry Rozier on Friday night. Rozier led his White team to a 130-127 victory over the...


Cardinals' 2012 Adversity is a 2013 Advantage

Despite multiple injuries, a pair of head-scratching slumps, and increasing concern whether Rick Pitino still "has it," the Louisville Cardinals made a surprising run to the Final Four. With lofty...

Cosmopolitan Thinks Kyle Kuric Is Hot


First, we get Sexy Bullet. Now, we get Kute King.

New Terry Rozier Highlight Video


New highlight video for 2012 Louisville commit Terry Rozier. Just posted today. I think he brings some skill to the table.


Louisville: The Average Free-Throw Shooting Team That Is Rarely Average

We are a good free throw shooting team. We are a bad free throw shooting team. We actually are both. With a season FT% of just over 68%, it would appear we're a very average free throw shooting...


Andy Glockner calls Louisville top 10 program all-time, says fans have inferiority complex

Andy Glockner is a college basketball writer for And, he's a frequent tweeter who apparently likes to get attention from fanbases. I mean, why else do people tweet, right? You may need a...


Nunez "preparing himself to play."

From the Courier-Journal: U of L freshman Angel Nunez is using his time on the bench wisely. The 6-foot-7 forward out of Notre Dame Prep had appeared in only seven games entering Saturday night’s...


8 Simple Truths for Watching Louisville Basketball

I remember in late-October a lot of us suggesting the Cardinals could carry an unbeaten non-conference record into Rupp on New Year's Eve. Then, over the next several weeks, the team took punch...

Sports injuries: When players get hurt, is it just bad luck?


Interesting article of a two-part series questioning the line between bad luck and overtraining. Louisville injuries were the motive for the article (written before the Marra injury).

Local recruit Willis disappointed in scrimmage attendance.


Derek Willis is a consensus top 50, 4-star prospect in the class of 2013 and currently ranked as high as 23rd by Rivals. Check out the link to what he told Jody Demling. I believe his disappointment in Friday's scrimmage attendance is newsworthy, mostly because he's a local prospect. Moreso than with football, if our basketball program cannot land 4-star or 5-star talent in its own "back yard," it's discouraging. The jury is out on where Willis will go, but it should be noted that UL fans filling the Yum! only halfway on Friday night struck a chord with him. He has grown up around this fanbase and clearly expected more. Honestly, so did I. I don't think this ultimately affects his decision. But, I definitely think it's a commentary on what stands out to recruits, as well as to what their perception and expectation of our fanbase is.

Just got lower level tickets for Friday. Should be plenty left. Don't be chicken. Get to the...


Just got lower level tickets for Friday. Should be plenty left. Don't be chicken. Get to the bucket.


Why I'm a Cards fan.

I’ve often been asked why I’m a Louisville fan. I mean, we live in a city where it’s perfectly acceptable to bleed wholeheartedly blue, right? And, the truth is – admittedly – that I spent my...

Insights from Sunday's practice from Terry Meiners


Terry Meiners attended Sunday's men's basketball practice and provided some insights via his twitter feed. Hit the link for newest tweets. At the time of this post, the following are his comments: Got to see Kyle Kuric's head above the rim twice last night. Hops are better than ever and he's got new hot spots on the floor. #gocards Blackshear and Ware will be here. No worries. Great to hear Pitino father and son finish each other's sentences in practice. #gocards Henderson & Jackson laboring like dock workers. Love to see it. Marra showing some leadership. Siva is a warrior and will ride herd again. Guess who's making free throws? SVT, that's who. Hancock Helper? Russ's jumper is strong. Zach getting stronger; fighting hard to improve. Chris and Kyle are lighting it up and Dieng is POWERFUL. Loved seeing Behanan gel with the upperclassmen. Angel has range; learning D. With Rak & Swop on the sidelines, First 5 were Dieng, Siva, Chris, Kyle, and Chane. Siva was scrapping for balls like he was in MSG in March Watched UofL's first scrimmage in the special summer session last night. Chane Behanan is a delightful surprise. A multi-dimensional threat Specifically, I like the point about Blackshear and Ware, given our recent concern.

Need another reason why Charlie Strong is awesome?


As if we need more reasons to love Charlie Strong, he provides us another with his involvement in the Down Syndrome of Louisville Pro Celebrity Golf Tournament. The awesome part is knowing how intense he is on the football field, and how compassioned he is in this environment. Golf balls everywhere are breathing easier. Charlie says he's not a golfer.

UCF has Ledo's interest


Not much to say. Just a bit interesting.


Has recruiting been that bad?

We've all heard that "perception is reality".  In the case of basketball recruiting over the past several years, there seems be a strong contingent of CC posters who "perceive" that it's been...

Kevin Ware reportedly backs out of UCF commitment


It's being reported that Kevin Ware has decommitted from UCF, calling Georgia and Louisville his frontrunners. In related news, Kevin has turned to Brett Favre for advice.


U of L appealing NCAA ruling against Puerto Rico trip

I saw the following in the CJ on Sunday.  The Cardinals are still awaiting an NCAA ruling that they hope would allow the team to play exhibition games in Puerto Rico. Coach Rick Pitino said...


Perspective 101

There are a couple of definitions I'd like to share.  Fan: An ardent devotee; an enthusiast Success: The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted Why do I share these...


The Journey Continues

Last May, my wife and I treated ourselves with a trip to Hawaii as a 15th anniversary present.  We spent several days on the island of Maui and began our stay there by driving the "Road to Hana". ...

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