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Dwight Howard impact importance in wins


Scoll Down.... Just imagine what he could do with CP3....

CP3 is making Melo better


In Team USA's tune-up against Brazil, for instance, Anthony spent the first 10 seconds of an early possession fighting for position 18 feet from the hoop, something he does quite a bit in New York. Kobe Bryant couldn’t find an angle to get him the ball though, and swung the ball back up top to Chris Paul. Then Paul retreated a bit and ... flipped the script. He called Anthony over and directed him to act like a power forward, setting a screen in a high pick-and-roll. After hesitating initially, as though surprised to find out he was the big man in charge of ball screens, Anthony eventually rumbled over to Paul, dislodged Paul’s defender, then slipped down the middle of the paint where, of course, a lovely pass from Paul was waiting for him. Anthony caught the ball and -- superstar offensive player that he is -- instantly noted the defense was badly distorted and slipped a pass to LeBron James racing in along the baseline. Dunk. That’s Carmelo Anthony as a hyper-skilled power forward. That's how Anthony can be a major part of a great team.

Video--Talor Battle: Family First


BubbyBattle speaks on the importance of family as his Senior Night approaches. This guy was very impressive during Summer league, hopefully he gets a training camp invite...

Forbes: What Is A Realistic Trade The Lakers Can Make To Get Dwight Howard?


First and foremost, most trades in the NBA are suggested and mediated by agents. Agents are significantly more incentivized than GMs to make sure their clients are playing on a team where they are both happy and in a position to make more money when free agency rolls around. More often than not, an agent will approach a GM of Team X with something like, "Player A doesn’t fit into your current system here, or with the direction your team is heading. He’s not happy, and this isn’t working. Destination Y might make a lot of sense for him, and they have some pieces you would want." This agent would then pick up the phone and call the GM of Y. "Hey GM of Y, I just got off the phone with GM of X. They’re open to moving my client, Player A, to your team. I was thinking that you could give back Players B, C, and a future second round pick. What do you say?" And so on and so forth until the general structure of a deal is hammered out.

If Dwight Howard will play for Lakers, why not Clippers, Bulls or Thunder?


If Dwight Howard will play for Lakers, why not Clippers, Bulls or Thunder? Mike Bianchi, SPORTS COMMENTARY July 20, 2012

The LA Clippers Need to Chase Dwight Howard


Enter, Clippers. Just like last offseason when the Clippers stole Chris Paul from under the Lakers nose, they need to swoop in and land Dwight Howard. They recently waived Ryan Gomes and his $4 million salary, allowing the team to absorb another contract in a potential deal with the Magic, providing Orlando with some cap flexibility as well as talented, young players in return. The combination of DeAndre Jordan (2012-'13 salary: $10.5 million), Caron Butler ($8 million), Eric Bledsoe ($1.7 million) plus two future first round draft picks would be enough to absorb Dwight Howard's $19.5 million salary as well as Jason Richardson's remaining three years on his contract ($6 million per).

Chris Paul: 7/11


Chris Paul: 7/11 LA Clippers & Team USA guard Chris Paul joins the show to discuss Kobe Bryant's comments that this squad could beat the Dream Team. Does he still think about joining Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks?

Could Lin be a concession trade piece for CP3?


Alan Hahn CP3-to-NY has low odds right now. For one, he has big payday awaiting after this season, which is why he declined extension with LAC and everyone in the NBA knows that. Of course we also know not to trust any of these star free agents know what they want from one season to the next. And, yes, he and Melo are very close. Second, here comes the cold water, teams over luxury tax apron can not execute a sign-and-trade for a free agent, which means Knicks may not be able to pull it off next summer. But hypothetically, if CP tells Clips at trade deadline he isn't re-signing, Knicks could have a valuable piece in Lin to offer in package for CP3. Lin would have to consent to trade, but still, having Lin as an asset -- again, hypothetically speaking here -- gives you a chance if your heart is really set on CP.

Chauncey Billups: 7/12


Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chancey Billups agrees with Mike Lupica that the Knicks amnestied the wrong guy last season.

Podcast: How Rob Hennigan should now handle Dwight Howard


By Chris Sheridan July 14, 2012 at 10:45 AM OK, so new Magic GM Rob Hennigan couldn’t get a deal done with the Nets for Dwight Howard. Now what? Well, Hennigan can’t allow himself to be consumed by his desire to trade Howard. His team is one of two that still doesn’t have a coach for next season. And Orlando just hosted a summer league, where players needed to be evaluated. But at some point, Hennigan does have to trade Howard. And in an interview Friday with Craig Shemon of Yahoo Sports Radio, Sheridan Hoops deputy editor and columnist Chris Bernucca laid out what Hennigan’s approach should be. In a wide-ranging conversation, Bernucca also discussed how the current Olympic Team would fare against the original Dream Team, the Clippers’ decision to shelve newly minted Blake Griffin and whether the looming supertax will make superteams a fleeting trend. Click on the link to listen.



Eric Patten | 7/13/12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- While three members of the Clippers' 13-man 2012 Summer League roster were with the team last season, including breakout playoff performer Eric Bledsoe, a number of other players may be a little less familiar to fans. Here's some information about each of the players to help you get to know them.

Clippers relieved Blake Griffin is expected to be ready for camp


Coach Vinny Del Negro says the most important thing is that the All-Star power forward will be ready for training camp after having surgery to repair a torn medial meniscus in his left knee.

Al-Farouq Aminu is Heading to the Olympics!


Posted by Joe Gerrity The final line from Aminu was 14 points, 7 boards, 5 blocks, and at least a couple of assists (the box score won’t show up for me). He a couple more great defensive plays that won’t show up on the box score, but make no mistake– they happened!

ClipperBlog--Jamal Crawford: The Symbol of the 2012 Offseason


Posted by D.J. Foster on July 8, 2012 And that’s really the problem. The Clippers are only acting as an elite franchise, operating the way they think an elite franchise does, getting the players they think the elite franchises want. But you know what elite franchises also do? They hire the best coach available, and if they don’t, they sure as hell don’t stick the placeholder coach in the front office to make decisions. They pay their employees YEARLY salaries. They don’t hold fake searches for a new GM. They hire an actual GM, and a scouting department, and an analytics crew and empower those people to make basketball decisions so the part time real estate mogul, part time heckler and professional accountant don’t have to. They use leverage and they seize opportunities to get better. They identify needs — not wants — and prioritize them and address them. They go into the tax and cough up a few bucks if they really feel they’re that close to a title. They acquire draft picks. They focus on the present and the future, because they know their star player will do the same when the time comes. Crawford looks like an elite player, and the Clippers look like an elite franchise. But for both Crawford and the Clippers right now, there’s too much evidence telling us otherwise.

Ryan Anderson to be moved in a Sign-and-Trade


Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA Orlando RFA Ryan Anderson likely won't re-sign with Magic and will be moved in a sign-and-trade, league sources tell Y! Sports.

The Gerald Green Conundrum for the Nets


by Devin Kharpertian Gerald Green became a fan favorite quickly last season. Following an excellent performance in the D-League All-Star Game (earning MVP honors with 28 points on 10-17 shooting), the Nets signed him from the Los Angeles D-Fenders to a ten-day contract on February 27th. Green quickly paid dividends; beyond the springboards in his calves, Green showed off a smooth shooting stroke from all areas on the floor. Unfortunately, Green’s success comes as a double-edged sword to Brooklyn, as the demand that should follow his outburst will outstrip what the Nets are able to offer him in free agency. To break it down, a team can sign a free agent in one of three ways: with their cap room, with bird rights, or with one of their exceptions.

Aaron Gray has agreed to a multi-year agreement to return to Toronto


WojYahooNBAAdrian Wojnarowski Gray will sign a two-year agreement with the Raptors, source says. 6 minutes ago

ESPN -- Kevin Arnovitz


ESPN 's Kevin Arnovitz joins Brian and Andy Kamenetzky to talk about the Clippers free agency strategy and recent signings. How they are working without a current GM, their defensive needs and how to keep Chris Paul in LA.

The Power Within Chris Paul


By Tom Ziller The power within Chris Paul is to combine all of the best that the NBA's elite crop of point guards offers.

Free-agent profile: Nick Young


This is the fourth in a series of profiles focusing on this year's free-agent class. Player: Nick Young Most recent team: Clippers Type of free agent: Unrestricted

LA Times--Clippers turn attention to getting a shooting guard


As they work on finalizing a contract extension with Blake Griffin, the Clippers talk to the agents of Chauncey Billups and Jamal Crawford. Billups is the team's top target. By Broderick Turner July 1, 2012 While the Clippers continued putting the final details on a contract extension for Blake Griffin, they spent Sunday on the phone talking to the representatives of their own and other free agents.

Mo Williams thanks ClipperNation via Twitter


Mo Williams‏@mowilliams I would like to let all ‪#ClipperNation‬ know that I really appreciate the support the last couple yrs. Thank You

Griffin to ink extension


By Ramona Shelburne Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin has let team officials know that he intends to sign a five-year contract extension this month, sources with knowledge of the situation told on Saturday. Griffin can not officially sign the extension until July 11, but negotiations between the team and his representatives are not expected to turn into a drawn-out process, sources said, as no player coming off a rookie-scale contract who is eligible and was offered the maximum contract extension has passed on it.

Lamar Odom is back with the Clippers, but what does it all mean?


T.J. SIMERS Lamar Odom, one of the most likable but enigmatic figures in L.A. sports history, returns to team with which he began his NBA career. It could be great, it could go bad, or it could be just plain weird. Now Odom thinks the Clippers have the look of a champion, and he sees himself as a spark off the bench. "This is so good," he says. The Clippers will want him to play on the Olympic team to gain time with Blake Griffin and Paul, but he's not sure he will do so. He says his daughter is getting ready to attend high school and he would love to spend the next month with her in New York. As for "Khloe & Lamar," the TV show is on hold, he says, while he and wife Khloe Kardashian "chill" and he dedicates himself to basketball. But it was never a distraction, he tells Oprah a few days ago, and yet what will be bigger Clippers news: Chauncey Billups' recovery or Khloe getting pregnant? Whatever, the Clippers look more promising today with Odom, but how does he convince everyone he's really back? "I'm the kid from South Jamaica Queens who has beaten the odds again and again," he says with a little extra verve in his voice. "And in time the naysayers will be riding the bandwagon."

What John Hollinger thought about the trade for the Clippers


The Clippers' end of the deal is the more interesting one because L.A. rolled the dice. In order to parlay their considerable backcourt depth into some frontcourt quality, the Clips sent Mo Williams to Utah and take in Odom. The theory is that Odom will play considerably better once he's back in Los Angeles, but one must also consider other possibilities -- that he suddenly got old or lost his passion for the game. Nonetheless, it's a one-year deal, and the Clippers can bring Odom back with Bird rights if he plays well. Given his professed love of L.A., Odom is a limited flight risk as an unrestricted free agent, something that couldn't be said of Williams. Even if Odom is the least bit rejuvenated with the Clips, having a backup big who can actually score once in a while should be a major improvement. Plus, the Clippers didn't have a lot of room for Williams with Chris Paul and Eric Bledsoe both playing the same position. For L.A., then, this deal clears an item from its offseason checklist and allows the Clippers to use their exception money on wing players -- historically, a much easier area to fill with lower-salaried players. All told, it's a decent piece of opportunism from the Clippers and a spectacular one from Utah. Nonetheless, all eyes will be on Dallas. If the Mavs get Deron Williams, this trade is a home run. If not, it's more ho-hum.

New Clipper, Lamar Odom has good chance of making Olympic Team


by Brandon K. Scott • Jun 29, 2012 Now that the NBA lockout, Miami Heat, and Drake have ruined Olympic basketball this year, we can realistically envision Lamar Odom on the team. No, seriously. The game's elite, specifically its champions, won't be competing.

Mavs Blogger angry at Lamar Odom...


By Mike Fisher Posted Jun 29, 2012 Lamar Odom's stinky stint in Big D is over. Dallas moves his carcass to the Clippers in a 4-way while saving the Mavs the $2.4 mil of room it would've cost to just cut him. But the deal still reeks in this sense: Wait until you see the strip-downs - including an amnesty or giveaway of Haywood or Marion - now needed to finish the clearing of room for Deron. You're about to like Odom even less.

Reynolds: Shaun Livingston still in flux after trade


By DAVE REYNOLDS ( of the Journal Star I caught up with Shaun Livingston on Thursday, the day after Peoria’s only current NBA player was traded from the Milwaukee Bucks to the Houston Rockets. The former Peoria High all-stater didn’t want to say much about the deal and where he fits just yet, primarily because he’s not sure what lies ahead in the next few days.

Rockets have dealt Chase Budinger to Minn for 18th pick


The rockets have turned a 2nd rounder of a weak draft into the 18th pick of a strong draft

Orlando Sentinel--Suggests a Blake for D12 trade


Brian Schmitz, Magic Insider Smartest Dwight deal for everyone: Howard to L.A. Clippers for Blake Griffin, and expiring contracts of Mo Williams and Ryan Gomes (or DeAndre Jordan). …

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