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User Blog

An Imaginary Road Trip With Arian Foster


An imaginary road trip with Texans RB Arian Foster proves that the man is far deeper than portrayed.

Thank You, Arian Foster


A thank you to Arian Foster.

Pride: (Bleary-Eyed) Thoughts On A Playoff Win


What this playoff victory means for one Texans fan.

Thoughts On The Playoffs


What to consider as the Texans eye their first ever playoff game.

The All-Purpose Playoff De-Lurking Thread, Or: Let's Get To Know One Another A Little Better


Attention BRB lurkers: now is the time to step forward and present yourself!

Thoughts on (Another) Loss, Gary Kubiak, and Officials


Thoughts on another loss, and why Gary Kubiak needs to unleash the beast.

Thoughts On A Loss, And On Bob McNair


In which I ponder fate, Bob McNair and youthful drives in the desert.

BREAKING NEWS: Matt Schaub to IR, Texans Sign Kellen Clemens


In which we don our hairshirts and self-flagellate at the news of Matt Schaub's placement on the IR.

The Bandwagon Revisited


For Texans fans, winning is an unusual sensation. A few tips on how to handle it.

Bacon, Bud Light and Vampires, or My Midseason Review of the Texans


A look at the Texans midway through the season. Now with more bacon and less vampires.

Hello, My Name Is tehGrindCrusher, And I Like To Do Drawrings! Your Contribution Wanted!


It's not all football and smack talk at BRB. Join us as we take a stroll through the art of the NFL.

Eww, Somebody Has An Inflection (Point)


Inflection points and how they change games. No antibiotics necessary.

Football - Our Passion


The beginning of football season is one of the best times of the year. We should be extra appreciative this year, because we almost lost it all.

Something To Be Hopeful About--Offense Edition


Why the Texans will have an effective play action game, regardless of who is playing running back.

The Cushing Conundrum


Will Brian Cushing reprise his 2009 awesomeness, or have his shriveled, uhm, skills reduce his effectiveness?

Thinking About A Rookie Wage Scale


Ramblings on what a rookie wage scale might mean for the NFL.

How I Spent My Offseason, By Roger Goodell


Roger Goodell has been having disturbing dreams. Find out why.

How I Spent My Offseason, by Roc Carmichael


How I Spent My Offseason, by Roc Carmichael.

What's Next In The NFL Labor Saga


Advantage: players. A nice rundown from the best author that I've read on this issue, even if he writes for the four-letter.


Tour of Qatar Pics

One of the nice things about being a sports fan in Qatar is that the Qataris pay a lot of money for big-time sporting events that fairly few people attend.  This means that the athletes have their...

An Open Letter to Bob McNair


Dear Bob--It's time for Frank Bush to go.


O/T More NFL Smack Talk

As promised, and as referenced in Swells's earlier fanpost, I'm here to talk some smack.  Specifically, my Houston Texans managed to put a good old-fashioned beating on our archrivals, the...

Stop Me If You Think That You Have Heard This One Before


After 68 games at the helm, it's fair to say that we know everything we need to know about Gary Kubiak: he's a .500 coach.

Taking Stock: Gary Kubiak's Season So Far


Will Gary Kubiak's voyage take him to Ithaca? What about the Super Bowl?

Welcome To The Bandwagon


How to act like you've been a Texans fan all along.

Matt Schaub Is Intangibly Awesome But Lacks A Guardian Ninja


People sometimes criticize Matt Schaub for lacking intangibles. Here's why they're wrong.

Xavier Adibi Needs To Be Big Time (And Frank Bush Needs To Bring The Horse Relish)


Xavier Adibi is the key to the Texans game against the Redskins. And not just because his name starts with 'X.'


Amobi Eats Colts - I Have Proof

If you want to see how good Amobi looked, John over at Texans Bull Blog has taken the trouble to show us.  He's highlighted several plays that highlight just how good Amobi can be.  Sure, he was...

Colts @ Texans Insta-Analysis: Texans Rain Hellfire Down on Colts


You are not dreaming. The Texans just did that.

In Which I Slay A Straw Man


Momentum is crap, and other things I learned while I was in kindergarten.

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