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User Blog

Football: A Passion Play In Three Acts


Football season is here again. It's about time.

Why We Miss Ahman Green


The secret role that Ahman Green played for the Texans.

Oh Gary Kubiak, You Devil!


Six things Gary Kubiak can do to restore the faith of this fan. With special guest commentary by Sun Tzu.


O/T: The 2010 World Cup

The World Cup is almost upon us.  Will the USA recover from their weak showing last time around and make it to the knockout rounds?  Will they return in shame like they did last time?  Let's...

How I Spent My Off-Season, By James Casey


James Casey will stop at nothing to get better this offseason.


Cycling's Holiest Places

As Chris put it in his Giro preview, "Like Alpe d'Huez or Mont Ventoux or the Ghisallo sector of Lombardia, this stage features one of the holy lands of cycling, the loop over the Mortirolo...

How (I Think) Kubiak Plans on Stopping the Run and Rushing the Passer


Much of Battle Red Blog wept tears of ultimate suffering when the Texans passed over a mammoth defensive tackle in the draft. Here's how I think the Texans will compensate.


Revealing Comment on Leadership by Bonecrusher

Bernard Pollard has speaks about the Texans defensive leader.

Reading The Tea Leaves Regarding Our First Round Pick


A lot of people want the Texans to draft a space-eating NT with their first round pick. Unfortunately, it's not going to happen.

Does Bonecrusher = Smooove Will?


Have Texans fans seen Bernard Pollard before? When he went by the alias "Will Demps?"


A Trip Down Memory Lane

I was surfing around Football Outsiders the other day when I came across this very interesting article.  The boys at FO went back and analyzed the 1993 NFL season.  The interesting thing (for me,...

How I Spent My Offseason, By Gary Kubiak


Gary Kubiak is working hard this offseason to make sure the Texans make the playoffs. Find out how.


Glossary of Battle Red Blog Terms, Now With 90% More Weightspeed

The definitive, ongoing Battle Red Blog glossary.

BRB Television


BRBTV, episode one!

Is John Clayton A Manatee?


Be aware! I have reason to believe that ESPN's John Clayton has been kidnapped and replaced with a mentally-challenged manatee.


Friday O/T: What is Best in Life?

I'm blatantly stealing this from our SBNation sister site Podium Cafe.  If you're ever curious about pro cycling, be sure to check it out - it's run and frequented by a community that is as...

How I Spent My Off-Season, By Mario Williams


Mario Williams has a unique off-season training regimen. Read all about it here.

Hell No, I Won't Go! Thoughts on Draft Strategy


A modest proposal for this year's NFL draft.

Three And Out: Useless Predictions For The Offseason


Every year, the sports media gets it wrong more than they get it right. Not me - I'm never wrong. Read this article and see for yourself.


Big Time Falcons

Show up big in big time hunts.  Like the ones you see below.  These aren't fair weather falcons.  These raptors show up biggest when the chips are on the table and the small game is at its most...

I Can See Clearly Now - I Truly Don't Care About This Stuff.


Texans fans care way too much about what the mainstream media say. It's time for that to change.

Teh Schaub to teh Pro Bowl!


Matt Schaub will replace Tom Brady at the Pro Bowl.

Glossary of Battle Red Blog Terms


(Authors note: I originally created this as a fanpost right around the time when we were going through our Colts-Titans-Colts stretch in the schedule and it looked like, with a little luck, we were...

A Fully Operational Battle Station?


via Greetings fellow BRBers.  You wouldn't believe what just happened.  Turns out if you pump enough Zima into Tim and keep him primed with Filipino prison dance videos you gain...


This is what happens

When families get together for the holidays.  I'm sure you have similar experiences.  In any event, hope everybody out there in BRB land is having a wonderful Christmas.  Here's hoping Santa Claus...


Fun with Fish

I have to give Chris credit for this, because I first found the images on his site.  Seems that the Texans Talk people have been photoshopping Jeff Fisher into some pictures after he showed up at...


Football Outsiders on teh Schaub

While Peter King continues to barely mention Schaub or pay him backhanded compliments, our friends at Football Outsiders have a much better opinion of him.  Better, in fact, that Kurt Warner, Matt...


Today is a good day

To tell your loved ones how you feel about them. To think about how good you have it. To ponder how you got where you are. To take a moment to think about loved ones who aren't here anymore. To...


Ochocinco - Better run/pass/kick threat than Matt Turk?

I shit you not, my friends.  Our own Matt "The Ultimate Weapon" Turk may have some competition.  Turns out Chad Ochocinco may be as good an all-round threat as Turk.  I don't know if you guys have...


Football: A Passion Play in Three Acts

ACT I: THE GAME  It begins with earth.  A field of grass, cut to just a few inches above the ground.  Someone has marked out a rectangle on the field by drawing white lines on it, perhaps with...

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