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An ex-Whaler fan, now true to the Burgundy and Blue. Watching Ray raise the cup at the CAN in 2001 will go down as the greatest pro-sports moment of my life!

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  • NFL New England Patriots
  • NCAAF Alabama Crimson Tide
  • NCAAB Vermont Catamounts
  • NHL Colorado Avalanche
  • Golf Ken Climo (disc golf, right?)
  • MMA Bruce Fuckin Lee
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  • Tennis Milan Hejduk
  • General University of Vermont Hockey Catamounts "Go Cats Go"
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User Blog

So, can I get my hopes up now?


I'm not sure if I should be happy, or maybe I just really need to take a big shit, because it's all I've been fed over the last three months... I'm hoping it's the one birthday present I've been asking for! Owner-driven lockout over?!?



If Gabe does not win the Calder Trophy today, awarded "to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition in the National Hockey League", then I'm calling for a galactic rebellion. And I call him LANDO, not Landy. Even though I'm someone sometimes called "Andy". He's a card player, gambler, scoundrel. You'd like him.

USA, Canada both blow late leads at IIHF Quarters, sent packing.


Well, at least Paul Stastny was named USA's top forward, 3g6a, and totally dominated the faceoff circle. Thanks JIMMY HOWARD, always.

Not the kind of press we're looking for


Please people, have a little self-respect. This is the worst jersey foul ever! This guy is obviously one of those Detroit transplants.

Feel-Good Friday: 1996 Stanley Cup Game 4 (rodent control)


A happy stroll down memory lane featured today on That was the last we saw of the rats (thankfully).

NHL modifies tiebreaking system


New rules in hockeyland: Tiebreakers. The first tiebreaker will be a combination of regulation time and overtime victories, with shootout wins excluded, according to the online report. In the past, the first tiebreaker had been total wins of any kind. Perhaps some stat-happy MHHer will enter an alternative universe, and see how this rule would have affected the Avs standings in the playoffs last year, or before when we missed it by one point. I think it's a great change.

Brett Clark to be working for Steve Yzerman


Mr. Shot Blocker signed by Lightning to a two-year contract worth $3.2 million. Good for him! Editor's Note: And good for us!

More Avs Nicknames


Some funny player nicknames by their teammates on the Altitude TV feature. Some of the gems: Paullie Wallnuts ~ Paul Stastny Old Farmer ~ Clarke Factor, Snook ~ O'Reilly Simple Jack, Randy the Ram ~ Matt Hendricks Deuces, Kofax (or Colfax?) ~ Hannan Sauce, Special Sauce ~ Ryan Wilson (Awesome!) Meh ~ Cody McCloud Diesel, The Giraffe ~ Durno.

Matt Duchene: 1G, 1A in Canada's IIAF Opener


Avalanche hockey may be over, but Dutchie continues to shine on a line with Tavares and Whitney. "I was pretty happy with how things went with our line," Duchene said of the combination he played on with Whitney and John Tavares. "We connected right away. Razor [Ray Whitney] had a great game. We created some stuff. As a team, we started a bit slow. Big ice hockey is pretty different from back home." "Ray's a guy who likes to slow things down a bit, and I like to speed them up," Duchene noted. "He slows things down, pulls the other team to him, and then dishes to me. That's what happened on my goal. He's more of an east-west guy and I'm more of a north-south."

Taylor Swift an Avs fan?


"Taylor Swift showed her support for the Avs during an encore performance in front of a sold-out crowd at Pepsi Center last night. KSE Executive Vice President Paul Andrews and Colorado Avalanche Chief Marketing Officer Kurt Schwartzkopf presented Taylor a personalized jersey before her concert that she wore during her final songs on stage." She probably has no idea what hockey is, but nice to see someone famous sporting the Burgandy and Blue! Why #13 do you suppose? Tribute to Dan Hinote? Get it? High Note? Folks, I'll be here all night...

NBC Grabs Last Seat On Team USA Bandwagon, Will Televise Semi-Finals LIVE Coast To Coast!


FINALLY, NBC has come to their senses and will be broadcasting Friday's Quarterfinal game LIVE, coast to coast, between Team USA and either the Czech Republic or Finland. So tune in with the rest of the world at Noon Pacific, 1pm MST, 2pm CST, or 3pm EST. Why they would ever want to broadcast an event happening in the Pacific time zone live in the Pacific time zone is beyond me....

Minnesota Wild are a team on fire... literally!


Equipment truck fire torches the Wild's gear. Great photos for future game thread here.

That's what I'm *^%#ing talkin' about!


Jibble's top 19 Super Joe moments deserve to be read by the quadruple... Oh Captain, My Captain!!!

Roy's son to stand trial Oct 7


Jonathan Roy will have more to sing about after he stands trial on October 7th for assult (Goalie Fight) during a game in March of 08. The charges were filed three days after new provincial rules, that hadn't been in place when the attack occurred, were instituted.

Another Optimistic Avalanche Outlook


Pretty good overview from Bryan Thiel at the Bleacher Report

Anderson the biggest steal of the off season?


Was the signing of Anderson the biggest steal of the off-season, as Spector speculates? Lets hope so!

F.G. was right, Andrew Brunette is human after all.


Ironman streak ends at 509 games, eight years. What a wimp!

Detroit sucks, Denver is great; come play for the Avs please!


Forbes magazine just ranked Denver as the #1 most desirable city to live in, and Detroit as the #1 least desirable... again. Attention top prospects: come play for the Avs!


Hejduk is OK, will play against Blue Jackets Tuesday

According to the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain news, the injury to Milan Hejduk's jaw did not result in any fracture, and he will play on Tuesday night against Columbus. RMN: CENTENNIAL - Milan...

Robo-Forsberg committed to a return


According to the Denver Post, during some games last season, Peter Forsberg wired up his leg and carried a battery hidden in his pants! Robofoppa also plans to return again this season if and when he heals from yet another surgery.


Forsberg Back in Colorado (for now)

Peter the Great was spotted in Vail this weekend, apparently to attend a wedding in Cordillera (a.k.a. Koby-era).  He was tossing back a few pints Friday night at the Edwards restaurant E-town,...

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