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Crash The Boards T-shirt


John Pettice from BobCatsPlanet was kind enough to make up the Crash The Boards T that used to be in only orange and blue in to more Portland friendly colors. Its too good of a design to not make use of here in Portland and Ill be getting my self one. I though some of you might be interested.

My Chip Kelly costume for next halloween


Seems fitting after seeing things like the 4th and seven play call last night that resulted in a touchdown.

Why I watch


Pretty cool video.

Its here #2


Hopefully this game awakens LMA to realize how good he can be. Does anybody know where I can watch the exchange between Batum and Amare? I had to work when the 4th quarter started.


Andre Miller Makes Me Angry

With Camby receiving the large contract extension and chants from a ravenous Rose Garden crowd, I can't help but feel bad for the experience that Andre Miller has received here.  I mean I know  you...

The official Blazersedge.com Song


Just type in www.Blazersedge.com and hear what our webpage sounds like.

Reminds me of the first time I capped my grandma!!!


Except then I got down on all fours and started barking like a dog in her face.

Tom in hawaii has made the comics.


Tom in hawaii has made the comics.

TominHawaii, please join our group! (and everybody else)


This is a facebook page to show our appreciation for Andre Miller. Feel free to post any media or comments related to dre dre on this page. Hopefully he will get wind of it and realize that we love what he can bring to this team.

Interesting that Philly is not having a good year. Could this be attributed to the loss of Miller?


Interesting that Philly is not having a good year. Could this be attributed to the loss of Miller?

Top 10 must see games for 2009


Its funny, I was listening to 95.5 on the way home from a soccer game this evening and Loony was discussing the NBA schedule and he gave his Top 10 must see games of the year. It's interesting how much radio personalities have to adhere to their companies ideas and agendas. His top 10 games are the exact same and in the same order as the top 10 put out here by Fox Sports. I guess he could have wrote this list for them but I doubt it. Its kinda like when you here a dj talk about an awesome new song they are playing but you know they hate it.

Wade wants a 'ship


Wade wants to be on a title contender. Even with signing extentions for LMA and BROY could and would Paul Allen just go over the cap and get Dwade for an almost sure thing multiple rings type session in portland? We wouldn't need to get a PG and we could trade current assets for a Banger PF. I know nothing about cap space and such but is this even possible?


Wednesday Night Scoreboard Sweat/Game thread/Game links

Hey Im sweating some games tonight, Im watching the Double header on ESPN but am also looking for the Denver/New orleans game link if somebody has it. Also dont u guys wish that brandon roy took...


Nate; Step our game up

Most games we lose are lost in earlier stages of the game. In these losses I always feel like the team goes away from the hot hand or nate pulls guys/puts in lineups that are just not working. If...

Clutch shooting. How clutch are your favorite blazers when it comes to game winning shots?


So I was reading the Celtics blog about how Kobe isnt as clutch of a shooter as people give him credit for and the link they provided to 82games.com showed some pretty interesting stats for our blazers, especially travis outlaw who hits a crazy high percentage of his game winning shots. The whole article is pretty interesting so give it a look see. They also have links to overall clutch 4th quarter/overtime play.



After watching diesel10's video on Batum. I think everybody not named sophia needs to enjoy a little of this. I need to download this to my ipod so she can lull me to sleep.

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