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The Ultimate RVV Day Schedule


Ok friends. It's almost upon us, the day we've all been waiting for: Ronde. Van. Vlaanderen. We've been training for weeks, Sunday is the day to shine. To make sure you get the full RVV experience,...

Pompeiana and circumstance


After a whole lot of will-they-won't-they the Italians decided to go back to old habits, that is, an MSR without the Pompeiana climb. The proposed hill was set between the Cipressa and the Poggio...

The final showdown: Oostmalle Sluitingsprijs cx


The final drop of winter is upon us: the very last cx race of the season. Excuse while I wipe a single tear from my face.

On to the important things: HOTTITUDE


Now that the VDS values are out, let's move on to the important stuff: hottitude values. Start point - Boonen with scruffy beard: yay or nay?

I was in Hoogerheide, and I had a camera with me


To be clear: Balint is definitely definitely the photographer of the Cyclephotos book duo. But I do own a camera, and sometimes when I press the shutter button it does what I want. And sometimes I...

Hoogstraten Superprestige... LIVE


Will Nys get yet another double weekend? Is Tommeke out for revenge after yesterday's ill-timed sprint pedal-slip? Can young Dutchie Lars van der Haar beat the Belgians? Will Albert rise from the...

Krawatencross... LIVE


No need to look for the world champion, alas, since Stybs is somewhere with Boonen prepping their cobbled assault. On the bright side that does mean we get to play 'spot the Belgian champ', as Sven...

Krawatencross... LIVE


No need to look for the world champion, alas, since Stybs is somewhere with Boonen prepping their cobbled assault. On the bright side that does mean we get to play 'spot the Belgian champ', as Sven...

Junior Worlds... LIVE


Name to look out for: Yannick Peeters, OPQS' Wilfried Peeters son, and Adam Toupalik.

The kids are alright: U23 worlds contenders

These are the youngsters that you'll be betting on in five years time - if you're the betting type at least. The U23 race Sunday morning, Dutch time. And the prime suspect is racing on home soil.

Fumata bianca - Stybar will ride the cx worlds!


It's just a few days til the cx world championships, and while your PdC bosses work tirelessly to round up and score all the contenders, another name is added to that list. And not the least of 'em...

Leuven cx... LIVE


What, I have to work and there's no live thread? Then how will we see Geert fall down drunkenly?

Belgian nationals


Hello my friends. Today is the day the Belgian cx jerseys change shoulders. The race itself starts at 15 o'clock, but Sporza's got a bunch of recaps of the newbies, juniors, U23 and women before...

Belgian nationals preview


The black-yellow-red of the Belgian national cyclocross jersey, oftentimes considered to be even a notch above the world champs kit (at the worlds, you 'only' have to beat eight other Belgians)...

The Bunnyhop Saga


This Sunday the Belgian national cx jersey will change hands and shoulders (unless it doesn't). To get the win, the new champion will have to bunnyhop his way to victory... much to the chagrin of...

Druivencross... LIVE


The mother of all crosses, and all that. Standalone. Old race. Liboton won this thing 16 times.

Gieten SP - goodbye boring past, hello sand


That's right: no more boring ass Gieten circuit. They've seen sense and gone for something new, which is actually the old race.

Asper-Gavere CX... LIVE


Moving on, another Superprestige race. To Gavere!

CX Hasselt... LIVE


CX is coming home! Well, it's coming to my home at least.

Let's go swimming with bikes: Niel CX... LIVE


Lots of puddles today. Liquid mud. Let's go.

Hamme-Zogge mudfest... LIVE


Monday: rain. Tuesday: rain. Wednesday: rain. Thursday: rain. Friday: rain. Saturday: rain. Sunday: cyclocross!

Into the pit of madness - Zonhoven CX LIVE


Steep hills and loose sand: get your Zonhoven madness here!

Ruddervoorde Superprestige... Live


The first leg of the Superprestige this season, so everyone is still winning! And losing to.

Tabor World Cup... Live


See? There's 'cross outside of Belgium! We go eeeeeeeeaaaaaast (imagine a Pet Shop Boys moment here), to the Czech Republic.

PdC Cyclocross Calendar 2013/2014


Digging deep into the suitcase of courage

The transfer watercooler


Gossip! Rumours! False claims everywhere!

Transfer carousel


We're already on the fifth day of August, and yet there's no transfer thread yet. This must be rectified, forthwith! Only confirmed transfers here please. Mention and discuss to your hearts...

Hellingen are alive with the sound of Kapelmuur


Yeah, ok, it's not a very good title. It's been a long week. But we've got 'hellingen' and 'Kapelmuur' in the same sentence, so this must be good news, right? And oh, is it ever.

HTFU and let's race in the snow: Oostmalle LIVE


What are you talking about, no live races today? It's not cause the boys on the road can't cope that we're not gonna race. Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle, the very final race of the season... in the...

Dirty dozen for Sven Nys? Middelkerke SP... LIVE


It's the final race of the Superprestige today, and the penultimate cx weekend. In Middelkerke - near the coast - Sven Nys is in pole position to win his twelfth Superprestige overall.

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