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HTFU and let's race in the snow: Oostmalle LIVE


What are you talking about, no live races today? It's not cause the boys on the road can't cope that we're not gonna race. Sluitingsprijs Oostmalle, the very final race of the season... in the...

Dirty dozen for Sven Nys? Middelkerke SP... LIVE


It's the final race of the Superprestige today, and the penultimate cx weekend. In Middelkerke - near the coast - Sven Nys is in pole position to win his twelfth Superprestige overall.

The penultimate Superprestige: hello Hoogstraten!


Yesterday we had the penultimate Bpost race, today we move on to Superprestige, where Sven Nys is on a quest for his twelfth SP overall.

Time to show off those rainbows: Krawatencx Lille


I know, I know. You're all thinking about VDS and road races and damnit will Boonen still be worth it at *that* price? But if you want a moment to take your mind of all your troubles, I have just...

Worlds Week: The case for Sven Nys


Sven Nys and World Championships, they go together like pie and tire irons, beer and grizzly bears, pumpkin and nucleair war.

The end of the world cup: Hoogerheide... LIVE


Who will it be: Nys, Pauwels or Albert. We know it won't be Klaas, cause he crashed yesterday and won't start. PS - lots of snow in the lowlands these days.

White, blue & black: the colours of clean cycling


In 2006, everyone in the pro peloton stopped doping. We know this. This is a fact. If anybody doped after 2006, surely, it must have been because their calendars were off.

Time for some new champions: it's nationals day


Will Sven Nys lose his tricouleur to Niels Albert or Kevin Pauwels? Will we finally have a Dutch cx champion in the peloton? And who the hell is gonna stop Marianne Vos?

Rome World Cup... LIVE


Ave PodiumCafe, cxitori te salutant!

The 2012-2013 cyclocross calendar, part III


The third and final bit of this year's cyclocross calendar.

Tom Meeusen named in doping investigation


Tom Meeusen named in doping investigation; booted from Rome WC selection

GP Sven Nys, without Sven Nys.


Yep, racing. On New Year's day. It's Flanders' own little hangover tradition.

Azencross, Loenhout. Ready for some hard work?


More cx is more better!

Let's race: Boxing Day in Heusden Zolder


Merry Christmas! Time for Kerstperiode race numero uno: the world cup in Heusden-Zolder.


Sporza's year in cycling

On right now.

It's time for battle: Citadelcross, Namur WC


Yeah! It's time for the World Cup in Namur, one of the greatest races of the season. It's surely the hilliest of the season, bordering on MTB terrain. To make things better, Belgium's gotten so...

Leuven cx... LIVE


A standalone one, this thing. Just something to tide us over til next weekend... NAMUR WEEKEND (and also Essen).

Listen to your mother: Druivencross, live


Time for some historical muddy racing.

Scheldecross... LIVE


Ice and sand and coldness all around... time for Scheldecross.

A day at the Boonen and friends charity race


Each year, Tom Boonen rounds up a few dozen friends and colleagues and tells them to ride laps around the sandy shores of the Silver lake in Mol, the village right next to Balen, his hometown. All...

Roubaix World Cup LIVE


We're in France and it's muddy... Roubaix cx world cup.

The 2012-2013 cyclocross calendar, part II


Don't tell me you thought it was over. It so isn't over.

Superprestige Gieten... LIVE


Wasn't yesterday amazing? Hopefully today will be just as cool, but somehow I doubt that.

Koksijde World Cup... LIVE


This is the race of the season: welcome to an epic (yet short) afternoon of sandy fun.

The sea is near. - Koksijde World Cup Preview


Think back to when you were seven, or eight, or maybe twelve years old, and your parents took you for a trip to the beach.

Asper-Gavere Superprestige... LIVE


Yesterday was yet another win for Sven Nys. Can someone get past him today?

Off-season news crumbles (17/11)


Just because it's off-season now doesn't mean there aren't all kinds of fun little random stuff we could discuss. So, let's see what has happened lately.

Hasselt CX... LIVE


The third leg of the Bpost bank trophy. Niels Albert currently has a 54s lead over Nys, and a 2min17s gap on Pauwels.

Hasselt and Asper-Gavere: just another cx weekend


It's another one of those weekends with two cx races on the program. On Sunday, there's the 'classic' Asper-Gavere; on Saturday it's party time in Hasselt, home of jenever. Schol!

Hamme-Zogge Bollekescross... LIVE


A cx race named after a beer. Perfect fit, ain't it?

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