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Coach Jay Triano talks to the Raptors media after the game and gives possible reasons why he thinks...


Coach Jay Triano talks to the Raptors media after the game and gives possible reasons why he thinks Duncan was benched. He also talks about his defensive schemes for the night.

Now Bynum has a new knee problem?!


Possible minor injury to Bynum. Possible and minor being key words, but still, poor guy catches a break every minute. See what I did there?

Dejuan in pads?

When asked, Blair shook his head. He didn't play high school football and, when asked why, he pointed to his knees. "I like these too much," he said.

The Hoagie Grail Part 3: The reason for doom.


Bonner gives an explanation to the destruction of the Earth. He needed a new shoe contract.

Wow, Barry tearing it up on NBA TV and acting almost GOML-like against his fellow members of the...


Wow, Barry tearing it up on NBA TV and acting almost GOML-like against his fellow members of the media. This one's a long one, but worth it. Barry turns John Schuhmann into toast.

Swollen left ankle sidelines Spurs' Duncan


Mike Monroe with some inside tidbits on some players after Monday's win.

Ginobili powers Spurs past Raptors

The last time Ginobili felt so good with a ball in his hands? "It was against Toronto, too," Ginobili said. "I remember it pretty vividly." Ginobili had 32 points in a loss at the Raptors last February. The next day, he would begin treatment for a sore right ankle and would never be the same again. Geez, thanks a lot Jeff.

Random Thoughts after the Blazer's game.

The Good: Before the Portland game, I probably would've told you that we sucked. That we were a mediocre team that beat two crappy teams at home, and lost easily to tough teams on the road. What...

Excerpts From The Book The NBA Doesn't Want You To Read


Not sure if someone posted this before. If someone did, please hit me in the head, on second thought, don't (at least not now, I'll probably puke). Well, a friend linked it to me, and I found it interesting to say the least.

The witty Barry brother cracks on Artest


This isn't exactly Spurs related, but Brent Barry who was with Houston last year, and now with NBA TV talks to Aaron Brooks and pretty much calls Ron Artest a ball hog. In a more non-Spurs related video, he pokes fun at Iverson hating on practice here. Brent is just too funny.

The Beast is human after all


Jeff McDonald confusing Blair for a mere mortal after Blair bruised his tailbone in a play. Of course, Jeff doesn't yet realize that Blair's body has already absorbed the tailbone and it no longer exists.

Spurs fall in final preseason tuneup


Jeff McDonald's preseason game recap. I like that Tony drew up the play to make Hill take the game winning shot. Damn you Bogans!

ESPN's Live Chat: San Antonio Spurs


The chat will begin on Monday at 2:30PM Easter Time. It will be hosted by Marc Stein (does he know anything about the Spurs?), and the TrueHoop Network Bloggers, so I'm guessing Graydon and Tim Varner (the actual knowledgeable ones). So stop by if you can.


TLO's Daydream about the Teens: Dejuan Blair Edition

A look into the Spurs' future, and how Blairbeast fits into it.

Popovich, Duncan Enjoy Successful Partnership


Video of Poppovich, Duncan, and their relationship. Old, and you might have seen it, but I liked it.

Obama on the San Antonio Spurs


Old youtube video of Obama's take on the Spurs. Cool to see that after his home town bulls, his second favorite team is the Spurs.

A Note of Caution: Work to be Done.


over at 48MoH, Graydon gives his take on fundamental work that needs to be done to have a successful (championship) season. As always, good stuff.


Really? 5 in 10?

Okay, I don't want to be a party pooper or anything, but this has really gone on far enough. I have waited patiently for other people to notice their mistakes (mostly the brainy engineers, shame on...

Blazers offer Miller 3 year deal.


This is from ESPN is reporting that Miller has agreed to the deal.

ESPN's top in your face dunks


This is bs. The top one doesn't even belong on this list. Timmy didn't even care to jump to try to block the shot. Stupid media and your cannabis smoking poster child!

LBJ admits to Pot use in book


Dear Lord! NBA athletes smoking the reefer!? What's next, baseball players taking steroids!? Wrestling not being real!? Okay i'll stop.

Hoopsworld nobody reporting that Blair might not play


Okay, so this appeared in a hoopsworld chat with Steve Kyler The question someone asked wasn't even about Blair, but I'll paste the question and the response also: "Aggie Pride in Warner Robins, GA: Why didn't Gerald Henderson play in the game against NBA D-League Select? Is he hurt? Steve Kyler: No... there are contract things and some guys get held out... Gerald is on "loan" and he did not get much action in game 1... What was said here in Vegas was that he was not expected to play much from the beginning, it was about him practicing and getting some structured work in, he's not part of the Timberwolves plans as he's a Bobcat, so they are using those minutes for their guys.... we're hearing that DeJuan Blair may not play again until his deal gets done." I don't really believe it but if someone here knows anything about it, please put you're input. I would love to be proven correct that this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. I would also accept being proven wrong, as long as I'm proven. Anyways, your input is always good too. What do you guys think? Bullcrap right?


Gortat receives offer from Mavs (Not Vera Nizze )

Sorry I had to stick that in there. Anyways, Marcin Gortat has received an offer from the Mavericks. Of course, the Magic have a right to match the offer, but considering that he was around our 3rd...


Quick segment of a young Ginobili Interview

  I found a very quick segment of an interview done on young Manu Ginobili. Considering, my man crush on him, it was great to see, despite how short it is. Perhaps some of you might have seen this...


Oh no! Oberto = Scola 1.5?

It seems that the Rockets are interested in acquiring a player that we didn't feel we needed, yet again. Not really as important as the Luis Scola...

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