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User Blog

Game 98 Open Thread

Oh, no. Soft-tossing. And a lefty as well? Ugh. I don't feel so good.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Trade deadline craziness abounds!

Early Saturday Complaint Thread

Just so there's somewhere to hang out this early morning.

Matt Garza and The Mystery of the Trade Target

Considering the Cards' supposed involvement in the Matt Garza, um, sweepstakes.


Game 89 Open Thread

Shelby Day again A farewell to the Astros They'll be good next time.

Trimming the Fat

Looking ahead to the weeks leading up to the trade deadline, and considering what work still needs to be done.


Game 83 Open Thread

Shelby Day again, Looking for a rebound like Dennis Rodman Day

Shadow Draftin' 2013

Give me more, drag me 'cross the floor Shadow draftin', all this and nothing more.


Game 78 Open Thread

Lance Lynn, much thinner, Trimmer, pitchier, fearful Of the other shoe.

A Tale of Two Infielders

In which the right side of the Cardinal infield is examined, in rather haphazard fashion.


Game 72 Open Thread

Losing to the Cubs Is a thing which should not be And yet, here we are .

Discussion Thread: The Magic Theft Machine

A brief consideration of magical powers and how best to abuse them.


Game 65 Open Thread

Shelby, first innings Are nothing to fear, okay? Tell all your friends, too .

A Mid-Afternoon's Chat

June in Cardinal Nation, winning in Cardinal Nation, jam yesterday and jam tomorrow, but never jam today. That sort of thing.

2013 Draft Preview: the Day Before

The end of draft previews, all over the world.


Game 52 Open Thread

The injury bug She is kind of a bitch, no? Lance, please tell her no. (I have to admit, I was hoping Michael Wacha's first start would fall on my day, so I could simply post a picture of...

2013 Draft Preview Part Seven

Looking at a trio of high school catchers for the upcoming draft.


Game 46 Open Thread

Another debut, A surprise, perhaps, but still Proof of good desig n

Jaime Garcia and The Curse of the Hot Lefty

The sad case of Jaime Garcia, as his career goes the way of the dodo.

2013 Draft Preview Six

Scouting reports on six(!) players, all of whom are guaranteed future MLB Hall of Famers.


Game 33 Open Thread

Last night was a bust, No scoring, like a bad date Afternoon delight? Current Series Cubs lead the series 1-0 Tue 05/07 WP: Travis Wood (3 - 2) ...


Game 27 Open Thread

An all-red day game Lance Lynn for the series win More like the last, please e

A Brief Pregame Chat

With a game starting so soon, there should be just enough time to hang out and chat. So, let's do.


Game 21 Open Thread, 24th April 2013

Ugh, stupid day games They fool me every time, but I'm excited too .


Game 14 Open Thread, 17th April 2013

Blame it on the rain Milli Vanilli? Oh, no. I just mean Pittsburgh Current Series Cardinals lead the series 1-0 Mon 04/15 WP: Lance Lynn (2 - 0) ...

2013 Draft Preview Five

The continuing draft saga continues, with pitching taking the spotlight today.

An Awesome Bit of Celebration Postgame Thread

Celebrating a series win, Cards over Reds style.

2013 Draft Preview Numero Fouro: So Sinister

A draft preview, focusing on left-handed pitching from the college ranks.

2013 Draft Preview Three: Classics of The Form

Another entry in the draft preview series, this time covering some fairly likely names from a well-known demographic.

2013 Draft Preview Two

Looking back at the past of the 20th spot in the draft.

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