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Wichitan. KU Class of '12.

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Why Basketball Is More Appealing Than Football

After talking slightly on the subject in one of our latest News & Notes sections, I thought I would expand on it by listing some of the ideas that occurred to me over the weekend. I honestly think...


6thJay can't write headlines: "You Down With OTT?"

Hello, everyone! Quite a busy weekend for me; I hope all of you made it through alright, and have meandered back to the good ol' RCT. Anyway, here are some off-topic questions for the week. What...


All Eyes on the Returners: "You Down With OTT?"

I've been wanting to do this article for like two weeks on what I think our returners (I was going to say veterans, but I didn't want anyone confusing them with actual military veterans, so I'm...


Best And Worst of College Towns: "You Down With OTT?"

So, last week, We're Jayhawkers And Proud of It suggested that we do a best&worst of Lawrence... however, considering that not everyone on RCT went to KU, I've expanded it to college towns in...


No Holds Barred: "You Down With OTT?"

So, I remember from several weeks back when we did our serious/dark "OTT," that some of you said you wanted to switch it up every now and again with more serious questions. Well, you are in luck...


An All-Submission, All-AMERICAN "You Down With OTT?"

Hello everyone, so here's an OTT for you today and over your three-day weekend. Sorry, I've been busy this week, and as I mentioned on Tuesday, our Internet here at work was down for most of the...


Best & Worst: "You Down With OTT?"

Hello all, I am back! I was out of town for the second half of last week, and didn't get to check in. What an interesting day we had on Thursday. Between soccer in the afternoon, and the NBA Draft...


Soccer & Basketball: "You Down With OTT?"

This isn't entirely an off-topic thread, since we are here to discuss sports (or at least KU sports, mainly), but we'll try to put a bit more of a 'fun spin' on them, eh? Maybe we'll have a more...


Musical Crossroads: "You Down With OTT?"

Okay, we are switching it up once again. We're going to have a little fun competition involving a 'crossroads' of our favorite musical artists. Here's how it will work. I don't know if you've ever...


It's A Holly, Jolly "You Down With OTT?"

So, everyone always talks about "Christmas in July"... but what about Christmas in June?? We are almost exactly six months away from the good ol' "Best Time of the Year." And, plus, there's nothing...


I Can't Think Of A Clever Title: "You Down With OTT?"

So, apparently, my drinking game idea was not a big hit, nor was the modified non-drinking RCT thread game any more successful or popular. So... back to regular questions this week. I already threw...


Drink The Night Away: "You Down With OTT?"

So, switching things up again this week, we're going to do two smaller OTTs, I think. Or at least, we will try. Today's OTT is going to be a little bit different. It's something I thought of a few...


Another Effed Up "You Down With OTT?"

Hello, all! So I remember that a few you said you wanted some "darker" and more serious OTT questions every now and again. So, I went to the darkest, most f*cked up corner of the Internet -- a...


OT - Top 10 (+1) Garth Brooks Songs

There has been a lot of talk on RCT lately about country, Garth Brooks, and the quality of one or both of these things. As a big Garth Brooks and traditional country music fan (not that modern "bro...


All-Submission: "You Down With OTT?"

Hello everyone! So, this week's OTT questions have all been submitted by your fellow readers; I did not come up with any, because, honestly, I think my quality of questions has been sinking the...


Mini Thread: "You Down With OTT?"

Alright, we are testing our twice-a-week mini OTT experiment, so here are four more questions for you today, just about random stuff. Please discuss at length!! What is the best kids' movie...


OT - 30 Rock Top 10 (+1)

So, because 30 Rock is one of the few long-running shows that I've seen every episode of (I think only LOST and maybe ST: Voyager are the others). Now, disclaimer, these are my opinions you are...


The Season Finale of "You Down With OTT?"

So, once again, we're going to do a little experiment. Having asked whether you'd like one larger OTT or two smaller ones per week, we are going to test whether doing two smaller OTTs per week is...


Summer Movie Magic: "You Down With OTT?"

After plenty of badgering, here is this week's installment a bit early (because I am going out of town again!). Because we're getting into the fullness of the summer blockbusters, I thought this...


May The OTT Be With You, Always

Hello everyone! I have returned from the God-forsaken, rain-drenched land that is central Florida. I'm happy to say I made it back in one piece, albeit with a few more blisters and sore muscles...


Early Off-Topic Thread: "You Down With OTT?"

So, I'm going to be gone for the first part of next week on vacation, and -- because the 10 Top 10 OTT didn't seem to work out as well as normal OTTs -- I'll just post a few questions for you now...


OT - The Twilight Zone Top 10

The Twilight Zone is my favorite show of all time. Even though it’s actually from my parents’ generation, it’s themes and messages are timeless and classic. Above all, it explores the idea of...


Off-Topic 10Top10

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend. I know I did, especially getting to visit Lawrence and the lovely people that live there. Sounds like the campus is going to be seeing a...


For the OTT is Dark & Full of Terrors!!

Alright, y'all, here's this week's OTT... with a few darker questions, thanks to Jayhawks4Eva. (Also, shoutout to illmitch for the title of this week's OTT... or ShadOw-TT post....??) Scariest...


OTT for GOT (S4)

If anyone is interested, here is an OTT where people can talk about the fourth season of Game of Thrones without people worrying about spoiling it for those who haven't watched S4 yet. However, if...



First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in the voting process. I apologize for being so persistent and/or annoying about it, but I wanted to make sure that everyone knew and had a...


All Huskies Go To Heaven: "You Down With OTT?"

I had planned to post this tomorrow, but you can blame/thank fizzle406 for it being posted today. The below questions are a jumping-off point. If you have any residual thoughts from last night's NC...


Final Four-fillment: "You Down With OTT?"

Haha, like my punny titles? Okay, yeah, whatever. I had a super long week and weekend, so I'm not on my A-game today after sleeping through my alarm not once, but twice. So yeah, this would be one...


Post-Apocalyptic "You Down With OTT?"

Hey everyone, sorry this is so late. I had intentions to do one earlier in the week, but I was out of town, and for whatever reason I can't log in to SBNation on my phone. But, I literally just got...


Ides-anity of March: "You Down With OTT?"

Please tell me someone gets the reference I was trying to make with the this week's OTT title...?? If you don't mind sharing your secrets... what's your methods for choosing your NCAA Tournament...

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