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I was born and raised in Houston, left for a short stint to Austin and came back to the Woodlands about four years ago. I love this city and all of our teams because we have owners that want to do things the right way. My 'Stros are rebuilding from the bottom up, but my Rockets and Texans are knocking on the door. Nothing would make me happier than to see Andre Johnson or Daryl Morey win it all.

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  • MLB Houston Astros
  • NBA Houston Rockets
  • NFL Houston Texans
  • NCAAF Houston Cougars
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User Blog

Spotrac: Watt's Next Contract Will Probably Be Huge


"Watt's production is so far ahead of any other pass rusher in the game right now, that even comparing him to the best of the best isn't enough to "de-value" him in terms of overall dollars.
He scored an average of 79% better than the top-paid defensive ends in football, a figure that when factored into our base contract numbers turn into:

Spotrac's Prediction: 6 years, $142,272,798"

[Relevant disclaimer]
"While it may seem outrageous to assume the Texans or any team might actually make an offer this high - we're simply determining the true value of Watt at this moment in time - as outrageous as it may result in."

Read the full analysis of Watt's true value on Spotrac.

Texans' Head Coach Candidates?

Possible candidates to consider for the Texans' next Head Coach

One Texans Fan's Vision For 2014

Now that any hopes for this season are firmly extinguished, it's not too early to look ahead to 2014. If you were in charge, what would you do? Fire Kubiak or keep him? Cut Schaub? Trade Owen Daniels? One fan gives his plan.


The Case Keenundrum/Coaching Crisis

Well fellow Texans fans, here we are. A part of me is glad that I was forced to see this team for what it really is, as opposed to another "one and done" playoff appearance and another offseason of...


Where is Lin?

So, they mentioned on the radio the other day that Lin had been silent on Twitter since the recent Dwight announcement. Now, I am not on Twitter and I do not put a lot into this but I do find it a...


Jeremy Lin: 6th Man of the Year

A friend and I discussed this briefly and the more I thought about it the more and more I liked the idea of Lin as a 6th man. I saw some people talking about it on the Bev thread so instead of...


Will Asik and Lin Be Part of the Rocket's Contender?

Over the past few seasons there have been times when Morey's motives have not been crystal clear and the team compass was spinning like a top. In some of the latest posts on this blog I have...

Tickets Available for Texans Training Camp


Although I have been waiting for close to 45 minutes...


TRADE RUMOR Thread aka Hypetown

With the way my boy DMo s makin' moves, I am sure there will be another post on the main page soon. However, I got reall sick of scrolling the Budinger trade post on my iPad. So, here is a...


2012 Draft Perception

This post is just for offseason conversational purposes. Now that the draft is over and free agency has died down I wanted to ask the community a question about our 2012 draft. I have become...


If Michael Floyd Falls Within Reach

If Michael Floyd fell to #17 (I know it is unlikely, but this is all for fun.... isn't it?) I think our squad should make a move up for him. I say this because according to most trade value charts,...

The Texans and Stephen Hill

The weeks in between the combine/pro-days and the draft are usually filled with such excitement for me. No more tests or drills or proving to be done, everyone's chips are on the felt. However,...


Total WR Buzzkill Mock

The thing about fans is that we are emotional. In the long run we will take wins, no matter how they come (legally) but if given the choice, we want wins in spectacular fashion. We love our Andre...


Alshon Jeffery is better than Stephen Hill

To be honest, the title says it all. We need a WR that can come in and contribute first and foremost. His ceiling will be a luxury and we cannot expect to replace Andre Johnson with the 26th pick...


MtD Live Draft TEXANS Approach

When doing the MtD Live Mock with theNightOwl the first time, it seemed to me that (just like every year) a ton of "Top 20 talent" was ending up closer to the 2nd round. Which, in turn, pushes a...


Would you trade...

Our 1st and 3rd round pick to the San Diego Chargers to move up to #18 if Michael Floyd is still available? I think he is a player that has the ability to immediately contribute in a big way and...


Texans Draft Needs

So it sucks the season's over (did it not fly by?) but lets hope the offseason comes and goes as fast as the 2011-2012 season seems like it did. Like most of our readers, I love the NFL draft. This...


What Better Time Than Now?

Hello again DreamShakers! It has been awhile since I have posted with the Texans riding a wave of awesome for so long, but I have watched about 6 or 7 of the Rockets games so far this year. A few...


The S.O.B.'s

On another thread someone brought up naming the newly revamped Texans defense. Now I know that this might be a little premature, as we have not even seen them in action, but I have a feeling they...

Lakers hire Mike Brown


"Mike Brown is the new coach of the Los Angeles Lakers. Brown and the Lakers agreed in principle Wednesday to a four-year, $18.25 million deal, according to league sources." Surprised?


Top 5 MOMENTS of our 2010 season

Check me out

MTD has the Texans recieving a 7th rd COMP pick


Pretty nice breakdown of how the picks are determined, and I asked about Dunta's monster contract coming into play and was told that it would be canceled out by the Smith and Rackers deals.


...And you might ask yourself "HOW DID I GET HERE?"

Hello my fellow Dream Shakers and Movers, it's good to see all of your bright smiling faces. I am a big Rockets fan, however I am also a huge Texans fan so I cant come on here and contribute...


Why Bob McNair could be in a heap of TROUBLE

In many ways Bob McNair is a hero to the city of Houston for bringing football back to Kirby st. As most people know, especially the residents, Texas is a football state. It runs through our veins....


Making Lemonade Out of the Texans 2010 Season

This was a tough season to make it through as a Houston Texans fan. Starting at the end of last season, Texans fans were the victims of a figurative powerbomb by the team we all love. They started...


Texans also took a look at some O-Lineman

Just found this on the Fox Sports site. Not extremely familiar with these guys so if anyone can offer insight as to their ability and what the FO is thinking it would be much appreciated. S...



As most of us on this site are, I am in constant search for articles updating me on how our recently drafted rookies are doing in camp. So far, the things I have heard about K-Jax have been...

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