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Remember this? Forget Weaver


Remember this? Forget Weaver


Cortland Finnegan Anyone??

One of the DBs that I feel we have over looked this terribly long off season is Cortland Finnegan. Lets look at some of his stats....   Career Stats Season Team Tackles Interceptions Fumbles ...


The NFL Lockout Could Have Severe Consequences

WyoFan over at BTSC wrote this comical blog....Check it out   By now, we've all heard what Ray-Ray had to say about crime and the NFL lockout. Sure, the media was gasping for stories, but even if...

Caption Contest


Caption Contest


Eagles-Cardinals Conspiracy Theory

First of let me start out by apologizing for my initial reaction to Danny Watkins. He is going to be great fit here. I was so hell bent on Jimmy Smith or Prince, but we must protect Vick. I slept...

Stumbled across this....good ol days lol


Stumbled across this....good ol days lol

This still gives me chills.....will we ever replace this leadership?


This still gives me chills.....will we ever replace this leadership?


BGN Colonies

Yea like our nations bird.....we must stick together..............................and win a SB via   If you live in Philly or have a standard game crew then disregard this post ...



Big Al wants to play in Philly....dunno how i feel bout this POS on my team....but if hes cheap and wants revenge on you guys...why not???


Food for Thought....Yum

First off on behalf of Route36, Evilbanner, and myself, I must say we told you so. McD sucked and needed to go. OK Im done boasting. Second off I must say that I WAS WRONG about Ernie Sims he...

Freddie Mitchell will be on Millionare Matchmaker


I know this shows for chicks but why not check up on this loser....should be interesting....airs 1/11/11....quick question is he still a millionare? last I heard he was student teaching....


Ban me if you wanna but...

Sean McDermott need to go! You guys wanna sit here and talk about stats and bs...STATS ARE FOR LOSERS! which is what we are now. Yea he had injuries and what not but last time i checked the nfl...


Eagles Employment Opportunity!!

Eagles Defensive Coordinator Application  Please complete all the following questions to be further reviewed and hopefully and interview Applicants must be honest  Andy Reid will consider based off...


To my BGN Family

Happy New Year The year is over and and new one beings. The Eagles have done nothing more than they usually do, look good and look bad. With this season coming to an end, regardless of what...

You guys ever notice Roy's faces when he messes up? They're awesome....I really wanted to find one...


You guys ever notice Roy's faces when he messes up? They're awesome....I really wanted to find one where he always grits his teeth looking confused and innocent like he did nothing wrong....what you guys hope to do with the wash-up anyways? Send him to the Deadskins lol?


This is what we get for assuming

One game at a time! We cant just assume we have won out and clinched...Most of us, not all, completely underestimated the effing Vikes, im guilty...Whats done is done, we're in the playoffs at...

this is how AR should act to Djax


this is how AR should act to Djax



I was born in 1989 in upstate NY. When I became coherent of football my parents were Bills fans, I decided to be a Jets just to spite them ( yes i was that pain in the ass son). As I got older and...


Stole This From 701 Cause I Cant Stop Laughing....

EGLES PERVEW: WEKK 15 FUCK TEH SHITASS GINTS December 17, 2010 in Eagles | Tags: Archie Manning, Asante Samuel, Eli Manning, Jamar Chaney, NFC East, NY Giants, Peyton Manning, Stewart Bradley | by...

Can anyone find some specs on Trevard Lindley like the recent Chaney post? He had a pretty good...


Can anyone find some specs on Trevard Lindley like the recent Chaney post? He had a pretty good game against Dallas and youtube doesnt have much. I see potential in him what do you guys think?

Toxic Differential: Steelers and Eagles top 2 teams


One comment states......"Looks like a Pennsylvania Super Bowl in Dallas! Then America can hate both QB's and not know which one to root for. We'll call it the "Hate Bowl." Go Eagles!" I couldnt agree more....operation...Hate Bowl


Dream Offseason Moves

Ok so im bored outta my mind at work and all I can think about is "What If's" for the Eagles this offseason, even the ridculous moves but hey anythings possible. Dreams do come true people....   1...

How Does AZ Feel About Kevin Kolb?


This entire season has been crazy and it all started with huge offseason moves. I don't think this upcoming offseason will be any different. We all want to know what gonna happen with Kolb. That being said how does Arizonia feel about Kevin Kolb? As a fan base are you sold that he could be the guy? What would you all consider a fair trade, a first rounder?

Dear Steelers Fans....Be Glad You're Not a Redskins Fan


I know you all are bitter about the loss to NE...but you guys still have a hell of a football team that is dangerous in the playoffs....Redskins fans cant say the same....this is a absolute MUST LISTEN!

Albert Haynesworth....


are you really payin this guy 100 mill??? shittt i could do this

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