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Which Player deserves their "independence" from their team? Romo?!


GR: Calvin Johnson was the first name to come for me as well. It's not just Matthew Stafford I don't fully trust. It's Lions ownership. Which leads me to Tony Romo. The Cowboys haven't been an awful franchise since Romo arrived, but that's because he's been a top-10 quarterback. The team's front office -- led by owner Jerry Jones -- constantly has chosen self-generated hype and short-term thinking over long-range planning. Romo could have won a Super Bowl with a team like the '07 New York Giants or a franchise like the Steelers. It would be great to see him freed from Dallas while he still has a few good years left and prove he hasn't been the biggest problem in Big D all along.

Hatcher to test Free Agency.


I'd say let him. No need to overpay for aging DL. As we all know you need young DL.

Witten and two sons help give an early thanksgiving dinner to those who need it.


I can't wait to see him in the HOF. Even if not, hes still one hell of a person on top of an amazing person.

So when we are 7-5


What will people talk about? Me? 4-0 in division, 5-1 at home. If Eagles want to win division they'll have to outright beat our win total. Wk 17 Eagles at HOME. I like our chances. Lee Wilcox Mo Hatch Ware Austin miss anybody? Total different team just in time for a playoff run.

Dez explains again..


Media trying to goat him into a headline. I think he does phenomenal and can't wait to watch him for years to come as he grows. Now if only our team will feature our playmakers.

My Cowboys Frustration in Song..


Now your photos don't have a picture frame And I never say your name and I never will And all your things, well I threw them in the trash And I'm not even sad Now you only have yourself to blame For playing all those stupid games You're always gonna be the same And, oh no, you'll never change You stole my happy, you made me cry Took the lonely and took me for a ride And I wanna uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-undo it You had my heart, now I want it back I'm starting to see everything you lack CowBoys you blew it, you put me through it I wanna uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-undo it

Fantasy Football Advice.. RB situation

  1. PPR 12 man league.
  2. Morris
  3. Ridley
  4. Stacy and Lacey
  5. Need to start 3.. who gets left out?

Ware vs Dez

  1. Friendly tracking of who would get more..
  2. Ware has 4 sacks on the year.
  3. Dez has 4 touchdowns on the year.


  1. Same
  2. Cowboys
  3. Different
  4. Season
  5. ..sigh

Trent Richardson traded to Colts for 1st rounder


Colts were on RB hunt after ballard went down. I wonder if Murray was considered? Would you trade Murray for the Colts 1st?

The 88 Club.


Dez Bryant has played 43 games in his career. In those 43 games, Bryant has 200 receptions for 2,871 yards and 27 touchdowns. Those numbers are eerily similar to his predecessor wearing 88: Hall of Famer Michael Irvin. Through his first 43 games, Irvin had 176 receptions for 3,057 yards and 20 touchdowns. Is greatness in the cards for Bryant? (Associated Press)

Bryan Broaddus says " Dez worst background of any player he had ever seen..."


Really? Is this taken out of context somehow? The article even goes on to say "For all of the concern over Bryant's checkered background, he had never run afoul of the law for issues relating to drugs, alcohol or violence." And yet this is the worst hes ever seen?



Justin Blackmon suspended 4 games. Substance Abuse.

ESPN ticker.. tv.



Maybe Ill write a fanpost later but OMG. First, as soon as he walked into the mall he went right up to a little girl in line and picked her up and took a pic with her! I wasn't far from the front, I brought him my mini throwback helmet that Witten had signed (never met him just was a xmas present) and he's like what's this and laughed. I asked him to inscribe "50's the Mike" he's like "wow, I like it" and then asked me if I knew what that meant. Of course I did but I was so star struck since this was my first Cowboy I met besides seeing Emmitt in the parade and such at HOF. He stood up and began to explain to me protections based off the Mike and how the safety can sometimes be called out. He thanked me for defending the star in enemy territory. We laughed. I then told him I never miss a game and hope the 4-3 helps. He goes "Yeah somethings gotta change. We need to find a way to win. We keep finding ways to lose." He would have kept talking to me but the autograph shop people pushed me along. He was there with Hodges and Mauti from PSU. I told them good luck next week and left. I couldn't believe how star struck I was. I was light headed afterwards. Too bad I had all these thoughtful questions and comments but could barely muster 3 words at a time. If you ever get a chance see Sean Lee he was the nicest, downright awesome guy. !!

Cowboys Best and Worse Draft Picks


I think a more intelligent Cowboy fan can come up with a better of both list. Who do they miss?

Calling all BTB, I need your help!


I am going to an autograph session for Sean Lee on the 20th! They guy said he is very friendly and will talk your ear off. I think I'll have enough time to ask atleast one question.. So BTB what question should I ask Sean Lee. Of course not some generic cliche question but maybe a question we can get some insight on. Post question below and Wednesday Ill have a vote on the top 5 or so. Thanks for your all help!

Rookies invited to NYC for Draft.


Only 2 QBs going, I bet another will get drafted in the 1st still.

Cowboys Official Magazine!


Pretty cool, didn't know they had this. You can get a digi copy for 15$.

NFL Turning Points Cowboys Bengals


Some soundbytes I haven't heard before.

Cowboys v Bengals, Must Watch.


Made by our own Audrate, his third video and they just keep getting better.

73 Players granted Draft Status


Interesting its the most in 8 years.. by a large margin. Any names you are excited about?

3 Man rush stifles Cowboys last play again.


3 Man rush stifles Cowboys last play again.

Good thing we invested into the OL

Why didn't we need to address the OL?

So glad we spent our top FA pick elsewhere. So glad we spent our top two draft picks elsewhere. 3 Man rush.. sack/fumble.

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