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*BREAKING* Saints punishment released.


Sean Payton 1 year suspension no pay Asst HC. Joe Vitt has been suspended without pay for the first six games. GM Looms 8 games no pay DC Williams indefinitely no pay Fined $500,000 a 2nd in 2012 and 2013

Vote for Romo! Sound FX on NFLn


Vote vote vote! I want to see this.

BtB doing mock draft.. Cards targets?


Hey guys I will be representing the Cards in the draft, I know there are still some moves that can effect things but just wanted to hear your thoughts, or maybe point me to a good post to read? Ill be lurking and taking notes to do my best for you guys!


Player pools, bounties, whatever.. I just have to comment.

I don't understand I was just watching total access with Sapp, Fletcher, and Diehl. They kept talking about "its gas money for the little guy, the special teams guys" Or during the game 2 minutes...


1975 Hail Mary game.

Dallas Cowboys vs Minnesota Vikings on NFLn at 1230 shown almost in its entirety.

*Breaking News* Saints under major investigation paying defensive players for "Bounties"


Wow. Going to get ugly. A huge black eye for the Saints and NFL. If they are doing it, most likely so are other teams. Update story in comments. UPDATE Shefty and King both agree punishment will be significantly worse than Spygate. UPDATE #2 Schefter on NFL Live : "In week of the NFCCG, Vilma put $10k on a table and said 'this goes to the guy that knocks out Brett Favre.' "


Things I didn't know: Cowboys were this "_" close to drafting Jerry Rice.

Just saw NFL TOP 10 draft trades and it appears Walsh knew Landry was going to draft Rice at 17 so Walsh traded his 1st 2nd and 3rd to move up to grab Rice at #16. What would of been different...

Local Store having Cowboys for Autographs, Should I?


Hey guys, should I pay 49$ for a DeMarco Murray autograph with only a lean in photo? I am not really a big fan of autographed stuff unless it was unique. I'd cherish the photo more.. but its only a lean in. Also There will be no JSA onsite, does that matter? Also It doesn't say it here yet but Bob Lilly is coming at a later date for cheaper and less restrictions I defn should go get his right? I mean as a Cowboy fan its law, right? They have other Cowboys but its drop off item only and to me that is the biggest rip off possible. Just wanted to hear your guys opinions on autographs, prices, photos, young players etc.. Thanks!


America's Game, America's Team. 70's edition.

America's Game is the NFL Flims collection of the Superbowl winners and what they went through that year. I have owned the Cowboys set for years now and recently decided to rewatch them. Either you...

GMC never say never award?!


I don't know how credible this source is, but Tebow wins!?!?! Just another Cowboy snub. How could they not have given it to Tony Romo?! I mean really. The award is called NEVER say Never! Here is what a typical conversation probably took place at candle stick park. Trainer " Romo you have cracked ribs." Romo "Can I play?" Trainer " We don't think you should" Romo "So I can play?" Trainer "You could have a puncture lung" Romo "It doesn't * wincing in pain* hurt that bad to throw" Trainer "You lung could collapse we never want ..." PA Announcer "Kitna throws 2nd interception" Trainer "Where's Romo?" * Romo is seen grabbing helmet heading towards the HC to go in * haha Never say Never Romo epitomized it!

Preview of the new NFL official Nike cleats and gloves


Gloves seem cool. I can't imagine Jerry would ever let anyone change the Jersey so here's to it staying the same!

Aldon Smith arrested for DUI


Man, what do players not get about "Don't drink and drive". I am sure he could of called anyone to come pick him or hired a driver. So how many games will he be suspended probably only 1 since he's a rookie first time offender.


Look on the bright side..

We are debating Defensive needs before Offensive needs and looking forward to Free Agency before the draft, instead of owner vs player and hoping for good news from the next court date. Hooray...

Romo Mic'd Up@


It cuts off at the best part, I wonder what else he was going to say to Joe D. "Can I spike it" haha

Lets take a minute and remember what it means to be an American.


Despite what Shockey says, the Texans showed that they are not bigger than America. They heard about a Marine soldier who was KIA, and buried in his dress blues but underneath was wearing an Andre Johnson jersey. They invite his widow and child to get a bike and recognition at halftime. They got what they never expected a mortgage free brand new home. God Bless America. Do yourself a favor and don't read the comments though. Thank you to those who have and are serving. Thank you to those who have helped someone for no other reason than to help. Merry Christmas, Pay it forward, Go Cowboys, Go America.


NFL Draft tips on going?

Hey guys I wanted to goto the draft this year. I think its free, any tips on going? Like how early I need to get there or what? Thanks

Yahoo Writer makes a fool out of themselves trying to do the same to Romo


Don't give them the hits and click the link, but the writer says Romo almost cost the Cowboys a 15 yd penalty and lucky that even Romo didn't know you only have 2 TO in OT, Shanananana called one first. Sorry, but it would have been a 5yd penalty on THIRD down. And since when does a what if scenario make headlines.. on a craptastic site like Yahoo apparently.

OCC pinpoints the secret to Dallas winning


Here's a suggestion The Cowboys should go ahead 21-0 in the first quarter of every game Then the running backs will get all the carries they could ever want, we’d have a 50/50 run/pass, we’d control TOP and everybody would be happy. by One.Cool.Customer on Nov 13, 2011 11:28 AM EST

Emmitt Smith's record broken,


"Fred Taylor's son did what his father could not: Run out of the shadow of Emmitt Smith.... .....The total gives Taylor 8,975 yards - or 171 yards more than Smith finished with at Pensacola (Fla.) in 1986." And he's only a junior!


Austin and Bryant

I don't care what is going on, if they don't get the ball to these guys early on, then what's the point? It's pathetic.

Fanshot Comment of the Day Volume 7 Day 1


Wow some long winded but very thought provoking comments on this thread. Worth the read.


Supernatural makes fun of Mike Vick

Last night on the new episode of Supernatural they made a few Mike Vick jokes. Even my favorite show knows Mike Vick is a ___ "que Dire Wolf" hahaha.

Fanshot Comment of the Day, Volume 6 Day 5


This is something I have wanted to do for a while. To show attention to certain people who don't for one reason or another post, but have very insightful comments. Hopefully it'll encourage them to post more or make fanpost. So for the first time and hopefully a longer trend we can develop a comment of the day. So everyone go, read, reply, and hopefully rec. Congrats Tarheel Paul

Peyton Hillis not sure about Future


I don't normally act like this, but make him a Cowboy Jerry! Trade them Bennett and Tree and Choice today for him!

Dockery OUT Monday?!


DOH! I hope Nagy is healed up enough.

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