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The Final Word (updated with ROR signing!)

We're all sick of hearing about Ryan O'Reilly, right? Ryan's a greedy asshole, the Avs are cheap asses, etc., etc., etc. Well, ladies and gents, the data we need to call this one is finally here....


Stopping the next lockout

The lockout is over. Hockey fans everywhere are overjoyed, excitement levels are unmatched. Everyone wants to run down to their local team's arena and catch a game at long last. The best sport...


Owners losing money? I think not.

I've said it before, but I generally side with the owners in sports labor disputes. Secure owners translate into a stable league that can focus on competition. I sided with the owners in the last...


Training Camp, cycling, beer, and babies

I've got 3 random topics to discuss: Who's going to training camp?  I'm considering heading down for the 17th.  Hopfenkopf, would this be a good time to settle our bet?  I owe you that Dale's Pale...

Those of you that wanted Cedrick Desjardins...


Rejoice! He is an Av, likely as the starter for Lake Erie. Good signing in my opinion, the guy just wins.

Fantastic article about Landeskog


...and why he's not the right choice at the top of the draft. At least, it's exactly my reasoning why we shouldn't :)

Fleischmann cleared to play next season


Good news! Now to re-sign him for a reasonable amount, and not let him get to UFA...

@raistlin76 Sorry. But don't forget he's being reevaluated tomorrow. But team officially says it's...


@raistlin76 Sorry. But don't forget he's being reevaluated tomorrow. But team officially says it's not bad 12 minutes ago via Mobile Web in reply to raistlin76 @MMuzia Sorry about the near heart attack. I reported in real time on that one. 16 minutes ago via Mobile Web in reply to MMuzia Stastny day to day at worst 17 minutes ago via Mobile Web Avs dodge a bullet. Stastny not bad after all. Still stiff, reevaluated tomorrow and may not play tomorrow. But he might! Sorry f false alrm 19 minutes ago via Mobile Web I'm hearing stastny hurt worse than first thought. Working on more word 34 minutes ago via Mobile Web

OT (Denver Sports): McD fired!


Yaaaaaaaaaay. Didn't think Bowlen would have the balls to do it yet!


Brunnstrom waived: our Mueller replacement is here

Fabian Brunnstrom has been waived by the Dallas Stars.  Brunnstrom has had a very uneven start to his NHL career.  He had that hat trick early on as a rookie, and a respectable 17 goals in 55 games...

Holy crap, it's happening


You know, I'm glad they're having this out now rather than with a strike/lockout hanging over our collective heads. And I'm glad they're challenging these contracts. Better late than never.

Ha, I called it!


Preissing being bought out. This means we're more likely to add pieces in UFA, imo.

Lashoff waived


The Tampa Bay Lightning continue their comedy of errors by waiving a good prospect. We need to pick this guy up, especially with the lack of larger D prospects in the system. We're 2nd in line if we want him! Easy to grab him and send Cumiskey down...

thedoctor's dev camp writeup


It was a good day, and I'm happy to report the future is looking bright. Please, ask questions here or there and I'll answer them as I can.

Canadiens trade for Gomez


It's nice to see that as bad as this organization can be, we're not even close to the incompetence of others. The signing was nuts, trading for it is even crazier. And it'll be even funnier when the Rangers stay true to form and go blow the entire savings on Mike Cammelleri or something. :)

NHL Director of Central Scouting E.J. McGuire: "Matt Duchene is a pure offensive player who also is...


NHL Director of Central Scouting E.J. McGuire: "Matt Duchene is a pure offensive player who also is a great penalty killer. He helps the Brampton Battalion in all facets of the game. A pure sniper, he plays the point on the power-play and is a threat to score on the penalty kill as well. He reminds me, probably most of the new breed of snipers, Patrick Kane, Sam Gagner and Steven Stamkos as he grows into his offensive position in the NHL." Interesting note I found at TSN -- Duchene plays point on the PP. I wonder if we'll keep him there?

Avs hire Quinn as Lake Erie Head Coach

No, not that Quinn, David Quinn, the former associate head coach for Boston.  How is this guy connected to the Avs...or did we actually hire outside the organization for once?  I wonder how...

Colorado trade proposal for Briere


Greetings from Colorado. Normally I'd keep this stuff to HFboards, but we've got a lively discussion going on over at Mile High Hockey concerning a trade for Briere and JvR, and we'd welcome your view on it. Somehow I doubt this is a trade that goes down too well for either fan base -- us because we're giving up a lot of homegrown guys and taking on that nasty Briere contract, you guys because JvR is involved -- but I think it's still an interesting discussion. We'd welcome your input.


I have too much time on my hands: 2 trade proposals

So, while we await the upcoming NHL draft, there's really nothing going on in the hockey world but free agent speculation, mock drafts, and trade proposals.  Anyone who knows me from here, know I...


Like a bad dream

Warning:  If you want sunshine and happiness about this offseason, look elsewhere.  If, on the other hand, you like dispassionate and semi-objective analysis from a diehard fan, read on.  This is...

Jibble, our dream of Harding has ended


Better luck in 2010, at the deadline or draft, I guess. :( What now? Sign a stopgap like Anderson?

MacKenzie recalled


glad to see SOMEONE realizes O'Neill was not worth a further look.

ESPN article on non-playoff teams


Some interesting thoughts on the Avs. We're a "cautionary tale" evidently.


Avaholics Anonymous: The 11 step program to recovery

Well folks, the trade deadline is upon us.  The Avs are in a tailspin the likes of which the team has never experienced since moving to Colorado.  The front office is in denial.  The coaching staff...


Standings...without the charity point

I haven't seen one of these so far this year, so I thought I'd take a couple minutes and do it myself.  Here's what the western conference standings would look like if OT/SO losses didn't get a...

Jussi Jokinen on waivers AGAIN


With Wolski moving to center full time now and a lack of skilled LWs on the roster, the Avs had better be putting in a claim. He at least gives them more trade options at the deadline.

A couple interesting stats from the first half


I was thinking about this while I watched the Pittsburgh game and actually just checked it out -- what is Wojtek Wolsk doing differently that's leading to the increased production? The answer? It's simple, he's shooting more -- Wolski averaged 1.7 shots per game in the 37 games prior to these past 4 at center, and 5 shots per game since being moved to center. That's 63 shots in his first 37 games, and 20 in the last 4. (!!!!) This may be a little obvious, but I was still surprised at how dramatic the numbers are. Wolski's newfound success is very directly tied to how much more he's getting shots off.

Gratton on waivers


Hey Avs fans, how about a 62.2% faceoff guy that's an excellent defensive 3rd line center for a .85m cap hit and no players lost? Yes please.


Offseason Diagnosis: Final Standings

So, the final standings at last come! My apologies in how they've been coming -- I've been working my ass off, then in Mexico (Cabo) for the last week on vacation. I have quite a backlog of games...

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