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The case for DeJuan Blair in San Antonio


Now that Blair's time with the Spurs seems to have drawn to a close, it's time to examine what he was good at, and how the Spurs might have been able to make his time in San Antonio a bit better...


Ranking the Top Ten PGs

The following list would be my starting point (ranked by PER/USG Ratio), before looking at other factors. Minimums to qualify: 25.0 mpg.; 16.0 USG; 0.750 PER/USG Ratio: Rank .. Name ...... MPG...


7 Games ATP (after Tony Parker)

I just though I'd take a moment to post some numbers for any of you interested in taking a look at the teams performance since Tony Parker went down due to injury on March 1. From left to right,...

The Contenders: Down the Stretch

The season is past the 3/4 pole and is now loping down the back stretch. Which teams have what it takes to win as the days get longer and the season nears its end?

Ranking the Contenders' Performance

Which teams have improved and which have fallen back in the race to win a ring?

As a Spurs fan, would you like this Heat/Lakers trade?


I think this could be a possible trade, if the Lakers can manage to think outside the box once again. On the other hand, as a Spurs fan, I would not like it one bit (mainly because Miami would probably be even more scary). And also in my view it does help the Lakers appreciably, especially if they also sign Kenyon Martin for vet minimum. What do you guys think?

Contenders or Pretenders? Spurs at Mid-Season

Which teams can make the jump to true contender status? Are the Spurs positioned for another run at a championship? Part II of the Mid-Season Report on the differential ratings.

Which Teams are still Championship Contenders?

How the "pretenders" and "contenders" to the NBA championship have changed during the 2nd quarter of the season.

The Blair Question: Play him or sit him?

Over the past few years, the Spurs have won games at a higher rate when DeJuan Blair has started than when he hasn't. Is that a coincidence, or a strong indicator that he deserves more playing time...

Duncan: He's Not Your Bag of Tea?


From the article: Whereas most superstars err on the side of self-promotion and on-court brashness, Duncan goes about his job and keeps the drama to a minimum. It's not my personal preference in players, but ....... With a different coach — or maybe just by not playing next to another stellar center in David Robinson — Duncan may have played as more of a facilitator of the offense, or focused more on using his athletic gifts to dominate himself instead of becoming one extremely important part of a well-oiled machine. If circumstances had been different, he could have been one of the most stylish players in the league ...... Is anyone familiar with this BDL author's work? You guys know how I just hate to be critical (:), but what in the world is this guy thinking about?

Differential Rankings Part 2: The Contenders

Looking at the Western Conference teams that are "True Contenders" to bring home a championship.

Can Differential Rating predict "True Contenders"?

An in-depth look at how differential ranking may separate the championship contenders from the pretenders.

Jack: No Regrets at the Palace


One thing for sure about SJax, he's not a politician.


All Off-Board the Reality Bus! Hiss! Hiss!

The title of this very short post is sort of a parody on Sean's awesome recent Fan Post title. Hope you don't mind, Sean! :) I really just want to ask if any of you might want to just for the fun...


From a Coaching Perspective: Preseason Objectives?

This post is simply a resubmission of a comment I made in the recap thread following the last preseason game against the Magic. I'm presenting it again as a Fan Post at the suggestion of JRW. It...

Smartest Spenders in Sports?


What team gets the most value from their payroll in terms of winning? Could the authors have an interest in getting the Lakers on top? They appear to give a bit too much credit/weighting for average playoff wins. Also, I'm still not clear how Orlando finished ahead of the Spurs. The other thing is their arbitrary cutoff line at 5 years. That helped the Lakers, Celtics, and probably the Heat. This type of metric should have been used for a longer period of time, at least a decade. In fact, if they used 10 years instead of 5, it's very likely the Spurs would have finished number one using the same criteria.

Seeing if they can work that Gary Neal Magic Again?


h/t Project Spurs -- original source, Keith Kreiter of Edge Sports International. Two household names coming in for work outs next week: Brian Butch, and Warren Sundance Carter. One a big low-post guy, and one a long, athletic guy. Can a baller out of nowhere make the rotation to help the Spurs win games, as Neal did in 2010-11? The odds aren't good, but you never know!

Okay, who likes Tyler Wilkerson?


"Tyler Wilkerson turns down lucrative Spain ACB offer and will attend San Antonio Spurs Vet Camp coming off strong SL performance."

Derrick Brown to work out for Spurs.


What do you guys make out of this development?

Finding A Magic Bullet Stat To Prove The Spurs Are Contenders

Is there a way to statistically separate the contenders from the pretenders in the playoffs? The answer is: Yes.

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