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Just a football coach, who enjoys writing.

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Trade Targets: DRAFT EDITION

It seems like every year I come out and do a couple of additions of trade targets for the deadline and for the draft. I love doing these because it allows you to expand and think about what could...


Keys to a Successful Offseason for Nashville.

The playoffs are going strong, and everybody is getting Stanley Cup fever. But if you're anything like me, you're more interested in what happens over the summer. That wonderful time of year...


Trade Deadline: Revisted

It seems like just a couple of months ago that I was looking into a crystal ball, and in turn predicting what may or may not happen with trades in the upcoming months. I have to be honest, Michael...


Why Vanderbilt Football Will Thrive Under Coach Mason

It seems so weird to think about doesn't it? I mean, James Franklin brought something to Vanderbilt that very few other coaches ever could. Three straight bowl appearances, and a couple of Top 20...


The Devil's Advocate: Does Having A Scoring Forward Really Help?

For the last couple of weeks we've all sat here and suggested the Predators needed that scoring touch. It's been in almost everybody's head that if we had that one piece we would be set, and as a...


OTF Fanpost: Never Too Early for Talk Trades

One Nashville Predators fan argues that it's never to early to survey the trade market, and that action should be taken soon to make sure the team contends for a Stanley Cup while Shea Weber & Pekka Rinne are still in their prime.


What are you really getting with Filip Forsberg?

So many questions have been asked already of the young forward. So many people have said he doesn't have the foot speed to be a top line NHL forward. Some wondered why he slid as far as he did. ...


The Tennessee Titans are bringing in the new kind of smashmouth

For Titans fans it's not hard to relive the days of the past, back when the defense was stinging, our offense was tough, and we dominated the AFC Central. Everybody always points to Steve McNair...


Where exactly are the Nashville Predators at?

Predator fans came into this season with very high expectations, despite the fact that Ryan Suter left the team, Alexander Radulov went back to Russia, and AK46 was let go by the team. People...

Can the Preds grind their way to success?

Do you think the Predators can keep grinding their way to the playoffs? Or do you feel it's time we get one more explosive forward who can put it home?

Is Colin Wilson's Breakout For Real?

Almost five years after being drafted in 2008, Colin Wilson is the leading scorer on the Nashville Predators this season. Can he maintain this role the rest of the way?


Trade Bait: Smashville Style

There has been a lot of turmoil already in this lockout shortened season, and the young, hungry Predators are no strangers to some of the revolving conflict. Before we address what's available,...


Is Jonathon Blum the epitome of Predators hockey?

I wrote this small article about a player who I admire greatly...I hope you guys enjoy. Let me know what you think of Twitter @SethTheShocker Is Jonathon Blum the epitome of Nashville Predators'...

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