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I love my Spurs. Yes, that includes Tony. And honestly, while his talent is nowhere near that of the Big Three, Bruce is my favorite Spur. Note my use of the present tense.

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4 Reasons Why The Spurs Will Win Game 4

This series has been terrible for the Spurs so far. Dallas has outplayed the good guys, playing with more hustle and better defense. If not for a major breakdown at the end of the first game, the...



Wallowing in extreme self-pity following the Spurs loss to the Thunder, I was forced into a state of self-reflection. I considered abandoning the franchise I have loved since 2001 (Yes, Tony's...


The Silver Effing Lining

After two less than...um...amusing...games in a row, Spurs fans might be tempted to ask a loyal friend to behead them using a nail cutter, but before we attempt such an adventurous undertaking, it...


Drafting the Best

Because the basketball gods still haven’t blessed the NBA grounds with lockout-ending rain, and because I completed two week’s worth of work in the past three days (pat on the back), I had time to...


Top 5 Reasons Why Memphis Will Win the Chip

It's been a while since I last created a fanpost, but with little to do, I decided to send my incredibly unbiased and undeniably intelligent thoughts out there for people to accept as absolute...


NBA Parity 2009-2010

I saw this graphic that supposedly demonstrates parity in the NFL. With all the talk of how there is an unbalance of power in the NBA, how top teams continuously get better (except when their...

"Tony Allen went to the floor in the fourth quarter claiming he was kicked in the throat by...


"Tony Allen went to the floor in the fourth quarter claiming he was kicked in the throat by Bryant." I'm sorta glad Kobe learned something from Brucey.


Quick Cap: Spurs Steal Game 1

BOSTON – Manu Ginobili was quiet in the first half of San Antonio’s 102-89 victory in their finals opener against the Boston Celtics.  And by quiet, that means he only had 2 points to go with his 8...


Reading the Signs in the Sky

In an ironic twist of fate, the rise of the perennial playoff punching bag Suns spelled rainclouds for our beloved Spurs.  Stormy as the season had been, fans had, of course, believed that San...


A Rosy Outlook on the State of the Spurs

The San Antonio Spurs have won three of the last five games. Two of those wins came against teams with winning records--a demographic that has given the silver and black more than a few problems...

Blair a Lock in the Rookie Game


Will George play against him? How about Ian?


Big Fourth?

RJ has disappointed me this season.  I had such high hopes for him, that I still couldn't believe he's not lifting us to the upper echelon of NBA teams.  The problem is, I don't really know why...

What's Better than an 11x All Star?


A 12x All Star. Tim Duncan probably doesn't care too much, but he's currently fourth in Western forwards. But I care. Let's vote everyday to make it happen. PS: Maybe he should've been listed as a C this year--with Yao out and all, Tim will get the votes. Hmm... PPS: I know someone already fanshotted this, but we may not be voting enough.


Some Rather Articulate Ramblings About the Last Three Games

After watching the Spurs lose to Boston, and then Denver, and then Utah, here's what I--a fan, writing in a post--have to say.

George Hill Love


So could Hill win MIP? Whatcha think? Nice Barry quote: ' Brent Barry joked after the exit [from the '08 Playoffs], "we had the 'Ma,' but not the 'nu.'" '

The NBA's Saddest Goodbyes


Jordan hit the last shot at the last second of the last game of the 1998 Finals, yet he somehow thought he needed to play more ball. Beats me. But his last All Star game as a Wiz would have been legendary if not for Kobe making a free throw. Spotlight stealer.


Bite the Bullet?

Even before the 08-09 season ended, I’ve had high hopes for the Spurs.  We got Richard Jefferson and his offense-defense in an offseason trade, and my expectations for the team shot even higher.  A...

Most Clutch Performer in the Last Five Postseasons is a Spur


You would never guess. In a related article, Manu's the most clutch performer in the past five seasons. Ho-hum. Like we didn't know.

More Sandwich Stories From Matty


His story on the second page makes me reconsider wanting to trade him all the time. I'm sorry, Matt. Really. But you have to learn to play better defense. Really.

CP3 or Rondo: Who's the bigger punk?


I side with Paul on this. Only because he's the lesser of two evils. I almost feel pity for Paul. But we all know that "almost" doesn't count in the boxscore.


George Hill: Tony Parker 0.99?

SaSleepless likened George Hill's performance to that of Tony Parker during his early years.  It had me thinking whether our back-up point guard's first (almost) two years in the league really...



So Skeets beats us to the Batman/Manu chop. I still demand a wallpaper.



1. TP (main link): "The [Cowboys'] stadium was unbelievable; the biggest stadium I've seen, ever." Eva has seen it before. 2. Dyess: "[Pop's] not as tough as you think." Uh-oh. Someone's asking for trouble. 3. Theo: "There were several things, but the chance to play for a championship and the opportunity to play for a coach like Gregg Popovich, that was important." Someone wants playing time. Bonus: Here's one more reason why I want Battier.

The Trois Amigos?


Probably the most famous sports icons in their respective countries.

via Spurs.com: 50 Preseason Predictions


A brave guy making bold predictions, including: 35. Blake Griffin will lead all rookies in rebounds per game. (Blair might have something to say about that.) 45. The Chicago Bulls might not have home court advantage, but they will win their first playoff series in the spring. (We'll see.) 49. The Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA title in 2010. He does pick the Spurs to win the West, but that's coming from someone who placed the NOOCH in the 09 Finals.

Wolves shoot 56 free throws in win


They make 50. 50 of their 117 points came from free throws. 50. The Spurs would have made less than 40. Chip has his work cut out for him. Remember to use the quads.

Y!: Media Day Notes and Quotes


Lots of gems in this one. - Arenas: Zero antics this season - Mike Miller wears Wizards warm-ups over LeBron kicks - Dirk talks about his sperm - Monta Ellis on playing alongside Stephen Curry: "We just can't." - D'Antoni sees the best shooter ever. Ever.

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